Top 10 Unique Local Thai Drinks To Try Out Today!

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Are you searching the web for some of the most authentic Thai drinks to try out? Like you, our team believes that having a taste of what the locals usually eat and drink is the best way to be in one country. If you are thinking the same way that we are, then this post is perfect for you! Read on below to learn more!


Popular Must-Taste Thai Drinks

What better partner for some of the local Thai food than the most popular drinks in Thailand, right? Read on below and discover 10 of our most recommended drinks you must try out when you visit Thailand. Trust us when we say that no matter what your likes are, we bet that there is something perfect just for you!

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Cha Yen Thai Iced Tea (ชาเย็น)

Of all the tea-based drinks available in Thailand, Cha Yen is perhaps the most popular one due to its delicious and refreshing taste! It is perfect for hot days and is popular in neighboring Asian countries dues to its mixture of Ceylon tea, condensed milk, and regular milk. At times, shops may even serve it in a cup with a few sinkers (such as boba, pudding, and jellies) or toppers (like salty cream, cheesecake, syrup, and rock salt). When ordering, you also can tell your sugar level so that you won’t have to drink something that is too milky-sweet for your taste.

Nom Yen (นมเย็น)

Want something that is fresh and filled with ice? Search no more because the best and cheapest beverage is here: Nom Yen! Nom Yen is a famous alternative, especially for those who do not want coffee frappe or smoothies made of fresh fruits. This one is easy to spot since it is made of fresh milk mixed with green or red syrup. What makes this a good choice is that it is easily available on the street and is perfectly paired with other local street food such as pad thai, roti, or mango sticky rice!

Nam Oy (น้ำอ้อย)

Suppose you have a craving for a beverage that is sweet yet easily available. In that case, we highly recommend that you try out the amazing taste of Nam Oy or sugarcane juice available from the street vendors. What makes this Thai drink interesting is that it is not some type of powdered drink! It is actually sugarcane that is squeezed using machines right in front of you. At a first sip, you’ll instantly drink into its intense flavor, and not everyone may be able to down it in just one go! You can have this served to you in plastic cups, but it is also available in bottles, especially if you are on the go.

O-Liang (โอเลี้ยง)

This is the most popular Thai iced coffee that is literally brewed out of high-quality coffee beans mixed with ice. The taste is somewhat similar to Americano, but if you feel that the flavor is too strong for you, you can also add milk to it. It is available in coffee shops, but we highly recommend that you get your cup from street shops instead, where you can pay about 15 to 30 THB! It is such a steal for its price and is perfect for early mornings along with some snacks.

Nam Thabthim (น้ำทับทิม)

If you want to truly have fresh and healthy food without all the refined sugar added, you should definitely drink Nam Thabathim or pomegranate juice! Pomegranate is an exotic fruit known for its refreshingly sweet, sour, and tart flavor! It is a good source of vitamin C and is an ideal option for people looking for antioxidants and to aid their digestion. If you purchase this from the vendors on a motorcycle, they will serve this using plastic cups or bottles.

Coco Yen (โกโก้เย็น)

Thailand’s coco yen or iced cocoa is famous for its distinct strong taste that Westerners may not expect. Usually, these are made of the popular milky chocolate drinks in the country, such as Milo or Ovaltine powder that is mixed with condensed milk and crushed ice. However, if you do not want to hoard a few of these, you can do so and purchase them in small cartons at convenience stores.

Cha Manao (ชามะนาว)

Perhaps this is one of the most famous Thai local drinks since it combines milk and freshly squeezed lime juice! At first, you might think that this drink has a sketchy combination but trust us when we say that it is truly a refreshing one! It usually looks fancy too, since it comes with thick froth that is sweet! This is perfect for hangovers, and at times, local shops also add red syrup to jazz it up!

Nam Matoom (น้ำมะตูม)

If you want drinks that are served hot, then you will instantly fall in love with the sweet and aromatic nam matoom or bael juice! It is easy to spot due to its distinct yellowish-orange tone and is known as a delicious alternative with amazing cooling properties. This one is made of pure bael fruit, which is popular in Southeast Asia as it grows from common trees.

Nam Anchan (น้ำอัญชัน)

This is somewhat similar to the matoom; the only difference is that it is made of butterfly pea. Given the plant’s hue, you can expect that this drink holds a vivid blue-violet color that mixes well when poured over soda, honey-based drinks, or lime juice.

Nam Bai Toey (น้ำใบเตย)

This Thai drink is perfect for hot summer days since this one makes use of steeped pandan leaves! It is also available from street vendors and maybe upgraded by some by mixing it with some milk and ice for the ultimate drink! Given its subtle taste, you can pair this up with strong Thai cuisine or even some spicy Thai curry!

Thai Alcohol

Singha, Sangsom, Chang, and Mekhong are Thailand’s most popular alcoholic beverages and are known for their punchy taste and affordability. However, given the policies of Thailand, you can only have this served or bought between 11 am to 2 pm then 5 pm to midnight. All of these are available for purchase at convenience stores, but be sure to buy them when it is allowed.

As for the Thai whiskeys, brandy, and gin they are known all over the world and are exported since it tastes excellent thanks to its mixture of sugarcane, rice, and molasses.


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