#1 Easy Guide: Day And Month Abbreviations In Thai

Day and Month Abbreviations In Thai

Do you have trouble remembering all the letters to write for the names of the Thai days of the month? We’re here to tell you that mastering day and month abbreviations in Thai are the key to solving this issue!

It’s common knowledge among those who have studied Thai for some time that the language’s words, especially when written down, tend to be extremely lengthy and difficult to pronounce. In some cases, only complete Thai words will do, although this is not always the case. You’re not alone if you have trouble bringing Thai words on paper for the vocabulary of days and months in Thai. The time has come for you to pick up on our Thai abbreviations.

Why Learn Day And Month Abbreviations In Thai?

So, let’s get down to the basics: what does abbreviation mean? An abbreviation is a shortened form of a longer word used to save time. In a nutshell, abbreviations abbreviate texts and save valuable writing space. Notetakers often utilize abbreviations to write more rapidly while still paying attention to a speaker. Primarily it’s true when the taker needs to multitask, such as at a meeting, a lecture, or when taking a phone message. If you’re curious to learn more about Thai abbreviations, then let Ling guide you for the rest of this lesson.

As we’ve already discussed, Thai words can be challenging to speak and can take times as long to write out. When filling out a document in Thailand, it’s acceptable to shorten the number of days and months. Therefore, it’s not enough to simply memorize the names of the days of the week and months in Thai; it’s also necessary to practice shortening such terms.

Day and Month Abbreviations In Thai days of the week

Thai Days Of The Week

Let’s start with the most common questions that it’s a high possibility that you’ll ask Thai people or they’ll ask you, which is days in Thai. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to sign some documents, and it’s necessary to write down the date under your signature. It’s the moment you surely need to abbreviate the day because of the short space.

English DefinitionThai WordThai AbbreviationPronunciationSound
Weekสัปดาห์sàp daa
Sunday or weekอาทิตย์อา.aa tít
Tuesdayอังคารอ.ang kaan
Thursdayพฤหัสบดีพฤ.prí hàt bà dii

Examples Of Conversation

Let’s review the Thai date-related questions and answers you could have learned. This blog is the perfect place to start if you’ve never practiced anything like this.


  • วันนี้ วัน อะไร (wan níi wan à rai) – What’s the day today?


  • วันจันทร์ (wan jan) – Monday
  • วันอังคาร (wan ang kaan) – Tuesday
  • วันศุกร์ (wan sùk) – Friday


In daily conversation, Thai people tend to say “อาทิตย์” (aa tít) instead of “สัปดาห์.” (sàp daa) The words สัปดาห์ can be seen as more formal. You may commonly hear it on the news or appears in a textbook.

Day and Month Abbreviations In Thai months of the year

Thai Months Of The Year

Here we will examine the Thai month abbreviations.

English DefinitionThai WordThai AbbreviationPronunciationSound
Januaryมกราคมม.ค.mók raa kom
Februaryกุมภาพันธ์ก.พ.gum paa pan
Marchมีนาคมมี.ค.mii naa kom
Aprilเมษายนเม.ย.mee sǎa yon
Mayพฤษภาคมพ.ค.prʉ́t sà paa kom
Juneมิถุนายนมิ.ย.mí tù naa yon
Julyกรกฎาคมก.ค.gà rá gà daa kom
Augustสิงหาคมส.ค.sǐng hǎa kom
Septemberกันยายนก.ย.gan yaa yon
Octoberตุลาคมต.ค.dtù laa kom
Novemberพฤศจิกายนพ.ย.prʉ́t sà jì gaa yon
Decemberธันวาคมธ.ค.tan waa kom

Naming Years In Thai

You may not be aware, but before the Thais adopted the Buddhist Era (B.E.), they used a different system of naming years. To find out what they are, read on!

English DefinitionThai WordThai AbbreviationPronunciationSound
Christian Eraคริสตศักราชค.ศ.krít sàk râat
Buddhist Eraพุทธศักราชพ.ศ.pút tá sàk gà ràat
Ratanakosin Era
(It’s used from 2324-2455 B.E. or 1781-1912 A.D.)
รัตนโกสินทร์ศกร.ศ.rát ná goo sǐn tá sòk
Thai Minor Era
(It’s used from 1181-2324 B.E. or 638-1781 A.D.)
จุลศักราชจ.ล.jun lá sàk gà ràat

How To Write Date In Thai

Now you know how to abbreviate days, months, and years in Thai, so let’s write them all together!

วันที่ 12 เดือนมกราคม ปีพุทธศักราช 2565

Pronunciation: wan tîi sìp-sɔ̌ɔng dʉan mók-raa-kom bpii pút-sàk-râat sɔ̌ɔng-pan-hâa-rɔ́ɔi-hòk-sìp-hâa

Thai Abbreviations: 12 ม.ค. 2565 or 12 มกราคม พ.ศ.2565

English Definition: 12 January 2022

In Summary

If you want to save time while writing dates in Thai, learn the common abbreviations. Learning Thai abbreviations help you shorten a phrase or word in Thai and might make it feel more manageable and quicker to type or utter. You sound and write like a native speaker in particular! Even if you think you know how to pronounce the words correctly, you still need to practice using them in conversation.

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