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12 Beautiful Thai Words That You Will Keep On Saying

August 8, 2022

The Thai language is uniquely beautiful with its everything. But there are some Thai words that make the language even more beautiful. If you want to learn 12 beautiful Thai words and why we think they are beautiful, keep reading below!

Have you ever thought about what makes a language or word beautiful? I believe it is the actual life experience of people and a reflection of the Thai culture in a Thai word. Every language has its own unique words.

There are many Thai words that cannot be translated exactly into other languages. That's what makes these words unique and beautiful. Before we get into the different unique Thai words, let's learn how to say beautiful in Thai!


How To Say Beautiful In The Thai language?

Beautiful in Thai
สวย (suay) - Beautiful

It'd be a shame if you didn't know how to say beautiful in Thai when learning beautiful Thai words in this article. The most common word for beautiful in Thai is สวย (suay). You can use this word to compliment a person or admire any animal or object you see.

Now, it is time to learn the most beautiful Thai words. We specifically chose these words because of their harmonious pronunciation and unique meanings in the Thai language.

1. สบายๆ – (sabaai sabaai)

The literal meaning of sabaai is ''tranquil and calm.'' When it is used in daily life, it can also mean ''I'm feeling good.'' or ''take it easy.'' When someone asks you สบายดีไหม (sa baai dee mai) you can respond by saying sabaai sabaai which means I'm feeling good.

2. จริงๆ – (Jing-jing)

The meaning of jing-jing is ''really, seriously''. Thai people use this word when they really mean what they're saying. It's like you're emphasizing that you are telling the truth. I think it is one of the most beautiful Thai words because it's fun to say it out loud. Jing-jing!

3. จุ๊บบบบ – (Choop-choop)

This Thai word simply means ''kiss kiss!'' It is actually the written form of how a kiss sounds in the Thai language. Thai people say choop-choop when they give kisses to their partners, kids, or pets.

4. คิดว่า – (Khit-waa)

Khit waa means ''to think'' about something. You can basically use this word whenever you think about something. For example, if you're hungry, you can say chan khit-waa hyu kow which means ''I think I'm hungry'' and in that case, you better go get tasty Thai noodles.

5. ใจ (Jai)

Heart in Thai
ใจ (Jai) - Heart

Jai is one of the most beautiful words in the Thai language. It can mean both ''heart'' and ''mind'' separately but it actually refers to the spiritual center and inner being of you. That's why it is a uniquely beautiful Thai word.

6. พี่น้อง (Phee naawng)

As you may know, family relations are important in Thai culture. They respect not only the elder but also the young as well. So, Thai people use this word when they talk about their younger brothers and sisters.

7. คิดถึง (Kid teung)

For me, it is one of the most touchy and meaningful Thai phrases. The literal meaning of this phrase is ''to think about someone or miss someone''. Thai people say kid teung when they feel a longing for someone.

8. โอ้โห (O-hoh)

This is one of the many Thai words that express amazement or shock. The closest English translation would be ''wow''. I'm sure you'll see many things that you find yourself saying o-hoh in beautiful Thailand.

9. ไว้ใจ (Wai jai)

This one has been my favorite so far! When you look up the dictionary, wai means ''to keep'' and jai means ''mind, heart.'' When you put them together it means something like you have trust or faith in someone.

10. ช้าๆหน่อย (Cha-cha-noi)

This phrase is used when you want to do something slower. It is a handy phrase if you're thinking about visiting Thailand soon because you'll probably want Thai people to speak slowly. So you can say put cha cha which means ''Speak slowly.''

11. ชีวิตชีวา – (chee wit chee waa)

The dictionary meaning is ''energetic''. This Thai phrase refers to someone bursting with energy or someone full of life. Even just uttering the pronunciation of chee wit chee waa has an energizing power on you. Come on, say it out loud!

12. ไม่เป็นไร – (Mai bpen rai)

This phrase can be named the ''Hakuna Matata'' of the Thai language. It can mean various things such as ''it's okay, never mind, and it's not a big deal'' so as soon as you hear this phrase from a Thai person while you're trying to speak Thai, all your worries and anxiety will fly away.

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