Is Swahili Hard To Learn? 3 Controversial Truths!

If this language interests you but you’re scared to learn about it because the question “Is Swahili hard to learn?” is in your mind, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will debunk that question and answer it with shocking truths about learning Swahili. So, is Swahili hard to learn? Read on to find out!


The Swahili Language

If you want to master basic Swahili, then you must know about its origin as well!

This language is the official language of Tanzania and Kenya. It is also a widely spoken language in its neighboring regions, such as the regions of Congo, Uganda, and all other African countries.

This African language is one of the pillars of the East African Culture and is used amongst the Swahili people to communicate, educate, and make meaningful relationships with one another.

The good news is, that it is one of the most straightforward African languages to learn! So if you love the Lion King or you are going to have a trip to East Africa soon, you might want to consider this and understand the native language or the place.

Although language learning will always vary from person to person, it is not as complicated as other languages such as Russian and Mongolian. Swahili words, the Swahili Vocabulary, as well as the Swahili grammar, are straightforward to master as long as you have the patience, drive, and commitment to do so.

So if you are looking for a different language to learn aside from the English language, you might want to consider being a part of the Swahili speakers and speaking Swahili!


Reasons To Learn The Swahili Language

Is Swahili Hard to Learn?

Learning Swahili will be a walk in the park for you. This is because the Swahili language is very easy to learn, especially for English speakers!

Language learners are encouraged to learn Swahili because not only is it very unique. Still, they can also bridge you to so many meaningful relationships that are not limited to people in East Africa but worldwide. If you want to debunk the myths with us, read on below!

Truth #1: Swahili Is A Phonetic Language!

If you want to be a part of the native Swahili speakers, you are in for a treat! Unlike other languages, the Swahili language is a phonetic language. And because this language is a phonetic language, when you are already practicing Swahili pronunciation, expect it to be effortless for you. Literally, no sweat.

This means that the way words are presented is the exact way these words are pronounced. So when you speak Swahili, it is much easier, especially for an English speaker like you!

Truth #2: It Doesn’t Have A Complicated Vocabulary

Yep, definitely. Though this does not mean that you’re going to learn everything in one go, it does make it easier for you to speak Swahili as well as to be able to write Swahili.

Whether studying Swahili is for work purposes or to just learn a new language, many aspects come along with it. Thankfully, the words of this language are very easy to keep in mind and master.

May it be learning many words in a day, mastering the common terms of the national language, or being able just to learn about the irregular verbs and tenses, it is not as complicated to learn it if you give yourself time.

The language Swahili may be intimidating to some, but it’s not! Even native speakers can attest to that.

Truth #3: It Does Not Have A Complicated Grammar

Grammar learning can be a deal-breaker to some but with Swahili? It’s not!

When it comes to learning the grammar of this language, it becomes very easy to understand. This is because the Swahili language does not have gendered pronouns making it a breeze for an English speaker to construct sentences more freely.

Aside from that, the tenses of the verb and the verb forms can be learned without wanting to cry about giving up language learning. To reiterate, learning Swahili might be easier than other languages, but it still would be of no use without adequate effort and time.


So, Is Swahili Hard To Learn?

It is not hard to learn if you compare it to Russian, Mongolian, and Estonian languages. Moreover, if you are someone that speaks Arabic, then it is also very easy.

Because Swahili is a mix of the Bantu language and is also of Arabic origin, knowing about it can make it less complex for you. As language learners, your time learning the language will dictate your progress. Not to mention all the effort, commitment, discipline, and resources that you put into it.

May it be through learning a couple of words in a day or just knowing about its noun classes and its basic pronunciation, no progress is too little.

But what if you are a busy person?

We have a solution to that! If you are a busy person or always on the go and cannot afford to have a study session via Zoom calls or have a tutor, it’s okay!

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What Is The Ling App?

Is Swahili Hard to Learn?

The Ling App is a language learning application that you can take with you wherever you go so that you can learn whenever you please.

It has bite-sized lessons, fun activities, and effective quizzes to make language learning very fun and easy for you! With a diverse set of languages, you can learn languages like Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and so much more – not just Swahili.

Aside from that, because you can just download the application on your phone, you are already good to go with just a few clicks.

It is very fun and easy to use, but it is very convenient and effective – the perfect combination for beginners and busy people. With just a few minutes of your day, you are already building your vocabulary effectively and have sufficient knowledge of the grammar rules of your target language.

If you want access to language learning made fun and very easy, check out the Ling App today and learn why it is considered a top-rated app!

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