Your Best and #1 Guide To Moods and Emotions In Swahili!

Have you thought about learning about the moods and emotions in Swahili before? If you have, that means you are interested in diving into this incredible language even more. Moods and emotions are vital parts of our daily lives and an important thing that connects us all. 

If you want to check up on your native speaker friends based on the emotions that they are showing, this vocabulary is a fantastic way to get it started!

Regardless if you learn these words or phrases for fun, it will surely build your Swahili vocabulary and might also convince you to learn Swahili! 

After all, this language is not only interesting as a whole, but it is also relatively easier to learn and master! 

Don’t you believe me? Continue reading to get to know more! 

This Is Everything That You Need To Know About The Moods And Emotions In Swahili!

Being able to ask somebody if they are in a bad mood or check on their feelings is an excellent way to show that you care. With this vocabulary, you can build a strong connection with other people and make them feel better.

Moods and Emotions In Swahili

Whether they are sad, angry, or happy, you will understand and follow the conversation with this basic vocabulary.

AfraidHofu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Hofu[/Speechword]
AlarmedKushtushwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kushtushwa[/Speechword]
AmazedKushangaa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kushangaa[/Speechword]
AngryMwenye hasira[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye hasira[/Speechword]
AnnoyedKukasirishwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kukasirishwa[/Speechword]
AshamedAibu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Aibu[/Speechword]
AnxiousWasiwasi[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Wasiwasi[/Speechword]
BaffledAmechanganyikiwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Amechanganyikiwa[/Speechword]
BetrayedKusalitiwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kusalitiwa[/Speechword]
BitterUchungu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Uchungu[/Speechword]
BoredKuchoshwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kuchoshwa[/Speechword]
BotheredTulia[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Tulia[/Speechword]
CheerfulFuraha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Furaha[/Speechword]
ComfortedKufarijiwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kufarijiwa[/Speechword]
ComposedIliyoundwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Iliyoundwa[/Speechword]
ConfidentKujiamini[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kujiamini[/Speechword]
ConfusedChanganyikiwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Changanyikiwa[/Speechword]
ContentMaudhui[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Maudhui[/Speechword]

We are halfway there! Below are a few words to help you navigate your way in asking Swahili native speakers about their emotions.

DelightedNimefurahiya[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Nimefurahiya[/Speechword]
DiscouragedKukata Tamaa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kukata Tamaa[/Speechword]
DisgustKaraha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Karaha[/Speechword]
DismayKufadhaika[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kufadhaika[/Speechword]
DespairKuakata Tamaa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kuakata Tamaa[/Speechword]
DisappointmentKukatishwa Tamaa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kukatishwa Tamaa[/Speechword]
DoubtShaka[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Shaka[/Speechword]
EnvyWivu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Wivu[/Speechword]
EmpatheticMwenye huruma[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye huruma[/Speechword]
ExcitedKusisimua[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kusisimua[/Speechword]
FearHofu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Hofu[/Speechword]
FrustrationKuchanganyikiwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kuchanganyikiwa[/Speechword]
FuriousMwenye hasira[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye hasira[/Speechword]
GuiltHatia[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Hatia[/Speechword]
GratitudeShukrani[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Shukrani[/Speechword]
GriefMajonzi[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Majonzi[/Speechword]
HappyFuraha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Furaha[/Speechword]
HatefulMwenye chuki[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye chuki[/Speechword]
HesitantKusitasita[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kusitasita[/Speechword]
HopefulMwenye matumaini[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye matumaini[/Speechword]
HopelessBila matumaini[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Bila matumaini[/Speechword]
HumiliatedKufedheheshwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kufedheheshwa[/Speechword]
InsultedKutukanwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kutukanwa[/Speechword]
IrritatedImewashwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Imewashwa[/Speechword]


JealousMwenye wivu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Imewashwa[/Speechword]
JoyfulFuraha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Furaha[/Speechword]
LonelyUpweke[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Upweke[/Speechword]
LovingKupenda[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kupenda[/Speechword]
LustTamaa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Tamaa[/Speechword]
MadWazimu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Wazimu[/Speechword]
MiserableMwenye huzuni[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye huzuni[/Speechword]
NeedyMhitaji[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mhitaji[/Speechword]
NeglectedImepuuzwa[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Imepuuzwa[/Speechword]
NervousMwenye neva[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye neva[/Speechword]
ObliviousKusahau[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kusahau[/Speechword]
OverjoyedMwenye furaha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mwenye furaha[/Speechword]
PanicWasiwasi[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Wasiwasi[/Speechword]
RegretMajuto[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Majuto[/Speechword]
ReliefUnafuu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Unafuu[/Speechword]
ResentmentKinyongo[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Kinyongo[/Speechword]
SadInasikitisha[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Inasikitisha[/Speechword]
SeriousMazito[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Mazito[/Speechword]
TiredUchovu[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Uchovu[/Speechword]
UncertainSina Uhakika[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Sina Uhakika[/Speechword]

There’s more! Aside from these words that can help you better communicate with your Swahili family and friends, you should also learn about these phrases, expressions, and sentences!

Aside from how these can help you immerse in the new language you want to become more familiar with, you will surely make a good impression when you use these in case you need it!

Are you okay?Uko salama?[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Uko salama[/Speechword]
Are you tired?Umechoka?[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Umechoka[/Speechword]
Can you please stop crying?Je, unaweza kuacha kulia tafadhali?[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Je, unaweza kuacha kulia tafadhali[/Speechword]
Do what makes you happy!Fanya kile kinachokufurahisha![Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Fanya kile kinachokufurahisha[/Speechword]
I am afraid.Ninaogopa.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Ninaogopa[/Speechword]
I am angry.Nina hasira.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Nina hasira[/Speechword]
I am confused.Nimechanganyikiwa.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Nimechanganyikiwa[/Speechword]
I am happy.Nina furaha.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Nina furaha[/Speechword]
Please do not be angryTafadhali usikasirike.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Tafadhali usikasirike[/Speechword]
Stop being around people that make you sad.Acha kuwa karibu na watu wanaokuhuzunisha.[Speechword voice=”Swahili Male” isinline]Acha kuwa karibu na watu wanaokuhuzunisha[/Speechword]

Whether it is just a phrase or two, you will surely be able to sharpen your Swahili vocabulary, master your pronunciation, and potentially make friends along the way! Fun and informative? Definitely!

The Truth About Learning The Swahili Language

Sometimes one of the reasons we do not pursue our journey when it comes to learning languages is because of how hard and tedious it might be. While this is true up to a certain extent, the reality of learning Swahili is quite different.

We are not saying that you can learn everything overnight, but did you know that learning Swahili is easier and more accessible than most languages? That’s right, you read it correctly!

Though some languages might give you the trouble of having difficult words and phrases that are hard to remember, the Swahili language is designed to be phonetic. That makes everything less complicated and better for you, the language learners!

And so, even if language learning can be daunting and overwhelming at times, always remember that as long as you have the right tools for it, you are good to go.

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Moods and Emotions In Swahili

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