#1 Guide To Saying Cheers In Slovenian

Cheers in Slovenian

Do you know how to say cheers in Slovenian? This article will walk you through the most common expression that you can use, while also teach you a bit about Slovenian drinking culture.

So, if you’re ready to celebrate with your Slovenian friends and learn some useful vocabulary along the way, let’s get started!

Saying Cheers In Slovenian

Let’s learn how Slovenians say cheers.

To Health – Na Zdravje

The most common way to say cheers in the Slovenian language is by saying na zdravje. This phrase translates to ”to health”. A variation of this phrase can also be heard in other Slavic languages.

A custom when making a toast in Slovenian, is to cling glasses together, but it is very important to look the other person in the eye, otherwise you’re in for seven years of bad luck.

While you’re walking through the streets of Slovenia, wherever it may be, you might hear a loud ”Ooopaaa!”. This is an exclamation that is used when a group of people cheer at the same time and all raise glasses together. After this they hit their drinks on the table slightly, before taking a sip. It’s a silly, but common thing to do.

Drinking In Slovenian Culture

Slovenians are generally known as quite heavy drinkers. In fact, Alcohol is present in many social situations, celebrations, and major life events. The drinking age is 18 years old. It’s a normal part of daily life to have a drink with friends or family, and excessive drinking is often accepted as part of the norm. Alcohol will always be present in major events such as Slovenian birthdays, or Slovenian new year celebrations.

Drinks are quite easily accessible in the entire country. However, their prices are different in each area. For instance, if you go to a village in Slovenia, you will get a drink for a very cheap rate. If you go to a city like Ljubljana, you might have to pack in more cash to get drinks.

Friends having a toast

Slovenian Drinks

Since Slovenians are so fond of alcohol, there’s a bunch of drinks that they also make, including spirits, wine and beer.

Slovenian Spirits

A famous Slovenian spirit is slivovka. That’s a plum brandy, made from damson plums. It can be found in many Slovenian households and is often homemade.

Slovenian is quite well-known for its high-quality honey. They also make beverages from it, such as medica, or honey liqueur.

There’s also spirits made from pears (viljamovka), and blueberries (borovničke). As you can see there are many different Slovenian flavors used in spirits that cheer them right up!

Slovenian Wine

Slovenia produces some amazing wines, thanks to its diverse landscapes and rich history in winemaking. Did you know that the world’s oldest vine still producing fruit can be found in Slovenia?

The country has three main wine regions—Podravje, Primorska, and Posavje—each offering unique and delicious wines.

Famous wines that they make include Rebula, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Slovenia’s a dream destination for wine lovers!

Slovenian Beer

Slovenia’s beer scene is thriving, with a mix of traditional and craft breweries making their mark. Laško, founded in 1825, is one of the oldest and most famous Slovenian beer brands, best known for its Laško Zlatorog pale lager. Another major player is Union, established in 1864, which is renowned for its range of lagers and dark beers.

Alongside these historic breweries, Slovenia’s craft beer scene is rapidly growing, featuring innovative and high-quality brews from newcomers like Reservoir Dogs. These craft breweries are gaining popularity for their creativity and commitment to excellence, contributing to a vibrant and diverse beer culture in Slovenia.

How Do You Say Alcohol In Slovenian?

The word for alcohol in Slovenian is alkohol, which shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. An alcoholic beverage is called alkoholna pijača.

Essential Slovenian Party Vocabulary

Next time you’re partying with some Slovenians, you’ll be well-prepared with these words related to drinking. And if you’re looking to learn more Slovenian, Ling app might be the solution for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re only just starting out, it’s great for beginners, as well as more advanced learners.

Bar or pubGostilna
To toastNazdraviti
To be soberBiti trezen
To be drunkBiti pijan
To celebratePraznovati

Questions About Drinking In Slovenia

How Much Alcohol Do Slovenians Drink?

When compared to the rest of the world, Slovenia is quite high in alcohol consumption. In 2020, each person aged 15 and up knocked back about 9.8 liters of pure alcohol – that’s double the global average! But with all that fun comes a cost. Alcohol-related expenses, including those from accidents and domestic disputes, hit Slovenia’s wallet hard, tallying up to a whopping 234 million euros annually. So, while they may enjoy a good party, it’s essential to keep an eye on the bar tab!

Can You Drink In Public In Slovenia?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in public in Slovenia, but there are certain rules that you should follow. It’s acceptable to drink in parks, on the streets, or at outdoor events, but being drunk in public and or causing disturbances while drinking can result in fines or other penalties. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of the local laws.

What Alcohol Is Slovenia Known For?

Besides its delicious wines, Slovenia is best known for its Schnapps. It’s called žganje in Slovenian, and can be found in every bar in the country, with a choice of delicious flavors.

Slovenian party

Let’s Toast!

So, there you have it—Slovenia’s drinking culture in a nutshell!

Of course, I’d like to remind you, that whenever you’re out and about, try to drink responsibly and savor every moment. But when you do raise your glass to toast someone in Slovenia, don’t forget to look them in the eye and say na zdravje!

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