3 Easy Ways To Wish Someone Good Luck In Slovenian!

Good Luck in Slovenian

Wishing someone good luck is a universal way to show support and encouragement. It’s a simple gesture that can boost someone’s confidence and morale, whether they’re starting something new, facing a challenge, or just need some positivity.

Different cultures have their own ways of wishing good luck, from specific phrases to unique rituals. Despite these differences, the main idea is the same: to offer heartfelt support and share the hope for a positive outcome. Let’s take a look at how to wish someone good luck in Slovenian!

Ways To Say Good Luck In Slovenian

Wishing someone luck has become like a human tradition, when you want the other person to succeed in whatever they’re doing. In Slovenian, there are three phrases that you can use in specific contexts:

1. All The Luck – Vso Srečo!

The most common phrase that you can use is vso srečo! This sentence translates to “All the luck!” You can use this before any type of situation, like wishing good luck to a friend before an important test, someone who has just started a new job, or before sports competitions. It’s a cute way to show you care and let the person know you’re rooting for their success and happiness!

2. I Wish You Lots Of Luck/Happiness – Želim Ti Veliko Sreče!

Another useful phrase is želim ti veliko sreče! A little more formal, it means, “I wish you lots of luck.” However, it can also mean, “I wish you lots of happiness.” Therefore, it can be used when you’re saying goodbye to someone who’s moving away, or to someone who just got married. Other than that, you can use it when someone’s facing a big challenge, like an operation, and you want to let them know you hope everything is gonna be alright.

3. Good Luck – Srečno!

The last phrase, or word, that you can use is simply srečno! It can be used as a farewell, instead of saying goodbye, but implying a wish for good fortune and success in whatever comes next.

Fun fact, this kind of farewell actually has historical significance among Slovenian miners. It was traditionally used as a parting phrase among miners to wish each other safety and good fortune. Mining was a very dangerous job back then, and still is, and by saying srečno miners express their hope for a safe return from the hard conditions at their work.

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Slovenian Proverbs About Luck

Now that you know how to wish someone good luck in Slovenian, here are some lovely Slovenian quotes and proverbs related to luck and happiness.

1. May Your Axe Fall Into Honey – Naj Ti Sekira Pade V Med

In this case it’s an axe, but the saying can also say spoon. You see, honey is a symbol of sweet, beautiful life, prosperity, and good fortune. Whoever drops a spoon or an axe in honey has such a life, and when you say this to someone, this is what you want for them.

2. Luck Is Stumbling – Sreča Je Opoteča

This quote tells us that luck is unpredictable and often comes unexpectedly, much like something clumsy or awkward. Luck doesn’t always arrive in a smooth or graceful manner but can sometimes catch us off guard. For example, playing the lottery – this means that someone always wins unexpectedly, while others are disappointed.

3. Fortune Is Like The Sun. When Most Beautiful, It Fades – Sreča Je Kot Sonce. Ko Je Najlepša, Zatone

A quote from a famous Slovenian author’s book who tried to explain fortune and luck as a sunset. We are excited about it; we enjoy the scene and look forward to the next one because we believe and know that the next day, the sun will rise again, shine on us, warm us, and offer us a new sunset.

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How Do You Say Luck In Slovenian?

The word for luck in Slovenian is sreča, but the word itself has two meanings. One of them is luck, and the other, happiness. So they may not be used the same in different contexts. For example:

  • Imam veliko sreče (I am very lucky).
  • Čutim srečo (I feel happiness).

Other Lucky Slovenian Vocabulary

Here are all the Slovenian words you need to know that relate to lucky charms, symbols, and other useful vocabulary, along with their translation. Interested in more Slovenian vocabulary and phrases? Check out the Ling app!


What Are Common Slovenian Greetings?

Casual ways to greet someone in Slovenian are zdravo and živjo. Other variations include hej, oj, čau, or ojla. Formal greetings are dobro jutro (good morning), dober dan (good day), or dober večer (good evening).

How Do You Say Cheers In Slovenia?

In Slovenia, when people cheer, they say na zdravje, which means “to health.” It’s a toast used when raising a glass in celebration or before having a drink. You would also say this when someone sneezes.

How Do You Say Best Wishes In Slovenian?

In Slovenian, when you want to congratulate someone or present your best wishes, you say čestitke, or iskrene čestitke! This can be used when someone has reached an important milestone in their life. However, when you want to wish someone a happy birthday in Slovenian, you would say vse najboljše, and for Happy New Year in Slovenian, you say srečno novo leto.

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Ready To Spread Some Good Fortune?

Today, you’ve learned all the necessary phrases that you need to spread some positivity among your Slovenian friends. Whether it’s using phrases like vso srečo or understanding the deeper meanings behind Slovenian proverbs, the essence remains the same: to wish others well on their journey, whatever it may be.

So, the next time you want to wish someone good luck in Slovenian, remember these phrases and the significance they hold. Whether it’s starting something new, facing a challenge, or saying goodbye, let your words reflect the warmth and support of Slovenian culture. Srečno!

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