#1 Exclusive Guide To Nepali Travel Phrases

Nepali travel phrase

It can be quite bothersome to travel to a place where people don’t speak your native language. While Nepalese people are well acquainted with the English language, many of them still need to be. However, the plan here is not to sit idle but to navigate those barriers by learning some common words and phrases in the Nepali language.

So, with today’s post, where we will cover common Nepali travel phrases like तिमीलाई कस्तो छ? (Timīlā’ī kasto cha?), यो कति हो? (Yō kati hō?), etc., and communication tips, nothing will stop you from having the best trip of the year. So, if you are interested, continue reading below!


Visiting Nepal: Travel Tips

Before we head on to the list of phrases, here is a small list of tips that will help you through your journey. Please give them a good read to avoid any undesirable circumstances.

  • First, it is important to remember that the majority of Nepalese people follow the Hindu and Buddhist religions. According to the Buddhist code of conduct, it is rude to touch someone’s head, especially when a person is older than you. Also, sitting with the bottom of your feet exposed is not acceptable. It is considered rude in Nepali culture.
  • Never trek alone in Nepal. Always trek when you have a guide or company. It is dangerous because there have been many cases of missing tourists in recent years.
  • Another helpful tip for new travelers is to carry cash at all times! Nepal is still new to online payment systems or card transactions. While urban areas accept cards, most rural towns and villages accept only cash. So, don’t miss out on unique souvenirs by making sure you carry sufficient cash.
  • Although Nepal is one of the safest countries for travelers, it is essential to keep your dress code in check. Avoid wearing flashy clothes or skin-tight and revealing ones. Especially when you visit a temple in Nepal, it is a must that you wear their native attire or something that is decent and covers your knee and chest adequately. While traveling can be fun and exciting, missing out on such information can make you feel sick in no time.


All Important Nepali Travel Phrases

This section will go through all the useful Nepalese phrases with proper translation. These travel phrases will help you face every situation in Nepal and allow you to engage in meaningful conversations with the Nepali people. So, let’s get started.

Greetings And Conversations In Nepali

Nepali travel phrases

Here is a list of greetings and conversational phrases. No matter where you go, you have to know the basics first. You will meet new people from the airport to your hotel room, and the best way to begin your journey with them is to greet and converse with them.

The most basic way of greeting someone in Nepalese culture is by showing the gesture of prayer. It is to press the palms of one hand with the other in front of your chest, bow a little, and say “Namaste.” Doing this will surely impress the locals.

How are you?तिमीलाई कस्तो छ?Timīlā’ī kasto cha?
Everything is okसबै ठीक छSabai thik cha
My name is…मेरो नाम…Mero naam…
What is your name?तिम्रो नाम के हो?Timrō nāma kē hō?
Good morning to you!तपाईलाई शुभ बिहानी!Tapā’īlā’ī śubha bihānī!
Good night, sleep wellशुभ रात्रि, राम्रोसँग सुत्नुहोस्Śubha rātri, rāmrōsam̐ga sutnuhōs
Nice to meet youतपाईँलाई भेटेर खुशी लाग्योTapā’īm̐lā’ī bhēṭēra khuśī lāgyō
Do you speak English?के तपाईँ अङ्ग्रेजी बोल्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’īm̐ aṅgrējī bōlnuhuncha?
Thank you for having meमलाई भएकोमा धन्यवादMalā’ī bha’ēkōmā dhan’yavāda
You’re welcomeतपाईलाई स्वागत छTapā’īlā’ī svāgata cha
Excuse me/ sorryमाफ गर्नुहोस् / माफ गर्नुहोस्Māpha garnuhōs/ māpha garnuhōs/
I understandमाइल भुजेMaile bhujhe
See you laterपछि भेटौँलाPachi bhēṭaum̐lā

Accommodation Phrases In The Nepali Language

Nepali language

Here is a list of all the necessary accommodation phrases that will come in handy during your hotel check-in. It will help you contact the locals for your accommodation and get your concerns stated.

What time is check-in?चेक-इन कति समय हो?Cēka-ina kati samaya hō?
What time is check-out?चेक-आउट कति समय हो?Cēka-ā’uṭa kati samaya hō?
Do you serve complimentary breakfast?के तपाइँ नि:शुल्क नाश्ता सेवा गर्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’im̐ ni:Śulka nāśtā sēvā garnuhuncha?
Do you have a common washroom?के तपाईसँग साझा शौचालय छ?Kē tapā’īsam̐ga sājhā śaucālaya cha?
Can I leave my baggage here?के म मेरो सामान यहाँ छोड्न सक्छु?Kē ma mērō sāmāna yahām̐ chōḍna sakchu?
Where is the swimming pool?स्विमिङ पूल कहाँ छ?Svimiṅa pūla kahām̐ cha?
I need a single room for twoमलाई दुईको लागि एउटा कोठा चाहिन्छMalā’ī du’īkō lāgi ē’uṭā kōṭhā cāhincha
Does the room have air conditioning?के कोठामा वातानुकूलित छ?Kē kōṭhāmā vātānukūlita cha?
I have a reservationमसँग आरक्षण छMasam̐ga ārakṣaṇa cha
Can I extend my booking?के म मेरो बुकिङ विस्तार गर्न सक्छु?Kē ma mērō bukiṅa vistāra garna sakchu?
How much is a room for four people?चार जना बस्ने कोठा कति हुन्छ ?Cāra janā basnē kōṭhā kati huncha?
I don’t want room serviceमलाई कोठा सेवा चाहिदैनMalā’ī kōṭhā sēvā cāhidaina

Nepali Phrases For Direction And Transportation

Nepali tourists phrase

Another set of essential Nepali words concerns transportation and direction. You can get lost in a new country, even with google maps. Above that, weak phone services will always be a hassle. When such situations force you into interactions with the locals, local Nepali words will become your guide.

Left/ Rightबायाँ/ दायाँBāyām̐/ dāyām̐/
North/ Southउत्तर/ दक्षिणUttara/ dakṣiṇa/
East/ Westपूर्व/ पश्चिमPūrva/ paścima/
Is the train/flight delayed?के रेल/उडान ढिलो भयो?Kē rēla/uḍāna ḍhilō bhayō?
Where is this place?यो ठाउँ कहाँ पर्छ?Yō ṭhā’um̐ kahām̐ parcha?
Where is this hotel?यो होटल कहाँ छ?Yō hōṭala kahām̐ cha?
Can I cancel my booking?के म मेरो बुकिङ रद्द गर्न सक्छु?Kē ma mērō bukiṅa radda garna sakchu?
What is the price for two tickets?दुई टिकटको मूल्य कति ?Du’ī ṭikaṭakō mūlya kati?
Where is the ticket window?टिकट विन्डो कहाँ छ?Ṭikaṭa vinḍō kahām̐ cha?
Where can I find a taxi?म ट्याक्सी कहाँ पाउन सक्छु?Ma ṭyāksī kahām̐ pā’una sakchu?
I would like to buy one ticket to…म एउटा टिकट किन्न चाहन्छु…Ma ē’uṭā ṭikaṭa kinna cāhanchu…
Can I purchase a return ticket?के म फिर्ती टिकट किन्न सक्छु?Kē ma phirtī ṭikaṭa kinna sakchu?
When will the bus/train arrive?बस/रेल कहिले आइपुग्छ?Basa/rēla kahilē ā’ipugcha?
What is the nearest station to…?सबैभन्दा नजिकको स्टेशन कुन हो…?Sabaibhandā najikakō sṭēśana kuna hō…?
Can you please give me a ride?के तपाईं मलाई सवारी दिन सक्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’īṁ malā’ī savārī dina saknuhuncha?
I want to go to…मलाई जाना मन छ…मलाई जाना मन छ…

Nepali Phrases For Restaurants

Nepali restaurant

Apart from Mount Everest, you will surely fall in love with Nepal’s cuisine. And to satisfy your cravings, you will end up visiting different authentic restaurants. So, learn some phrases to help yourself in a Nepali diner.

Can I have a table for two?के म दुई को लागि टेबल पाउन सक्छु?Kē ma du’ī kō lāgi ṭēbala pā’una sakchu?
The menu, please!मेनु, कृपया!Mēnu, kr̥payā!
What do you recommend?तिमि के सुझाव दिन्छाै?Timi kē sujhāva dinchāai?
The food is tastyखाना मिथो चाKhānā mitho ​​cha
I don’t want spicyमलाई मसालेदार चाहिदैनMalā’ī masālēdāra cāhidaina
Do you serve beef?तपाईं गाईको मासु सेवा गर्नुहुन्छ?Tapā’īṁ gā’īkō māsu sēvā garnuhuncha?
Do you have vegan items?के तपाईंसँग शाकाहारी वस्तुहरू छन्?Kē tapā’īnsam̐ga śākāhārī vastuharū chan?
I am allergic to peanutsमलाई बदामबाट एलर्जी छMalā’ī badāmabāṭa ēlarjī cha
Enjoy your meal!तपाईँको भोजनको मज्जा लिनुहोस्!Tapā’īm̐kō bhōjanakō majjā linuhōs!
Can I have the bill, pleaseकृपया, मैले विल पाउन सक्छुKr̥payā, mailē vila pā’una sakchu
Do you take online/ card payment?के तपाइँ अनलाइन/कार्ड भुक्तानी लिनुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’im̐ analā’ina/kārḍa bhuktānī linuhuncha?/

Basic Phrases For Markets In Nepali

Nepali travel words

Who doesn’t like shopping in their vacation spot? So, to be able to bargain the best way possible in the traditional markets of Nepal, the below list will make you an expert in no days.

How much is this?यो कति हो?Yō kati hō?
Can you lower the price?तपाईं मूल्य कम गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ?Tapā’īṁ mūlya kama garna saknuhuncha?
What is the final price?अन्तिम मूल्य के हो?Antima mūlya kē hō?
It is too expensiveयो धेरै महँगो छYō dhērai maham̐gō cha
Do you have other designs?तपाईंसँग अन्य डिजाइनहरू छन्?Tapā’īnsam̐ga an’ya ḍijā’inaharū chan?
Please pack these for meकृपया यी मेरो लागि प्याक गर्नुहोस्Kr̥payā yī mērō lāgi pyāka garnuhōs
What is the total cost?कुल लागत कति छ?Kula lāgata kati cha?
Can you show me something cheapके तपाई मलाई सस्तो केहि देखाउन सक्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’ī malā’ī sastō kēhi dēkhā’una saknuhuncha?

Emergency Phrases In Nepali

Nepali phrases

Lastly, you never know when emergencies hit you. Unprecedented scenarios can always come up no matter where you travel to. So, the phrases below will enable you to ask for help in Nepali immediately.

Somebody help me, pleaseकसैले मलाई मद्दत गर्नुहोस्, कृपयाKasailē malā’ī maddata garnuhōs, kr̥payā
Can you call the police?के तपाईं पुलिसलाई कल गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’īṁ pulisalā’ī kala garna saknuhuncha?
Where is the nearest hospital?नजिकको अस्पताल कहाँ छ?Najikakō aspatāla kahām̐ cha?
Call the doctor!डाक्टरलाई कल गर्नुहोस्!Ḍākṭaralā’ī kala garnuhōs!
Help!मद्दत गर्नुहोस्!Maddata garnuhōs!


Additional Nepali Phrases To Practice

My younger sister/ younger brother grew up in Nepalमेरो कान्छी बहिनी/भाइ नेपालमा हुर्केMērō kānchī bahinī/bhā’i nēpālamā hurkē/
Nepali food is so deliciousनेपाली खाना एकदमै मिठो हुन्छNēpālī khānā ēkadamai miṭhō huncha
Life in Nepal looks so peacefulनेपालको जनजीवन निकै शान्त देखिन्छNēpālakō janajīvana nikai śānta dēkhincha
The divine temples of Nepal are beautifulनेपालका देवी मन्दिरहरू सुन्दर छन्Nēpālakā dēvī mandiraharū sundara chan
Are you originally from Nepal?के तपाई मूल नेपाली हो ?Kē tapā’ī mūla nēpālī hō?
I want to visit Nepal againम फेरि नेपाल घुम्न चाहन्छुMa phēri nēpāla ghumna cāhanchu
Thank you for joining me!मसँग जोडिनुभएकोमा धन्यवाद!Masam̐ga jōḍinubha’ēkōmā dhan’yavāda!


Over To You!

Did you enjoy learning the above sentences and words? If yes, you are on the right path. Learning languages not only help you face unexpected situations in a new country, but it also develops you as a person. You get enlightened about the country’s culture, language, and, most effectively, its people and society. In doing so, you simultaneously push yourself to be more open-minded and culturally progressed than before.

While these phrase lists have already made you a better person linguistically and personally, if you want to continue your learning journey, the Ling app can be your best guide. You can find the app easily on Appstore or Playstore and use it on any device you like. If you want to make speaking Nepali easy, download the app now!


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