22+ Malay Conjunctions: For Awesome Communication Skills

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The Malay language is quite interesting, more so if you consider its grammar. In this article, we’ll walk you through the Malay conjunctions or kata hubung and their meanings. After all, these simple words can significantly help you craft better sentences and express your thoughts more effectively. If you’re ready for that, then keep reading below!

So let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a conjunction? Like in many languages, conjunctions are known as “joiners” as they are mainly used to connect words, phrases, or sentences together. To put it simply, they can help you in forming complex sentences without affecting the meaning you want to communicate. In addition, they are also used to show contrast or make comparisons with each other. This is what makes them such a powerful tool in our language and why it’s important for us to know their meanings.

In the Malay language, it is known as kata hubung. Let’s break down further what this word means. Basically, kata refers to words, while hubung means connect. When it comes to sentence placements, the position of conjunctions is similar to English – it comes between two clauses or words.

Common Malay Conjunctions

Common conjunctions are also called principal conjunctions. Below are some of the most commonly used ones in the Malay language.

than der-pada
or atau
if kalau
for kerna
because sebab
in order that spaya

Other Malay Conjunctions

for example sebagai contoh
now sekarang
after selepas
before sebelum ini
as soon as sebaik sahaja
even though walaupun
In fact sebenarnya
since sejak
still masih
until sehingga
unless melainkan
whose yang
so that supaya
provided disediakan
supposing andainya
than daripada
whenever bila-bila masa
finally akhirnya
by the time pada masa itu
but also ttapi juga
likewise begitu juga
indeed sesungguhnya
instead sebaliknya
once sekali
rather than bukannya
neither tidak juga
whether sama ada
both kedua-duanya
however walau bagaimanapun
as a result akibatnya
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Malay Conjunctions – Like Puzzles Pieces

Wrapping Up

Conjunctions are mainly necessary for communication. Without them, there’ll be a communication breakdown. Here are some clauses and words with Malay conjunctions sekarang or, for example, so you may try a few and learn some needed for daily Malay conversations.

He has two dogs and a cat. Dia mempunyai dua ekor anjing dan seekor kucing.
I tried to hit the nail but hit my finger instead. Saya cuba memukul paku tetapi sebaliknya memukul jari saya.
You may need a new bag for your upcoming trip. Anda mungkin memerlukan beg baharu untuk perjalanan anda yang akan datang.
You can have chocolate ice cream or a truffle for dessert. Anda boleh mempunyai ais krim coklat atau truffle sebagai pencuci mulut.
My parents work very hard so that we can afford the things we want. Ibu bapa saya bekerja keras supaya kami mampu membeli barang yang kami inginkan.
The job is quite good, but I’m exhausted when I get to work. Kerja itu agak bagus tetapi apabila saya tiba di tempat kerja, saya sudah letih.
I couldn’t sleep much because of the thunderstorm last night. Saya tidak dapat tidur lena kerana ribut petir malam tadi.
I’ll make the payment as soon as I get the bill. Saya akan membuat pembayaran sebaik sahaja saya mendapat bil.
We reached the hotel finally, and now we could relax. Kami tiba di hotel akhirnya dan kini kami boleh berehat.
Please join us whenever you have time. Sila sertai kami bila-bila masa anda ada.
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Learn Malay With Ling App

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