32+ Polite Malay Phrases To Steal From The Locals

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Whether you’re living abroad or taking a quick vacation, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to speak the local language. I’ve been there, and I know precisely how you feel! That’s why in today’s post, we’ll go over the polite Malay phrases perfect for anyone who is in or is planning to visit Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, or Singapore. Let’s get started!

Traveling to a country far from home is one of the best ways to learn new things and experience a different culture. While you’re there, it’s important to also make an effort to connect with the people around you and be polite at all times! You don’t want them branding you as the “rude traveler,” right? We’re not saying that you must take lessons or spend countless hours and money to sound like a near-native speaker! Knowing some basic words and phrases can make your travels more enjoyable even if you don’t speak the local language. If you’re looking for some inspiration, keep reading below!

Malaysia Truly Asia

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Malaysia is one of the most popular countries in Asia thanks to its range of amazing food and unique sites like the Petronas towers, Batu Caves, Malacca city, and much more. It is also home to several people from other Asian countries like China and India. With that said, the country is believed to be very welcoming to foreigners. The locals are open-minded and are always looking for ways to ensure that everyone is respected and not discriminated.

If you are traveling to the country for the first time, it is only right that you look for ways to demonstrate good behavior as well. To do this, one of the things you must consider is to use the Malay language in a polite way when interacting with the locals. Let’s find out how in the sections below!

Polite Malay Phrases

While there are several phrases that one can use depending on the situation, what we covered below are those that can be used at all times. Let’s get started!

Thank youterima kasih
I do not knowsaya tidak tahu
I do notsaya tidak
Welcomeselamat datang
Good nightselamat malam
Goobyeselamat jalan
Finekhabar baik
Good afternoonselamat tengah hari
My namenama saya
Same to yousama sama
I do not understandsaya tidak faham
How are youapa khabar
Good eveningselamat petang
Good morningselamat pagi
Good nightselamat tidur
Refusetak nak
Goodbyeselamat tinggal
I don’tsaya tak
I miss yousaya rindu kamu
What are you doingapah ka bar
It is long anywaytoh long
Forgive memaafkan saya
I am lostsaya tersesat
I do not understandsaya tak faham
In languagedalam bahasa
Wheredi mana
Turn leftbelok kiri
Turn rightbelok kanan
Where is the toiletdi mana tandas
Hmmmmah lahm
What’s upkah nahn
Polite Malay Phrases

Polite Malay Sentences

I was nice to meet youia adalah baik untuk bertemu dengan kamu
Where are you goingnak pergi mana
I am sorry, can you say that againSaya minta maaf, boleh awak cakap macam tu sekali lagi
Forgive me, I misunderstoodmaafkan saya, saya salah faham
I am fine, thank youSaya baik saja, terima kasih
How are you todayApa khabar hari ini
Thank you very muchTerima kasih banyak – banyak
I appreciate your helpSaya menghargai bantuan anda
I am sorry to bother youSaya minta maaf mengganggu awak
I understand , it’s okaySaya faham, tidak mengapa
I am learning MalaySaya belajar bahasa Melayu
I am from…saya berasal dari
I live in…saya tinggal di
I don’t think I can come tomorrowSaya rasa saya tidak boleh datang esok
How is the weather?Bagaimana cuaca
Can you help me?Boleh kamu bantu saya
May I help you?May I help you – Boleh saya tolong awak
Could you excuse me please?Tolong maafkan saya
I will be right backSaya akan kembali segera
May I be excusedMay I be excused – Boleh saya dimaafkan
Polite Malay Phrases In Sentences

Remember that learning languages open the doors for many opportunities – new people, new culture, and new adventures. It will take some effort but do try to practice these sentences. If possible, do it with a friend. Construct your own simple sentences, and see how you do!

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