Easy Mongolian Question Words: A 2022 Guide With Examples

When one thinks of Mongolia, one remembers the people’s serene nature, avid deserts, and nomadic heritage. During your travels, you might even find yourself asking the locals for their help or suggestions. In this post, we will cover all the Mongolian question words that will help you get the best answers out of your every inquiry. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Mongolia is a beautiful country, and so is its language. Like most travelers, I understand how difficult it must be to communicate, especially if the people do not speak or are not comfortable with your language. Knowing their easy and popular questions will be helpful in getting around the country if you are thinking of going to the country for a short trip.

I have been once stranded in a country’s local market, and trust me, not knowing their question words gave me a hard time. That’s why I have dedicated time to equip you with the necessary Mongolian question words you will find helpful, whether as a traveler or a Mongolian language learner.

It has been said that the Mongolian Language is one of the most complex languages to learn because of its confusing vowel harmony, verb stem, and Cyrillic nature. But if you follow this post carefully, you will discover that the Mongolian language can be exciting and is not as hard as we imagined. Without further ado, let’s start the journey.

Basic Mongolian Question Words

Get around Mongolia and speak to Mongolian natives confidently with these question words. They have been grouped into different categories like directions, eating out, and other valuable questions

But before we explore this plethora of questions, let’s take a look at the interrogative pronouns that you will need to ask questions. Knowing these pronouns will make asking questions a walk in the park.

Interrogative Pronouns In Mongolian

EnglishMongolianExampleExample Translation
Whatюу (yuu)энэ юу вэ (ene yuu ve)What is this?
Whenхэзээ (khezee)Та хэзээ явах гэж байна
(Ta khezee yavakh gej baina)
When are you going?
HowХэрхэн (kherkhen)юу байна
(yuu baina)
How are you?
Whyяагаад (yaagaad)яагаад гуниглаа вэ
(yaagaad guniglaa ve)
Why are you sad?
Whoхэн(khen)энэ хэн бэ
(ene khen be)
Who is this?
Whereхаана (khaana)энэ хаана вэ
(ene khaana ve)
Where is this?

Mongolian Question Words To Memorize

Alright, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. We’re about to learn the key question words in Mongolian, the ones that will unlock all the knowledge and secrets that you’re dying to know. With these words, you’re ready to ask any question you may want. It’s just a matter of improving your vocabulary. So buckle up and get ready to impress your Mongolian friends with your newfound questioning skills.

But before we dive in, a little reminder to check out our blog. That’s where we post fresh content every week to help you improve your Mongolian vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding, like how to use common greetings or helpful terms for every traveler. We’re like your personal Mongolian language coach but without the whistle and the tracksuit. And now, back to our lesson.


This may be the first question word you’ll learn when getting to Mongolian, so make sure you know how to use the “how” question word (pun intended!).

How are you?Юу байна?Yuu baina?
How do you do it?Та үүнийг яаж хийх вэ?Ta üüniig yaaj khiikh ve?
How much is it?Энэ ямар үнэтэй вэ?Ene yamar ünetei ve?
How did you get here?Чи яаж энд ирсэн бэ?Chi yaaj end irsen be?
How old are you?Та хэдэн настай вэ?Ta kheden nastai ve?


In a country with such a rich history, you’ll eventually end up wondering when something happened, so here is your basic guide to asking about it!

When was that?Тэр хэзээ байсан бэ?Ter khezee baisan be?
When are you leaving?Та хэзээ явах юм?Ta khezee yavakh yum?
When will you arrive?Та хэзээ ирэх вэ?Ta khezee irekh ve?
When is the next train?Дараагийн галт тэрэг хэдээс хөдлөх вэ?Daraagiin galt tereg khedees khödlökh ve?
When do you close?Та хэзээ хаах вэ?Ta khezee khaakh ve?
When is it?Хэзээ вэ?Khezee ve?


Imagine someone telling you about a beautiful place somewhere in the backcountry of Mongolia, but you can’t really remember where it was. Use this question word, and make sure you write the address down!

Where are you going?Хаашаа явж байгаа юм бэ?Khaashaa yavj baigaa yum be?
Where is that?Тэр хаана байна?Ter khaana baina?
Where is the hospital?Эмнэлэг хаана байна?Emneleg khaana baina?
Where is the nearest cafe?Хамгийн ойрын кафе хаана байдаг вэ?Khamgiin oiryn kafye khaana baidag ve?
Where did you get that?Та үүнийг хаанаас авсан бэ?Ta üüniig khaanaas avsan be?


A stranger approached you and you want to know who they are? Here is how!

Who did that?Хэн үүнийг хийсэн бэ?Khen üüniig khiisen be?
Who are you?Чи хэн бэ?Chi khen be?
Who is there?Тэнд хэн байна?Tend khen baina?


Now is the time to jump on to more existential and hard question words, like “what.” Use it to get a better understanding of something.

What did you do?Чи юу хийсэн бэ?Chi yuu khiisen be?
What is that?Энэ юу вэ?Ene yuu ve?
What is it made of?Энэ нь юунаас бүтсэн бэ?Ene ni yuunaas bütsen be?
What do you want?Та юу хүсч байна вэ?Ta yuu khüsch baina ve?
What did you say?Чи юу гэж хэлсэн бэ?Chi yuu gej khelsen be?
What time is it?Цаг хэд болж байна?Tsag khed bolj baina?
What are you talking about?Та юу яриад байгаа юм бэ?Ta yuu yariad baigaa yum be?
What day is today?Өнөөдөр ямар өдөр вэ?Önöödör yamar ödör ve?


Last but not least, the question word everyone eventually asks themselves: why? Well, you might find your answers in Mongolia, so why not learn it as well? (I love cute puns, if you haven’t noticed by now!)

Why did you do that?Та яагаад ингэсэн юм бэ?Ta yaagaad ingesen yum be?
Why is it closed?Яагаад хаалттай байгаа юм бэ?Yaagaad khaalttai baigaa yum be?
Why did you come at this time?Та яагаад энэ үед ирсэн юм бэ?Ta yaagaad ene üyed irsen yum be?
Why are you going that way?Та яагаад ийм замаар явж байгаа юм бэ?Ta yaagaad iim zamaar yavj baigaa yum be?
Why is it broken?Яагаад эвдэрсэн бэ?Yaagaad evdersen be?

Easy Mongolian Questions For Daily Life

Daily Conversations

What is your name?чиний нэр хэн бэChinii ner khen be
Do you speak English?англиар ярьдаг ууTa angliar yaridag uu
Do you speak Mongolian?чи монголоор ярьдаг ууChi mongoloor yaridag uu
How can I help you?би таньд яаж туслах вэBi tanid yaaj tuslakh ve
Where do you live?чи хаана амьдардаг вэChi khaana amidardag ve
How is the family?гэр бүл ямар байнаGer bül yamar baina


What time do you go home?ta хэдэн цагт гэртээ харих вэTa/chi kheden tsagt gertee kharikh ve
When is your birthday?чиний төрсөн өдөр хэзээ вэTani/chinii törsön ödör khezee ve
When will the plane arrive?онгоц хэзээ ирэх вэOngots khezee irekh ve
What time does the bus leave?автобус хэдэн цагт явах вэAvtobus kheden tsagt yavakh ve
What day is today?өнөөдөр ямар өдөр вэönöödör yamar ödör ve
What time do you get up?чи хэдэн цагт босдог вэTa/chi kheden tsagt bosdog ve
What time does the bus leave?автобус хэдэн цагт явах вэAvtobus kheden tsagt yavakh ve
Can you tell me the time?цагаа хэлж чадах ууTsagaa khelj chadakh uu
mongolian question words

Asking For Directions

Can you help me, please?надад туслаачNadad tuslaach
How can I get there?би тэнд яаж очих вэBi tend yaaj ochikh ve
Where are you?чи хаана байнаChi khaana baina
What is the name of this place?энэ газрын нэр юу вэEne gazryn ner yuu ve
Where is the nearest bus stop?хамгийн ойрын автобусны буудал хаана байнаKhamgiin oiryn avtobusny buudal khaana baina
Where is the nearest train station?хамгийн ойрын галт тэрэгний буудал хаана байнаkhamgiin oiryn galt teregnii buudal khaana baina
Where can I buy a ticket?Би хаанаас тасалбар худалдан авч болох вэBi khaanaas tasalbar khudaldan avch bolokh ve
How much is this ticket?Билет ямар үнэтэй вэBilyet yamar ünetei ve
When does the train leave?галт тэрэг хэзээ хөдлөх вэgalt tereg khezee khödlökh ve
Could you show me the way to the bus stop?чи надад автобусны буудал хүрэх замыг зааж өгөөчchi nadad avtobusny buudal khürekh zamyg zaaj ögööch

Sight-Seeing And Touring

What should I be aware of?би юуг мэдэх ёстой вэBi yuug medekh yostoi ve
How long does it take to go there?тэнд очиход хэр хугацаа шаардагдах вэTend ochikhod kher khugatsaa shaardagdakh ve
Can I take photos?би зураг авч болох ууBi zurag avch bolokh uu
When does it open?хэзээ нээх вэKhezee neekh ve
When does it close?хэзээ хаах вэKhezee khaakh ve


Why is it expensive?яагаад үнэтэй юм бэYaagaad ünetei yum be
How much is this?Энэ ямар үнэтэй вэEne yamar ünetei ve
What is this?энэ юу вэEne yuu ve
Is it free?үнэгүй юуünegüi yuu

Eating Out

May I have a menu?Би цэсийг авч болох ууBi tsesiig avch bolokh uu
May I order some food?Би хоол захиалж болох ууBi khool zakhialj bolokh uu
May I have a glass of water?Би нэг аяга ус ууж болох ууBi neg ayaga us uuj bolokh uu
May I have a receipt?Би баримтыг авч болох ууBi barimtyg avch bolokh uu
Can I pay with a credit card?Би зээлийн картаар төлж болох ууBi zeeliin kartaar tölj bolokh uu
question words in mongolian


English MongolianPronunciation
How can I get to the hotel?Би зочид буудалд яаж очих вэBi zochid buudald yaaj ochikh ve
Are there rooms available?өрөөнүүд байгаа эсэхöröönüüd baigaa esekh
Is breakfast included?өглөөний цай багтсан уу?öglöönii tsai bagtsan uu?
How much does the room cost?өрөөний үнэ хэд вэ?öröönii üne khed ve?
How can I get to the hotel?Би зочид буудалд яаж очих вэ?Bi zochid buudald yaaj ochikh ve?
How long is it from the hotel to the airport?Зочид буудлаас нисэх онгоцны буудал хүртэл хэр удаан байдаг вэ?Zochid buudlaas nisekh ongotsny buudal khürtel kher udaan baidag ve?
Where can I find the laundry?Би угаалгын газар хаанаас олох вэ?Bi ugaalgyn gazar khaanaas olokh ve?
Is the hotel located near the center?зочид буудал төвийн ойролцоо байрладаг уу?zochid buudal töviin oiroltsoo bairladag uu?

Other Useful Questions

Can I come?Би ирж болох ууBi irj bolokh uu
Where are you going?чи хаашаа явах гэж байнаChi khaashaa yavakh gej baina
Are you busy?чи завгүй байна ууChi zavgüi baina uu
What are you doing?чи юу хийж байгаа юмChi yuu khiij baigaa yum
Do you know me?Чи намайг мэдэх үүChi namaig medekh üü
Where is the restroom?Ариун цэврийн өрөө хаана байдаг вэAriun tsevriin öröö khaana baidag ve
Where do you study?чи хаана сурдаг вэChi khaana surdag ve
Where do you come from?чи хаанаас ирсэн юмChi khaanaas irsen yum

How To Formulate A Question In Mongolian

Before going any deeper into this topic, let’s first learn how to formulate a question in Mongolian. Mongolian sentence structure has the following pattern:

Subject + Object + Verb

To make a question, there are two requirements that have to be fulfilled in a sentence: the existence of a question word and a question particle. To change a sentence into a question, either the Subject or Object is replaced with a question word, and the question particle (вэ and бэ) is added.

Let’s look at an example:

If we replace the subject with the question word Хэн (Khen) and add the question particle бэ (be) we get the following question:

On the other hand, we can replace the object with the question word юу (yuu) and again add the question particle бэ (be). We get the following question:

Finally, if we replace both the subject and object, we get the following question:

Just like that, we learned how to formulate questions in Mongolian using question words and question particles!

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