Is Mongolian Hard To Learn? 3 Crazy Truths

Is Mongolian Hard To Learn

If you are constantly asking yourself: “Is Mongolian hard to learn?” then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the three hard truths when you learn the Mongolian language and what comes along with it when you also are learning Mongolian. If this interests you, then keep on reading!

The Mongolian Language

Planning to visit a new country? The Mongolian Culture is filled with so many stories and a fascinating language. A nation situated between Russia and China, it is undoubtedly one of the countries that are culturally rich, full of heritage, and has a history worth telling.

A native language to some, yet a foreign language to many, the Mongolian language is definitely one that should be eyeing when you want to speak a new language or even just words!

May it be mastering Mongolian grammar, writing Mongolian, or just knowing the Mongolian words, it is notorious for having a language that is difficult to speak for native English speakers, unlike other spoken languages.

However, how true could it be? Is Mongolian hard to learn? If you are interested in finding out and debunking the truth about learning Mongolian, you have to read on!

Is Mongolian Hard To Learn 3 Truths

Is Mongolian Hard To Learn? The Crazy Truths You Need To Know

Like all other languages, the Mongolian language has its cons as much as it has its pros. When you find yourself wanting to learn Mongolian, being informed about what comes with learning this epic language should be one of the things that you should also do.

Knowing these, coupled with commitment and patience, you might be on your way to becoming a Mongolian speaker. What makes the Mongolian Language hard? Continue reading!

The Mongolian Language Uses The Cyrillic Script

In Mongolia, they use the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet. Such traditional script originated and was influenced by the Greek alphabet and is also used by the Russians when it comes to their language.

Knowing and speaking the language would inevitably be challenging, especially with native English speakers. According to most language learners, such a Mongolian script is hard to memorize, but it is also tough to pronounce.

But besides that, when you learn about its alphabet and the Mongolian script, it becomes more manageable in the long run for you.

This is because being able to master the letters and vowels will make it a walk in the park for you when you try to speak new Mongolian words, Mongolian phrases, or even sentences that can strengthen your vocabulary. Also, writing and reading will be a breeze for you as well!

The Pronunciation Can Be Very Complex

Yep, the struggle doesn’t finish with the alphabet they use in Mongolia. Because if you are done mastering the Mongolian alphabet, brace yourself for pronouncing new words and phrases that might be a little confusing.

Although listening comprehension is vital when talking to someone, not just people from Mongolia, it might be a tad bit complex given how the pronunciation of a word in their language can be very challenging.

This is because there are various guttural sounds present, and the range of long and short vowels and forming the right vowel harmony are to be considered. Not only that, but because Mongolia is deeply anchored in its culture, it is safe to say that you can only master the pronunciation of these words and the stresses of the syllables if you also know the context and the slang of their nation.

If you are learning the language for the first time, this is something that you should prepare for because even language learners who have been studying the language for a very long time still have a hard time familiarizing these sounds and mastering the pronunciation of such words.

You will learn more about these vowel sounds soon! For now, you will just know about the hard truths in learning the language to know what to prepare for if you commit yourself to learning the language.

There Are Limited Resources In Learning Mongolian

Unlike Korean, Japanese, or even Chinese, the Mongolian language does not have many resources. This is one of the challenging aspects of learning the language.

Because of its limited resources, knowing about its sentence structure, basic grammar, and grammar rules can be very hard to do and understand.

This adds to the challenges of a Mongolian language learner, especially an English speaker. Not only will it be very challenging when it comes to writing words and vowels and speaking the language, but it can be very hard to understand Mongolian as a whole due to the scarcity of resources, unlike other languages. However, although this might be the case, the Ling App is here to the rescue!

What Is The Ling App, You Ask?

If your goal is to have a wide vocabulary or develop your speaking abilities, the Ling app is your best friend!

Not just limited to teaching the Mongolian language, but the Ling app can also teach you about Korean, Croatian, Estonian, and all other languages. Whether it is to learn a word or two, master writing an alphabet, or learn a lot of words in a week, this language learning application is equipped to do just that!

The Ling app is equipped with fun activities and quizzes that make learning languages fun and highly effective. Not just that, but with how it is straightforward to use and navigate, you can bring it anywhere you go and learn anytime.

With just a few clicks, you will indeed have an experience that will equip you to make meaningful connections and relationships not just with the people around you but all around the world too!

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