50+ Easy Mongolian Words About Transportation

Mongolian words about transportation

Ready to explore the beautiful country of Mongolia? From the modern train to ancient horseback riding, let’s learn Mongolian words about transportation to help navigate and explore this great nation!

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country, struggling to communicate and asking for directions to the train station, only to be met with blank stares? Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to embark on a journey to Mongolia, where transportation terminology takes on a whole new meaning! But why is knowing transportation words in Mongolian important, you ask?

Well, let me share a personal story with you. On my last trip to Mongolia, I found myself in the bustling city of Ulaanbaatar, eager to catch a train to the countryside. As I approached a local, I confidently asked for directions to the “train station” using my trusty phrasebook. But, to my surprise, the local stared back at me with a confused look. It wasn’t until a kind passerby stepped in and translated my request into the Mongolian equivalent, “Галт тэрэг” (pronounced “Galt tereg” ) that I finally received the directions I was looking for.

And just like that, I learned my first valuable lesson about Mongolian transportation terminology: just because a word exists in English doesn’t mean it has the same meaning or even exists in another language.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet about learning your first words in Mongolian, let me drop some facts on you: Mongolia has 1.5 million square kilometers and is the 19th biggest country in the world. Thus, if you visit the country, you will most certainly catch some transportation to get around the country. If you’re trying to absorb all the history in Ulaanbaatar city, or you want to head to the Gobi desert, you’ll eventually need some transportation.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious language enthusiast, join me as we explore the unique and fascinating world of Mongolian transportation words. From trains to taxis and everything in between, we’ll uncover the colorful expressions locals use to navigate this vast and beautiful country.


Common Transportation Methods In Mongolia

Transportation in mongolian - train

Trains – “Галт тэрэг” (Galt tereg)

Trains play a significant role in Mongolia’s transportation system and connect major cities and towns throughout the country. Train travel in Mongolia offers a unique experience, with scenic views of the rugged countryside and the opportunity to mingle with local travelers.

Transportation in Mongolian - Bus

Buses – “Автобус” (Avtobus)

Buses are another popular mode of transportation in Mongolia, offering a more budget-friendly option for travelers. “Avtobus” operates between cities and towns and is a convenient way to get around the country. Many tourists opt for bus travel to experience Mongolia’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Transportation in Mongolian - Taxi

Taxis – “Такси” (Taksi)

Taxis are widely available in Mongolia, especially in cities like Ulaanbaatar. “Taksi” is the Mongolian word for a taxi, and these vehicles offer a convenient way to get around the city. Taxis in Mongolia are affordable and widely used by locals and tourists alike.

Cars – “Машин” (Mashin)

Car rental is a popular option for travelers who prefer more control over their itinerary. “Mashin” is the Mongolian word for car, and rental cars are widely available in cities and towns throughout Mongolia. Driving in Mongolia can be challenging, but it also allows for exploring remote areas that cannot be reached by public transportation.

Horses – “Морь” (Mori)

Horses have been an important mode of transportation in Mongolia for centuries and are used today, especially in rural areas. “Морь” is the Mongolian word for horse, and horseback riding is a popular activity for tourists looking to immerse themselves in the country’s nomadic heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, horseback riding in Mongolia is an unforgettable experience.

Other Mongolian Words About Transportation

Useful words are not just abbot transportation methods. Do you know how to say you’re a traveler in Mongolian? Or how to say the word transportation itself? Don’t worry. I’m here to help! I’ve compiled the following table to help you increase your Mongolian vocabulary. Make sure you keep this cheatsheet close to you and available if you need it in an emergency!

DestinationОчих газарOchikh gazar
ItineraryАяллын хөтөлбөрAyallyn khötölbör
MapГазрын зурагGazryn zurag
OriginГарал үүсэлGaral üüsel


Words For Travelling By Airplane

AirportНисэх онгоцны буудалNisekh ongotsny buudal
Airport SecurityНисэх онгоцны буудлын аюулгүй байдалNisekh ongotsny buudlyn ayuulgüi baidal
LuggageАчаа тээшAchaa teesh
The Security CheckАюулгүй байдлын шалгалтAyuulgüi baidlyn shalgalt
To BoardУдирдах зөвлөлдUdirdakh zövlöld
To LandГазардахGazardakh


Words For Travelling By Train Or Bus

Bus StationАвтобусны буудалAvtobusny buudal
ID controlID хяналтID khyanalt
Public TransportationНийтийн тээвэрNiitiin teever
To CatchБарихBarikh
To Change (planes, buses, etc.)Өөрчлөх (онгоц, автобус гэх мэт)Öörchlökh (ongots, avtobus gekh met)
To ReserveЗахиалга өгөхZakhialga ögökh
Train StationГалт тэрэгний буудалGalt teregnii buudal
Transportation in Mongolian - Car


Words For Travelling By Car

driver’s licenseжолоочийн үнэмлэхjoloochiin ünemlekh
gas stationшатахуун түгээх газарshatakhuun tügeekh gazar
highwayхурдны замkhurdny zam
seat beltсуудлын бүсsuudlyn büs
to arriveирэхirekh
to break downэвдэхevdekh
to driveжолоодохjoloodokh
to get inорохorokh
to get offбуухbuukh
to rent a carмашин түрээслэхmashin türeeslekh
trafficзамын хөдөлгөөнzamyn khödölgöön
truckачааны машинachaany mashin
turn signalэргэх дохиоergekh dokhio
u-turnчиний ээлжchinii eelj


Phrases About Transportation In Mongolian

English QuestionMongolian QuestionPronunciation
Where is the train station?Галт тэрэгний буудал хаана байдаг вэ?Galt teregnii buudal khaana baidag ve?
Which train station do I get off at?Би аль галт тэрэгний буудал дээр буух вэ?Bi ali galt teregnii buudal deer buukh ve?
Where is the nearest metro station?Хамгийн ойрын метроны буудал хаана байдаг вэ?Khamgiin oiryn myetrony buudal khaana baidag ve?
Where can I get a taxi?Би хаанаас такси авах вэ?Bi khaanaas taksi avakh ve?
How can I get to the airport?Би нисэх онгоцны буудал руу яаж очих вэ?Bi nisekh ongotsny buudal ruu yaaj ochikh ve?
What’s the quickest way to get to the train station?Галт тэрэгний буудал руу хүрэх хамгийн хурдан арга юу вэ?Galt teregnii buudal ruu khürekh khamgiin khurdan arga yuu ve?
Where is the entrance to the highway?Хурдны зам руу орох хаалга хаана байдаг вэ?Khurdny zam ruu orokh khaalga khaana baidag ve?
I’ll take my bikeБи дугуйгаа авнаBi duguigaa avna
Where does the bus leave from?Автобус хаанаас хөдлөх вэ?Avtobus khaanaas khödlökh ve?
Can I get off at the next station?Би дараагийн буудал дээр бууж болох уу?Bi daraagiin buudal deer buuj bolokh uu?
Where is the next bus stop?Дараагийн автобусны буудал хаана байдаг вэ?Daraagiin avtobusny buudal khaana baidag ve?
How much is the bus ticket?Автобусны тасалбар хэд вэ?Avtobusny tasalbar khed ve?
How much for a one-way ticket?Нэг талын тийз хэд вэ?Neg talyn tiiz khed ve?
How much for a round-trip ticket?Хоёр талын тийз хэд вэ?Khoyor talyn tiiz khed ve?
Do you have discounts for students?Та оюутнуудад хөнгөлөлт үзүүлдэг үү?Ta oyuutnuudad khöngölölt üzüüldeg üü?
Where can I buy a train ticket?Би галт тэрэгний билетийг хаанаас худалдаж авах вэ?Bi galt teregnii bilyetiig khaanaas khudaldaj avakh ve?
Are there any tickets available?Тасалбар авах боломжтой юу?Tasalbar avakh bolomjtoi yuu?
Where can I rent a car?Би хаана машин түрээслэх вэ?Bi khaana mashin türeeslekh ve?
How much is the car rental?Машин түрээслэх үнэ хэд вэ?Mashin türeeslekh üne khed ve?
The engine has stopped workingХөдөлгүүр ажиллахаа больсонKhödölgüür ajillakhaa bolison
The car won’t startМашин асахгүйMashin asakhgüi
Where’s the nearest gas station?Хамгийн ойрын шатахуун түгээх станц хаана байдаг вэ?Khamgiin oiryn shatakhuun tügeekh stants khaana baidag ve?
What kind of fuel does it use?Ямар төрлийн түлш хэрэглэдэг вэ?Yamar törliin tülsh kheregledeg ve?
The car has a flat tireМашины дугуй хагарсанMashiny dugui khagarsan
Is the plane on time?Онгоц цагтаа ирж байна уу?Ongots tsagtaa irj baina uu?
How long will the plane be delayed?Онгоц хэр удаан саатах вэ?Ongots kher udaan saatakh ve?
Where is my gate?Миний хаалга хаана байна?Minii khaalga khaana baina?
Which terminal do I go to?Би аль терминал руу очих вэ?Bi ali tyerminal ruu ochikh ve?
I’d like a window seatБи цонхны суудал авмаар байнаBi tsonkhny suudal avmaar baina
I’d like an aisle seatБи үүдний суудал авмаар байнаBi üüdnii suudal avmaar baina
Which platform do I go to?Би аль платформ руу орох вэ?Bi ali platform ruu orokh ve?
Where is the seat number …?Суудлын дугаар хаана байна …?Suudlyn dugaar khaana baina …?
Do I get off here?Би эндээс буух уу?Bi endees buukh uu?
How long will the train ride take?Галт тэрэг хэр удаан явах вэ?Galt tereg kher udaan yavakh ve?
Is there food available on the train?Галт тэргэнд хоол хүнс байдаг уу?Galt tergend khool khüns baidag uu?
Are there washrooms on board?Онгоцонд угаалгын өрөө байдаг уу?Ongotsond ugaalgyn öröö baidag uu?


Wrapping Up!

That’s it! You’re ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime to Mongolia! What’s that? Do you want to learn more about the Mongolian language and culture? I’ve got you! To explore this incredible language, check our weekly blog to learn more about exciting topics, such as how to say certain words or even fascinating facts about the country. But if it is not enough to fulfill your language learning needs, I have a perfect tool for you: it is called Ling!


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