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If you are meeting a stranger for the first time, or you happen to see your friends. The first ideal thing to do is to greet them and ask how they are doing. In this post, we will explore how to say ‘how are you in Mongolian and related greetings you can offer when you meet someone for the first time.

Mongolians are naturally reserved people when you get to meet them. However, they can warm up to you in no time if you speak their language and genuinely care about them. Therefore, if you are traveling to Ulaabaantar soon, it will be nice to know some useful Mongolian phrases like their greetings, introductory phrases, and even a little bit of history. Or, if you want to level it up a bit, you can ask them how they are doing. Let’s see below how that one works!

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How Are You In Mongolian

There are a few phrases for asking how are you in Mongolian, and these variations require different situations. Let’s take a look.

Юу байна (Yuu Baina)

The Mongolian phrase for this question is “Yuu baina” (followed by a question mark), and it is safe to use in formal and informal situations. However, this phrase is mostly used in formal situations or when you are meeting someone for the first time. It is pronounced ‘Yoo – ben. So, if someone comes up to you and says Hello (baina uu), you can ask yuu baiana in return to confirm that they are doing fine.

Сонин сайхан юу байна? (Sonin Saikhan Yuu Baina?)

Another phrase to use for how are you in Mongolian is Сонин сайхан юу байна? which means what’s new or what’s up This is a more friendly and informal greeting. Therefore it is usually used amongst friends and close relatives. It isn’t ideal to use this phrase if you are in a formal setting or when you are meeting someone for the first time.

Other Ways Of Asking How Someone Is

  • Юу байна да? (Yuu baina da?) – How are you doing?
  • Чи зүгээр үү? (Chi zügeer üü?) – Are you good?

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How To Reply

If someone asks how you are, there are various ways to reply. Let’s check them out.

Би зүгээр, баярлалаа (Bi Zügeer, Bayarlalaa)

This literally means I am fine, Thank You, and it is one of the most polite ways to respond to a “how are you” question. However, you can also say, “Thank you,” if you cannot remember the whole sentence. Thank you in Mongolian is Баярлалаа (Bayarlalaa). Another alternative way to reply is to say “Fine,” which is Тайван (taivan) in Mongolian.

Other Ways To Reply In Mongolian

I am good би сайнbi sain
I am sad би гунигтай байнаbi gunigtai baina
I am happy жаргалтай байнаjargaltai baina
I am sick би өвдцөн байнаbi övdtsön baina
I don’t know Би мэдэхгүйBi medekhgüi

How To Ask In Return

What if someone just asked you how you are, and you replied, but you want to ask if they are also doing well? There are various ways to also do this, but one of the easiest ways is to ask if the other person is saying, “And you.”

  • Тэгээд чи? (Tegeed chi?) – And you?

Saying Tegeed chi will instantly tell the other person that you want to find out how they are also doing.

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Other Mongolian Phrases To Keep Close

Knowing how to say hello in Mongolian and some simple phrases can make a huge difference in your experience in Mongolia. So, to ensure you know what to say each moment, we’ve also provided you with some essential words you should keep close.

Hello сайн байна ууsain baina uu/ sain uu
Good morning Өглөөний мэндÖglöönii mend
Good afternoon Өдрийн мэндÖdriin mend
Good evening Оройн мэндOroin mend
Goodbye БаяртайBayartai
Sorry УучлаарайUuchlaarai
Thank you БаярлалааBayarlalaa
You’re welcome Зүгээр ээZügeer ee

There You Have It!

Whew! We’ve looked into how to say how are you in Mongolian. I hope you were able to learn one or two things. You can confidently ask someone if they are doing fine in the Mongolian language. To ensure that you are fully equipped with the basic Mongolian vocabulary, check out the Mongolian blog for more interesting topics related to real life.

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