50+ Fascinating Lithuanian Airport Vocabulary For Travelers

Planning to take an international trip to Lithuania? Having knowledge of some of the basic Lithuanian airport vocabulary will definitely make your travel a hassle-free experience. As a traveler, it is important to remember that not everyone is confident or is open to speaking with you in English.

In addition, the locals will appreciate it if you attempt to include some words and expressions in their native language while you are at the oro uostas (Airport). Ready to surprise them? Expand your knowledge of the Lithuanian language. Improve your speaking skills with these words and expressions we will feature today!

Lithuanian airport vocabulary

30+ Easy Lithuanian Airport Vocabulary

Want to travel to Lithuania? What are the initial things that you can think of while preparing? Bags? Shoes? Your suitcase?

Why not pack some words and phrases to introduce yourself to Lithuanians? Let us dive into the list of airport-related words in Lithuanian divided into two different sections to make your flight journey stress-free.

At The Airport

  • Airline = Aviakompanija
  • Arrival = Atvykimas
  • Accommodation = Apgyvendinimas
  • Airplane = Lėktuvas
  • Baggage = Bagažas
  • Boarding = Įlaipinimas
  • Boarding Pass = Įlaipinimo bilietas
  • Business-class = Verslo klasė
  • Baggage allowance = Leidžiama gabenti bagažą
  • Check-in = Įsiregistruoti
  • Checked luggage = Registruotas bagažas
  • Conveyor belt = Konvejerio juosta
  • Connecting flight = Jungiamasis skrydis
  • Currency exchange = Valiutos keitykla
  • Country = Šalis
  • Credit Card = Kreditinė kortelė
  • Delayed = Pavėluota
  • Departure = Išvykimas
  • Domestic flight = Vidinis skrydis
  • Destination = Kelionės tikslas
  • Display board = Ekrano lenta
  • Direct flight = Tiesioginis skrydis
  • Entry = Įėjimas
  • Emergency exit = Avarinis išėjimas
  • Economy class = Ekonominė klasė
  • Excess luggage = Perteklinis bagažas
  • Flight = Skrydis
  • Food lounge = Maisto holas
  • Fly = Skristi
  • Fragile = Trapus
  • Flight number = Skrydžio numeris
  • Gate = Vartai
  • International flights = Tarptautiniai skrydžiai
  • Journey = Kelionė
  • Layover = Persėdimas
  • Landing = Nusileidimas
  • Luggage = Bagažas
  • Late night = Vėlus vakaras
  • Liquids = Skysčiai
  • Location = Vieta
  • Money = Pinigai
  • Non-stop flight = Skrydis be sustojimo
  • Non-smoking = Nerūkoma
  • On-time = Laiku
  • Oversized = Negabaritinis
  • Passport = Pasas
  • Passenger = Keleivis
  • Restrooms = Tualetai
  • Security check = Saugumo patikra
  • Suitcase = Lagaminas
  • Stop-over = Sustojimas
  • Shuttle Bus = Maršrutiniai autobusai
  • Ticket = Bilietas
  • Travel agent = Kelionių agentas
  • Transportation = Transportas
  • Tourist = Turistas
  • Terminal = Terminalas

Inside The Flight

  • Aisle = Praėjimas
  • Armrest = Porankis
  • Blanket = Antklodė
  • Cockpit = Kabina
  • Cabin crew = Salono įgula
  • Captain = kapitonas
  • Estimated Time of Arrival = Numatomas atvykimo laikas
  • Estimated Time of Departure = Numatomas išvykimo laikas
  • Flight Attendant = Skrydžio palydovas
  • Footrest = Kojų atrama
  • Food trolley = Maisto vežimėlis
  • Gallery = Galerija
  • Lavatory = Tualetas
  • Pilot = Pilotas
  • Row = Eilė
  • Seat belt = Saugos diržas
  • Steward/stewardess = Stewardas/Stiuardesė
  • Turbulence = Turbulencija
  • Take off = Nusiimk
  • Window seat = Prie lango

Airport Expressions In The Lithuanian Language

While we have covered all the vital Lithuanian vocabulary related to airports, here is a list of all the essential sentences you will constantly hear at a Lithuanian airport. Learn these to avoid any cost of confusion among strangers.

Knowing these will also help you enhance your skills, and you will be able to speak Lithuanian better. So, let’s open our dictionary and make some sense of Lithuanian travel words!

English Lithuanian 
Please carry your passportPrašome su savimi turėti pasą
Let me see your ticketLeisk man pamatyti tavo bilietą
Your luggage is overweightJūsų bagažas turi antsvorio
Please put the bag on the scalePrašome padėti maišelį ant svarstyklių
The next flight has been delayedKitas skrydis atidėtas
This is the final boarding callTai paskutinis įlaipinimo skambutis
Get ready for departurePasiruoškite išvykimui
Please proceed to the boarding gatePrašome tęsti įlaipinimą
The flight will arrive soonSkrydis greitai atvyks
Do not leave behind any personal belongingsNepalikite jokių asmeninių daiktų
Show your boarding passParodykite įlaipinimo kortelę
You have only one seat bookedTurite tik vieną rezervuotą vietą
The gate number has changedPasikeitė vartų numeris

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Questions Used In The Airport

Lithuanian airline

Airports can be baffling! And with such mixed emotions, we always end up with a lot of questions. If you want to ask and express yourself freely in the native language, this section will come in handy as a foreigner. Not only are these necessities, but you can also use these to start conversations with a local person and become airport mates!

Where are you traveling?kur keliauji?
Why is my flight delayed?Kodėl mano skrydis atidėtas?
Can you tell me the gate number?Ar galite pasakyti vartų numerį?
Have you been to Europe before?Ar jau buvai Europoje?
Can I have two seats booked?Ar galiu rezervuoti dvi vietas?
Where is the city center?Kur yra miesto centras?
Can I carry two handbags?Ar galiu neštis dvi rankines?
How much is the baggage fee?Kiek kainuoja bagažo mokestis?
Are taxis available?Ar yra taksi?
When will the boarding start?Kada prasidės įlaipinimas?
Are you traveling to the same place?Ar keliaujate į tą pačią vietą?
Can you show me the way to security check-in?Ar galite parodyti man kelią į saugumo patikrą?
How can I cancel my ticket?Kaip galiu atšaukti savo bilietą?
When is the next flight arriving?Kada atskrenda nexy skrydis?

What Are Lithuanian Airports Like?

Since we’ve seen the list of basic Lithuanian words and phrases, let us take a quick view of the Baltic country’s list of airports and airlines and some amusing facts about the country itself to help you gather some idea of your travel destination.

International Lithuanian Airports And Airlines

Here is a list of Lithuania’s most significant international flights and airports that you should be aware of.

Lithuanian Airport

  • Palanga International Airport
  • Vilnius International Airport
  • Kaunas International Airport
  • Siauliai International Airport
  • Panevezys Airport

Lithuanian Airlines

  • Lituanica
  • Lithuania Air (FlyLal)
  • Star1 Airlines
  • FlyLAL Charters
  • Grand Cru Airlines
  • Small Planet Airlines

Lithuanian Facts

  • The first unique fact you need to know is that Lithuania is famous for a dish mainly named after a German Airship. The Lithuanian dish is known as the cepelinaia heavy dumpling dish filled with pork. Once you land, do not forget to order cepelinai and wash it down with a nice bottle of beer.
  • If you are a sportsperson, then this is what you need to know. Lithuanians love basketball. You will see players that train and practice all day long. Even the government services are quite active regarding the enhancement of upcoming children who are interested in basketball.
  • And as we are already learning some fascinating Lithuanian vocabulary, you should know that the Lithuanian language is one of the oldest surviving languages that comes under the Indo-European language family. With heavy influence and similarities to Sanskrit, it is one of the last two standing Baltic languages. So, whether you travel to Lithuania or not, the beauty of the language is why we should give some time to it.

Wrapping Up!

So, are you enjoying these examples? Learning some Lithuanian vocabulary can never harm you. When you are traveling to Lithuania, having knowledge of these will ensure that you do not end up in an emergency where you must constantly look for a website to translate for you. Moreover, if you plan to work there or settle, learning such word translation is essential for you. In line with this, why not try to learn more? To help you get started, allow me to introduce the Ling app to you!

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And of course, that includes Lithuanian! What makes the app more interesting is the AI chatbot that helps engage in conversations, improving communication skills. The site of the Ling app also has a blog section that features excellent blog posts decorated with audio recordings and videos.

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