15 Best Filipino Podcasts To Amplify Your Tagalog Learning

Podcasts have taken over the world in the last few years. They allow the host to build a strong relationship with their audience. The Philippines is famous for its media, and podcasts are one of these forms. In this article, we are going to discuss some famous Filipino podcasts which can also help you learn Tagalog since they are like the everyday conversations of Filipino people.

My Voyage Towards Filipino Podcasts

Last year my friends and I decided to plan a trip to the Philippines. 

We took a month off from the busy routine of our lives and booked our tickets. We landed in Manila, the capital of the Philippines and took a cab from the airport, and went to our hotel. 

The first night was full of excitement as I am an adventurous person, so I was excited to explore the culture of the Philippines. But the first hindrance that came our way was the language problem. 

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines, and as we had never been there, we didn’t even know the basics.

The other factor that hindered our journey was the fact that we didn’t know anything about the basic details of this culture. (Because without having the know-how of culture it is impossible to truly enjoy the journey). 

The best and easiest way to learn the culture and understand the basics was by listening to Filipino podcasts. 

There are different categories of Podcasts, and we could easily choose the topic on which we wanted to gather information.

Some podcasts talk about the culture of the Philippines, on the other hand, some discuss the language, and still others about stories of every kind.

Choosing Podcasts Related To Filipino Culture

Our focus was on the culture, so we explored those kinds of podcasts, and to be very honest it was a lovely experience. 

I mean how good it feels when you know what you want to know without even getting bored. We wanted to just learn the basics and we ended up learning so much more. After that, we truly enjoyed the trip.

15 Filipino Podcasts

Following are 15 famous Filipino Podcasts that we are going to discuss. Most of them are available on the Apple podcasts section, so if you have access to that then viola!

Weekends With Jan

This is a Filipino Podcast that is hosted by Jan Briones. She is extremely talented, which makes listening easy.

She owns an agency and is an entrepreneur as well. She loves art and marketing and also has done great work as a business consultant

She shares stories with her audiences about the habits of good freelancers, which helps her audiences to establish their businesses. 

Those high-performing freelancers then share their stories of success and how they made it to the top of their fields, encouraging new talent who want to pursue their passions.

Learn Filipino! Filipino Pod101.com

Filipino Podcasts

This is a Filipino podcast that I found interesting and unique. The reason for this is that the host teaches the Filipino language but in a pretty interesting way. 

She explores sentences related to the daily routine conversation, which helped me improve.

Diversity In The Teaching Methods

There are lots of techniques that she follows as she teaches with pictures, and she gives lectures for beginners as well. 

She has several learning strategies which make language learning easier for her audiences. 

Furthermore, she also offers certain courses to speak the real Filipino language. She uses informative ways to build vocabulary as well. 

She focuses on the repetition of her lectures to make the learning process better for the students.

Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer

Filipino Podcasts

This Filipino podcast is hosted by Neil Reichl. He owns an agency and his major focus is telling the audience about the fact that nothing can stop them from becoming a Million Dollar freelancer. 

Neil focuses on techniques to lure clients to work with you that would help you to better your business.

Mexico Podcast

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Nico Blitz and Jackie Ramirez and focuses on the Filipino American community. They are globally in the 10th rank and their listening score is 25. The audience gets the new episodes every Tuesday.

The best thing about this podcast is that it is breaking the boundaries between the Mexican and Filipino-American communities.

In every podcast, they have a new topic according to their format and they debate on that.

In one of their recent episodes, they had a topic named cheating in which they discussed exposing their partner on social media. This podcast was about discussing relationship issues.

Buhay Virtual Assistant

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Jam Buhay. Buhay is a virtual assistant and he talks about different aspects of his field. He releases the podcast every two days. The length of the podcast is attractive for people who do not enjoy lengthy podcasts.

Buhay’s podcasts are for 14 minutes only and in these 14 minutes, he delivers all the necessary information regarding his episodic topic. 

Furthermore, this channel gives learning lectures about being a Virtual Assistant in the future, it gives all the tips of becoming a virtual assistant, all the advantages, opportunities, and disadvantages of the field as well.

God’s Word For Today

Filipino Podcasts

This Filipino podcast is hosted by Gospel Light Filipino. This is a religious podcast, in which the host focuses on manifesting the love of Christ to the Filipinos. This podcast is uploaded daily, and the length of the podcast is around 13 minutes approximately.

Gospel started this journey of explaining Christ’s love to their audiences on the 22nd of March 2020. In all of their podcasts, they focus on different matters of faith.

In some of them, they talk about Christ’s love for people, and in other ones, they draw people’s attention to how they can show love towards Christ.

Sleeping Pill With Inka

Filipino Podcasts

This is one of the most interesting podcasts in the Philippines. This Podcast is hosted by Inka Magnaye. In these podcasts, the host Inka takes her audience through the journey of reading poems, books, etc.

This calm journey of reading books and poems helps people take a little rest from anxieties and depression that arise from daily matters. People listen to those poems and this helps them to fall asleep quietly. This is commonly called a lullaby.

Adulting With Joyce Pring

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Joyce Pring. Joyce Pring is a well-known and famous Filipino celebrity who is famous for working on television and also for her remarkable work as a host.

Get The best tips About Life

Her channel touches upon some everyday matters like relationships, love, mental hygiene or balance, etc. Interested in dating Filipino women? This podcast will help you!!!

Wake Up With Jim And Saab

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by a celebrity couple called Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalena-Bacarro. This channel is designed for the sake of sharing the daily life experiences of this couple.

They are musicians and talk about their daily life routine, their wedding, their life as new parents, and how important music is to their lives.

The KoolPals

Filipino Podcasts

This Filipino podcast is a comedy podcast that has three hosts. Those three hosts are James Caraan, Nonong Ballinan and GB Labrador. 

These hosts entertain their audiences with Filipino culture. They also discuss pop culture in the Philippines.

James, Nonong, and GB take their audiences to the lighter side of existence so that they can enjoy their lives by taking some time out of their stressful routines.

Boiling Waters PH

Filipino Podcasts

The formats of this podcast focus on relationships, life lessons, etc. The host gives tips and advice about romance, love, and everything incorporating the love and relationship spheres.

They talk about how to maintain a prosperous and happy life being in a relationship. They also discuss their relationship experiences whether good or bad. You can also get enlightened by the Filipino dating culture if you stick to their podcast.

Usapang Podcast

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Tita Roma and Tatay Jeric. They post the podcast every 10 days. They started their journey of Podcasting on the 13 of October 2021 and it’s been 36 episodes till now.

The duration of their podcast is 15 minutes and this is one of their plus points because they deliver all the necessary information regarding their topic in a very short period which connects the audiences without getting bored.

Banana Q: A Filipino- Flavored Podcast

Filipino Podcasts

This Filipino podium cast is hosted by Rey and Dee. They are flourishing as podcasters in the global rankings and also have a good listening score of 37.

Questioning-Answering Format

These podcasts are based on the Questioning-answering format. Their Audiences ask questions about different matters like Filipino Culture etc and the hosts give them the answers humorously. It provides information in quite an entertaining way.

Middle Me With Ana P. Santos

Filipino Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Ana P. Santos. She has recently stepped into the world of podcasts. She started her voyage on 11 March 2022. 

She posts every 16 days and the length of the podcasts is around 33 minutes. There have been 8 episodes till now. The format of these podcasts is telling stories about female sex and joy after they make it to 40.

Ask Say

This podcast is hosted by Say Tioco. She is an influencer and advocate. In her podcasts, she gives life lessons, women’s mental health advice, and whatever else is on hr mind.

Wrapping Up

Filipino Podcasts

Podcasts are one important mode of entertainment that provides you with information without you getting bored. There is a vast amount of podcasts all around the world and the Philippines is no different. Filipino podcasts are varied, some are stories-based, while the others are music related, several are of advice relevant to relationships and a few are related to career counseling. 

Apple podcasts are the online platform that gives reach to every type of podcast for the people who want to listen to them.

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines, which must be learned to a basic level before indulging in their podcasts. You might not even know the difference between Filipino and Philippino.

We have a solution to this problem. Ling App brings you a responsive and fun platform that uses SRS flashcards, and speaking and listening practice to get you up to speed with your language learning goals.

The best you can do is install our app from Google Playstore or App Store and start getting lessons to best understand Tagalog.

Start learning Tagalog now!!!

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