5+ Awesome Perks Of Dating A Filipino Girl

Are you dating a Filipino girl? The women of the Philippines, also known as Filipinas in Tagalog, are known for their beauty and amazing personalities. On top of that, they are very conservative to the point that most of the dates must follow age-old traditions. For instance, you cannot just touch or hold the hand of the lady during dates as it may appear too “advanced.” In addition, you also need to ask the parents to date the lady, too, especially if the family is very traditional.

So if you want to earn the locals’ trust, you must learn the basics of the Filipino dating culture and the general characteristics of the locals. Thus in this article, you will learn all the dos and don’ts of dating a Filipino girl. So let’s get started!

My Journey To The Philippines

I have never been in any relationship but had many friends going in and out of relationships. Seeing their experience kind of scared me a bit which is why I never dared to experience it. I traveled to different parts of the world out of work but never visited the Philippines till 2015.

In 2015, one of my friends who lives there invited me to visit the country for a week. I got my bags packed and left for the Philippines. The Philippines is a great country with absolute beauty. I started visiting here and there and interacted with many people, including girls. Women of the Philippines were quite different and unique in person. 

They are not only good listeners but also explain every bit of the situation substantially well enough to make other people understand. They are loyal to their jobs and relationships. They give priority to their family members and everyone they love. Many of them are also very religious.

Their generosity, hospitality, flexibility, and adaptability proved them unique. They are incredibly positive with great humor. I got to know about all these when I became friends with them. All these qualities attracted me, and I got into a relationship with one.

She met me at a mall for the very first time and then incidentally had the same flight when I was heading back. She was coming to visit my country, and as a native here, I helped her out and visited her different places in my country. In doing so, we got into a relationship as if we were destined together.

Culture Of Dating Filipino Women

The dating culture in the Philippines is very traditional. It starts with courting and impressing Filipino women. They love physical interaction and communication in dating but are not allowed to touch each other while dating. This culture of Filipinos is called panliligaw.

Panliligaw includes singing romantic songs and reciting love poems, writing love letters, and gift-giving. Dating in the country is somehow a mixture of traditional and modern Filipino culture. Being an Asian country, families of Filipinos are conservative, so guys meet their Filipino ladies at their homes or in parks near them. 

Women In The Philippines 

The background of Filipino culture, standards, and mindsets states the fact that women in the Philippines are very much respected and play a huge role in society. Strong women rule the family unit, enterprises, government organizations, and haciendas in the Philippines. In fact, two women were even elected as presidents in the country.

You guys will now be interested in the country and the women of this country since Filipino women are so unique and respectful. So the wait is over, kids. In Filipino homes, women have a deciding influence. They typically manage the finances, serve as spiritual guides, and have the authority to make all crucial family choices.

Filipino women are also equally treated regarding their roles in the company. In addition, Filipino women run about one-third of the companies in the Philippines.

Dating A Filipino Girl

Role Of Filipino Women In Rural Settings

Even though she should have a profession, the Filipino woman manages the household in rural areas. Her mother is asked for assistance and money from the kids. Women are in charge of keeping the family’s finances. Women support the need for children’s education. The popularity of Filipina women has been acknowledged.

The wife should be contacted if somebody outside of the household needs assistance. The wife, however, neither decides the outcome nor how much money to give. Instead of constantly adhering to clichés, Filipino women’s culture is centered on the coterie, with the family as a critical component of society.

Filipinos Love Strong Women

The women of the Philippines see themselves as a model for a predominately male society. In the context of the country’s tight economic hierarchy and racial imbalances, these women fight for respect while also trying to hold on to a little position in the expanding economy. These ladies are bubbly, eager, and cheery and always try to keep a positive attitude.

All Filipino women stand out from other women because they are incredibly committed, caring, faithful, and passionate. A woman must also have social skills and be a patient follower if she wants to succeed. Most men in society expect their spouses to pay attention to them and ask them what they think.

Divorce, A Negative And Destructive Act

Due to a tradition that stresses the family as the primary social unit, particularly for the Filipino wife, divorce is seen negatively and destructively in the Philippines. One of the few nations outside of those with a Muslim majority that still has a law barring divorce is the Philippines.

Divorce is not a remedy to any marriage issues because it impedes the growth or advancement of the fundamental social unit. Therefore, any issues that arise within the confines of the marriage/wedding must be resolved by the husband and wife. In the pre-colonial Philippines, women and men had almost equal standing.

The beauty of the Filipinas

Dating A Filipino Girl

How do Filipino women appear, you wonder? The Filipinas are praised for their beauty, charm, intelligence, and cunning. The richness, charisma, and attractiveness of Filipinos make them so fascinating.

The balayage, brown skin, and straighter noses are prominent characteristics of Filipino ancestry. With rare exceptions, mixed-race people often have features and locks that many modern Filipinos find attractive.

Even in terms of pageantries, Filipinas are among the world’s most beautiful and stunning ladies. A global study placed this nation sixth among the top ten nations with the cutest women.

As per an American assessment by a transportation portal, Filipinas are one of the gorgeous women in the world. In a global report, this country was ranked #6 among the top ten prettiest countries for their women. It has been acknowledged that Filipina women are trendy. They always endeavor to maintain a positive perspective on things and are effervescent, enthusiastic, and cheerful.

Physical Features

Filipino women are the most loyal, caring, and sweetest ladies. While talking about the physical beauty of these women, they have features that are somewhat similar to that of European, Chinese, American, and Spanish women. Most Filipino women have facial features of foreign women like Asian women and western women.  

Filipino women live in other countries as well, so they adopt features of many other foreign women as well. They are beautiful people inside out. Filipino women have long curly hair and big eyes. Filipino girls have flawless skin. Some Filipino girls have darker skin, while some Filipino girls have fairer tones. They are also relatively short as compared to Westerners.  

Traditional Beliefs

Dating a Filipino woman is not easy. Filipino women have strong traditional beliefs. As it is an Asian country, Filipinas also have strong family values and cultural beliefs. 

Moreover, Filipino girls in their early twenties have less traditional beliefs than those who are thirty and above. In the twentieth century, it is common to marry a man and woman from different cultures, races, and religions. Many Filipinos are dating and marrying people from other countries and religions. 

Filipino women are dating foreign men as well. If a foreigner wants to date a Filipino woman, they must respect the Pinoys’ culture, family values, and traditions. 

Family Values

Dating A Filipino Girl

While dating a Filipino woman, you must ensure that you are in a serious relationship with them and remember a few things. 

Filipina women have mostly extended and joint families, so a man needs to try to connect with their families, not only with her. They have great and understanding families. It is also important in a Filipino family for a girl to ask permission from their elders and not disobey their statements. 

It is considered extremely unethical to go against them, and it is important for them to attain their elder’s prayers and blessings. A Filipino girl will easily get offended if you disrespect her parents and let her feel down.

Don’ts With Filipino Girlfriend

Also, being in a relationship with a Filipino woman, you should avoid the things that make your Filipina girlfriend blue. For example, avoid lying to her because once you break her trust, she will not believe you again. 

Be faithful to her and do not try to hide anything from her. Be a gentleman and do not physically or mentally abuse her. That could turn out to be a huge disaster! Make her feel special by taking care of her. Treat her with respect and dignity. 

They are loyalists. Tell her that you love her. Do not compare her with other girls because it will hurt her, and you will lose her. Trust her and maintain a healthy relationship with your Filipina girlfriend. Filipinas are positive thinkers. But they will get easily offended if you cheat them and take them for granted.

Do’s With Filipino Girlfriend

Every woman likes a loyal and caring partner. They get more interested in the boys who care for them and treat them well. Hence, Filipino women are more interested in a pragmatic man who is sincere and introduces her to his parents, which also makes Filipino girls happy. It would help if you also learned their native language.

Filipino women are open-minded and would not resist or force a man to convert to their religion, but they are faithful to their religion. So Filipino women and other women want their partner to respect their religion with pure heartedly. 

Filipina girls show you love if you treat them with kindness. So if a guy wants true love and companionship, they can go for a Filipina woman because they believe in long-term commitments and companionship. 

Singing songs might also make her heart melt for you!

Filipino Dating Sites

Dating A Filipino Girl

Women are considered shy. Most of the time, women do not initiate a conversation with their partners. They have an obvious interest and expect their partner to make the first move even if she likes a guy. They rarely make the first move. 

Filipino girls only make their first move online on dating websites. There are many Filipino dating sites. Filipino singles find these free dating sites helpful where Filipino men and women can find their partners easily. Most of the time, a dating site can help a Filipino lady find a partner that matches their interests and hobbies. 

Through these online dating websites, men meet Filipino women in real life and continue the dating process of their relationship if both are understanding and interested in each other. They meet at comfortable places like grand restaurants and royal clubs.

Use different ways to learn Tagalog and be ready to chat with them on any site.

Filipino Women’s Skills And Interests

Being an Asian country, Filipino girls learn skills and daily household chores very young. They are conservative yet adventurous. They like to try and learn new things. 

Most Filipino women learn cooking skills from their mothers and get other helpful tips from elders because of living in a joint family. Filipino people act as a close-knit family as they love, support, and defend each other in hard times.

Filipino women are constantly inspired by men who love, respect and support others. So they expect these qualities from their future partner. Filipino women avoid selfish men who take the usual advantages of others for their benefit, and they do not like stingy men.  

Healthy Routine Of Filipino Women

Women keep themselves healthy and fit. Most Filipino women keep themselves healthy by eating nutritious food like greens and a vegan dinosaur, etc., and getting helpful tips from Google Play. 

They do morning walks, and they are active. Working girls find it challenging to balance their work and diet because they work in an office, and it is difficult to manage time for themselves. Filipino working women have less time for themselves than the women who are not working. 

Romantic Filipinos

Dating A Filipino Girl

Women are considered more emotional and sensitive than a man. They don’t easily fall in love, but when a woman falls in love, she will do everything to keep the relationship healthy. Women are most loving and romantic. Filipino women are more interested in long-term commitment. 

So like other women, a Filipina girlfriend has a romantic nature. Filipino ladies have a keen interest in classic romance. They are deeply involved in the emotions and love for their partner. Therefore many foreign guys find Filipino women interested. Filipino women easily express love for their partners once they get comfortable with them. 

Best Filipino Wives

A Filipino girlfriend turns out to be the perfect and best wife. They are blessed with all the qualities which should be in good wives.  They get serious about their future life. They start dating a guy to marry and initiate a family with them. Filipino women start families earlier. If you are in a relationship with one, you will notice that she will do everything to make her partner happy. They believe in long-term and serious relationships, after all.

Supportive Filipino Women

Filipino women are highly empathetic and understanding. A Filipino wife supports their partner in true manners, but they need constant reassurance and extra attention that you want her and care for her. 

Filipino women cook Pinoy food for their family with keen interest, avoid fights with their partners, and maintain their married life healthily. Along with house chores, Filipino women work outside to help their husbands financially so that they can manage and maintain their own families and provide their kids with all the facilities. 

They save money for the things they want, like a house, car, etc. Filipino women are the most beautiful people on earth, and dating a Filipino woman is the best. 

Wrapping Up

If you can speak Tagalog proficiently, numerous doors will open for you also when you are in the Philippines. Whether someone is finding love, employment, getting raises, discovering extra trading partners, or even getting social (making friends), this language becomes a necessity for you. 

The Tagalog language is noteworthy because it acts as the cornerstone of the Filipino language, where it is spoken by all the Filipinos in the state, irrespective of territory, archipelago, or any social context. 

For a quick visit to the Philippines, learning Tagalog is indeed not essential. Most of us are proficient in English. However, for a definite period in metropolitan areas or even for personal career development, having to learn Tagalog is beneficial as it adds an extra element to the genuine experience. 

Involving yourself in Tagalog as often as you can is the quickest route to learning and understanding the language. You can utilize the Ling App to speak the language swiftly. You can also interact with native Tagalog instructors through applications like the Ling App to speak the language efficiently.

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