3+ Best Ways To Learn Tagalog Like A Pro!

Best Ways To Learn Tagalog

Are you looking for the best ways to learn Tagalog or planning to speak to someone in Filipino? You’re in luck! If you want to advance your language learning skills and learn Tagalog in the best way possible, then you are in for a treat because we will talk about here what are the soundest ways to master Tagalog.

Although there are a few options to choose from, worry not because here in the Ling app, we can guarantee that we can help you find the best step. Keep reading below!

A Brief Overview Of The Tagalog Language

If you plan to take on Tagalog lessons or simply memorize basic Tagalog words for travel, you should know what the Tagalog language is all about first.

Tagalog is the native language of the Philippines. Heavily influenced by the Spaniards when it was colonized, this is one of the Asian languages widely used by the majority of the people in the Philippines.

It is widely taught in schools and the language of communication, especially to the people living in Luzon and other Filipinos. For language learners, it is very easy to speak Tagalog, especially when you practice it with the locals.

If you wish to start speaking Tagalog, you really should! Filipinos appreciate the gesture, but it can be the second language you can be fluent in. To add, this language which is a part of the Austronesian language family, can be of great help when you navigate the Philippines very quickly and can help you communicate with native Tagalog speakers!

What Are The Best Ways To Learn Tagalog?

Want to hear a secret? There are many ways to learn Tagalog best, which means that it’s not just actually limited to one!

The best thing about learning Tagalog is that there are so many free apps and accessible learning materials that you can access on the internet. Because it is a fascinating and straightforward language to learn, similar to learning Korean and Swahili, there are many ways to learn Tagalog online for complete beginners.

If you wish to enroll yourself in a Tagalog course or take up Tagalog lessons, it can be an option! But if you are on a budget, these are the best ways to gain more information that can help you learn a Tagalog word or two.

Want to start learning languages? Then read on to know more!

Best Ways To Learn Tagalog Watch Tagalog Movies

#1: Watch Tagalog Movies

Completely free and hassle-free, this is probably the best way to learn Tagalog aside from talking to native speakers. When you watch Tagalog movies and dramas, you can pick up the basic vocabulary of the language. Still, you can also learn about the proper Tagalog pronunciation of the words and how a Tagalog sentence is formed.

Watching movies, pelikulas, and dramas in Tagalog can help you build your Tagalog vocabulary and speak Tagalog very quickly. Because it allows your ears to be used to how a Tagalog dialogue works, it won’t be tough for you to construct the word order of the sentences and even understand the Tagalog grammar.

Used by many language learners, this is the best way to get started with your Tagalog learning journey and to have a solid foundation for basic Tagalog. It can also strengthen your listening comprehension too. Not to mention, Filipino movies are very well produced and made. It’s undoubtedly worth your time!

Best Ways To Learn Tagalog Talk To Native Speakers

#2: Talk To Native Speakers

This tip is an oldie but a goodie. What better way to learn a new language than to talk to people who are masters of it, right? These native speakers are probably the best teachers when it comes to grammar rules and grammar explanations.

They make speaking Tagalog look very easy, but you can also get to experience what an actual Tagalog conversation sounds and feels like. If you love to have conversation practice with native speakers, worry not because Filipinos are more than happy to help you.

It’s completely free and fun too! Aside from learning Tagalog and new words, you can also create meaningful relationships with the Filipinos that you come across.

Best Ways To Learn Tagalog Use Free Language Books Online

#3 Use Free Language Books Online

If you want to study Tagalog more thoroughly, then there is a wide array of language books and language lessons that you can access at your fingertips!

You can access many vocabulary lists and random sentences that can help you with your grammar. Still, it also provides an in-depth explanation of lessons that confuse you, especially if you want to learn about sentence structure and Tagalog vocabulary. Usually, good textbooks also consist of many grammar notes, which can be a great help to English speakers!

Learn With The Ling App!

Want to learn a language besides Tagalog, like Korean, Thai, Viet, Russian, and more? This app is the perfect one for you!

If you are an English speaker or just someone interested in learning the national language of the Philippines, you might want to check out the Ling app!

The Ling app is a language learning application that is a great tool to start learning Tagalog. Filled with different languages and lessons, this application can also best serve that learning style that you want!

This app is one of the few language apps that makes language learning very easy. You can learn about the Tagalog alphabet and Filipino grammar with Ling. It might be a very foreign language to you now, but in time you might be one of the most fluent Tagalog speakers!

With its bite-sized lessons and quizzes that are fun to answer, it provides you with a Filipino course that is perfect and effective for you. Not only that, but it is very convenient as well!

If you use the Ling app, not only will you have a great experience of language learning, but you can also access it anytime and anywhere you want. Check it out on the Play Store or App Store, and have your very first lesson today!

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