Best List of 500 Common Tagalog Phrases for Travel

tagalog phrases for travel

With beautiful beaches, unique history, and remarkable people, millions of tourists all over the world have included the Philippines as a must-visit destination in Asia. Aside from its strategic location and unique culture tied to other countries, which makes it a perfect destination is its native community. You see, Filipinos may seem shy, but they are actually one of the most fluent English speakers in the world. But, to make your adventure even more exciting, why not try to dazzle the locals with your superb Tagalog speaking skills?

You know, there is much more beyond “Mahal kita” or “Paalam.” To get you started, we have put together a solid list of about 500 words featuring the common Tagalog phrases for travel that you need to learn as you immerse yourself with the culture and its people. Additionally, this article will also explore on a brief overview of the country’s history, culture, and language.

History of the Philippines and the Tagalog Language

History of the Philippines and the Tagalog Language

Despite the country’s turbulent history, Filipinos still managed to become one of the friendliest and warmest people in Asia. Aside from being a travel destination because of its food and beautiful beaches, the Philippine archipelago also attracts tourists through its colorful history.

Before its discovery by the Spanish empire, the country was populated by rival tribes, which all have distinct traditions, gods, and “datu” (chieftains or rulers). Unfortunately, earlier records regarding their culture were destroyed as the Spaniards colonized the country. With the land ruled by Spanish governors for more than 300 years, Filipinos were able to adopt its language, religion, customs, and even the naming traditions.

Additionally, countries like the United States and Japan have also targeted the country due to its tactical position. It has become one of the major maritime trade routes, which is why the locals are well-versed in different languages and are familiar with other countries’ traditions.

As the way of living changed over time, the Philippines’ language has also been under consistent development. While Tagalog is considered the official language, you may be surprised to know that there are also about 170 regional dialects. Some of the examples are Cebuano, Chavacano, Waray, and Hiligaynon.

Culture of the Philippines

Culture of the Philippines

The country’s unique yet diverse culture is deeply rooted in the customs and traditions of its foreign colonizers and its neighboring countries. Due to its strategic location and a humble number of islands, history proves that the Philippines has always been part of the trade route of other nationalities such as Malays, Arabs, Chinese, and even westerners. And since it is often visited, the locals have grown to love, learn, and ultimately adopt the cultures, dialects, cuisine, and even languages of these foreign visitors.

For instance, scattered all over the country are different religious monuments, mosques, and shrines in the hopes of catering to the varied religious communities existing in the country. While it is true that most of the Filipinos are baptized as Catholics, there are still a considerable number of people who come from different religions. The country and the government fully recognize this by proclaiming specific holidays for each!

Despite having an intense blend of traditions, Filipinos developed distinct qualities that set them apart. For instance, even today, the locals (along with their extended families) still put a premium on joining community festivals as this is an opportunity for them to show appreciation towards music, fashion and art, food, and religion.

Tagalog Language

Tagalog Language

You might be wondering why the Philippines does not seem to have its own writing system, unlike other Asian countries. Well, to be honest, the country has its old writing system called “Baybayin.” While the origins of Baybayin are still unclear even today, it can be noted that the script is influenced by Proto-Sinaitic script. This 14th-century writing was rampantly used in Luzon back in the 16th -17th century, but it has somehow lost its popularity as the locals learned about the English.

Note: In 2018, the Baybayin is slowly being revived by the country, so some of the busiest places in Manila are adapting Baybayin translations in government signages. As a tourist, you do not have to worry since about 90% of signages are still in English.

Tagalog Language Structure

Ready to speak Tagalog? To navigate the Philippines like a pro, allow us to share with you the basics such as the Tagalog alphabet and sentence structure.

Tagalog Alphabet

What makes Tagalog an easy language to learn is that its alphabet is reasonably easy to memorize. Each letter is called “titik” or “letra,” and each of it represents a spoken sound that is directly similar to the English alphabet. The modern Filipino alphabet holds over 28 letters: 26-letter set from the Latin alphabet, one special Spanish “Ñ” ( /ɲ/ or sounded as “enye”), and the Tagalog digraph “Ng” ( /ŋ/ as the “ng” in words like “sing,” “length,” and “thing”).

Tagalog Sentences

Compared to English, the Tagalog sentence stricture can be deemed as somewhat flexible. To form basic sentences in the Tagalog language, you may use the structure “Adjective +Subject/Pronoun.” For instance, you may simply say “Maganda si Beng” which is literally translated as “Beautiful is Beng.” Another example is “Naiinitan ako,” which literally translates to “Feeling hot me.”

Of course, you may also use the classic SVO agreement to make sentences like “Ako ay pagod,” which means “I am tired” in English.

Tips to Learn Tagalog Fast

Learning any language entails that one must put effort and set aside time to actually read, write, listen, and converse using the target language. Scientifically, it is found that if you will set aside time and immerse yourself in the language, you are trying to learn (may it be through music, movies, or apps) every single day, then there is a huge chance that you will become proficient in no time.  To speed things us as you learn Tagalog, we listed three major tips below:

  1. Focus on vocabulary. Language proficiency is highly dependent on strong vocabulary size. It plays a significant role as words and phrases alone can help build context, which can significantly assist in analyzing what is being said.
  2. Play Tagalog music. Not only is this a great tool in immersing oneself with the vocabulary words, Tagalog slangs, and phrases, but it also helps in giving you an idea about the Philippines’ culture and traditions.
  3. Use mobile apps. Unlock the Tagalog language by consistently allowing yourself to learn systematically through dedicated language apps and websites.

Best Apps for Learning Tagalog While Traveling in the Philippines

For learning the Tagalog language, you may find it easier to use the applications below since they all offer distinct multimedia experiences depending on your needs. Our app recommendations are all available to use, whether your device is an Android or an iOS.


With the concept of gamification, the Ling app makes a great companion for both beginners and experts. You see, it is packed with exciting challenges, dialogues, and systematic quizzes that can help strengthen your knowledge in areas such as grammar, pronunciation, and memorization of words and phrases.

Simply Learn

This Simply Learn application is basically a phrasebook that contains native voice samples, learning techniques, and pronunciation tips. This can be your go-to app for checking whether you are saying the words and phrases in the right manner.


Vocly is mainly focused on enhancing your vocabulary in Tagalog. Through a mixture of multimedia elements, users will be able to have fun and engaging learning sessions through mini-games. (Vocly review from App Pearl)

Write Me

Write Me mainly targets to improve your writing prowess in the Tagalog language.   It can greatly help beginners recognize and write on their own each of the characters in the target language.

Tagalog Phrases for Travel

Start with the list of 50 useful words and phrases in Tagalog:

  1. Kamusta – Hi/Hello!
  2. Kamusta ka? – How are you?
  3. Patawad – I’m sorry.
  4. Ipagpaumanhin nyo po. – Excuse me.
  5. Paalam, (Sa muling pagkikita.) – Goodbye (see you).
  6. Ano ang pangalan mo? – What’s your name?
  7. Ang pangalan ko ay. – My name is…
  8. Mayroon akong isang kapatid na lalaki. – I have one younger brother.
  9. Ako ay nag tatrabaho sa … – I work at…
  10. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala. – Nice to meet you.
  11. Katapusan ng linggo – Weekend
  12. Umaga – Morning
  13. Gabi – Night
  14. Anong oras na ngayon? – What time is it?
  15. (time) …na. – It’s… (time).
  16. Ano? – What?
  17. Sino? – Who?
  18. Magkano? – How much?
  19. Ako ay nagugutom. – I’m hungry.
  20. Nakapag reserba na ako ng lamesa. – I’ve already reserved a table.
  21. Gusto kong umorder ng… – I would like to order…
  22. Maaari ko bang makuha ang bayarin? – May I have the bill?
  23. Saan ang pamilihan? – Where’s a shopping center?
  24. Gusto kong bumili ng… – I would like to buy…
  25. Magkano ito? – How much is it?
  26. Gusto ko itong ibalik. – I would like to return this.
  27. Pwede mo ba akong bigyan ng discount. – Can you give a discount?
  28. Dumiretso – Go straight
  29. Liko sa kaliwa / kanan – Turn left / right
  30. Malayo – Far away
  31. Dito – Here
  32. Sunod sa – Next to
  33. Saan ang Istasyon ng tren? – Where is the train station?
  34. Saan ako makakabili ng Ticket? – Where can I buy a ticket?
  35. Magkano ang ticket na ito? – How much is this ticket?
  36. Saan ang banyo? – Where is the restroon?
  37. Nasaan tayo? – Where are we?
  38. Tulong! – Help
  39. Naiwala ko ang walet ko. – I lost my wallet.
  40. Gusto ko pumunta sa pulisya. – I want to go to the police office.
  41. Masama ang pakiramdam ko. – I feel sick.
  42. Pakitawagan ang doktor. – Please call the doctor.
  43. Hindi ako hiyang sa… – I’m allergic to…
  44. Ambulansya – Ambulance
  45. Sakit ng ulo – Headache
  46. Gusto ko magpa reserba. – I’d like to make reservation.
  47. Kasama ba ang Almusal? – Is breakfast inclued?
  48. Paano ako makakarating sa Hotel? – How can I get to the hotle?
  49. Gusto ko ng nag iisang kwarto. – I want a single room.
  50. Nakalimutan ko ang susi ng kwarto. – I forgot the room key.


English Tagalog
Hi/Hello! Kamusta
Good morning! Magandang umaga
Good afternoon! Magandang Hapon
Good evening! Magandang Gabi
Good night! Magandang Gabi
How are you? Kamusta ka?
Fine. Mabuti
Thank you (to a younger person) Salamat
Thank you (to an older person) Salamat po
Thank you. Salamat
I’m sorry. Patawad
Goodbye. Paalam
Never mind. Walang Problema
Do you speak English? Nakakapag salita ka ba ng Ingles?
Do you speak Thai? Nakakapag salita ka ba ng Thai?
Do you speak German? Nakakapag salita ka ba ng German?
Yes, I do. Oo, Kaya ko.
No, I don’t. Hindi, Hindi ko kaya.
I don’t understand. Hindi ko maintindihan.
Please speak more slowly. Pakiusap, Kung maaari ay mag salita ng mabagal?
You’re welcome. Walang Anuman.
Yes Oo
No Hindi
Okay Okay
Right Tama
Wrong Mali
Excuse me. Ipagpaumanhin nyo po.
I see. Okay / I see
I don’t know. Hindi ko alam.
No problem. Walang problema.
Good luck! Good luck
Take care! Ingat
Cheers! Cheers
Cute Maganda
Beautiful Maganda
Please Pakiusap
Goodbye (see you). Paalam, (Sa muling pagkikita.)
Good night. Sweet dreams. Magandang Gabi, Sweetdreams.

Basic Conversation

English Tagalog
What’s your name? Ano ang pangalan mo?
My name is… Ang pangalan ko ay.
Where do you come from? Saan ka nanggaling?
I come from…(country). Ako ay namula sa …( Bansa )
How old are you? Ilang taon ka na?
I’m 25 years old. Ako ay 25 taong Gulang.
How many siblings do you have? Ilang ang mga kapatid mo?
I have one younger brother. Mayroon akong isang kapatid na lalaki.
I have two older sisters. Mayroon akong Dalawang Kapatid na Bababe.
Where do you work? Saan ka nag tatrabahao?
I work at… Ako ay nag tatrabaho sa ….
Where do you study? Saan ka nag aaral?
I study at… Ako ay nag aaral sa …
Can I have your name card? Maasri ba akong humingi ng iyong Name card?
Nice to meet you. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala.
I’m a college student. Ako ay isang estudyante sa kolehiyo
Are you students? Isa ka bang Mag aaral?
Keep in touch! Sana manatili tayong magkausap/ Balitaan mo ako


English Tagalog
Zero Sero
One Isa
Two Dalawa
Three Tatlo
Four Apat
Five Lima
Six Anim
Seven Pito
Eight Walo
Nine Siyam
Ten Sampu
Eleven Labing-isa
Twelve Labing-Dalawa
Thirteen Labing-Tatlo
Fourteen Labing-Apat
Fifteen Labing-Lima
Sixteen Labing-Anim
Seventeen Labing-Pito
Eighteen Labing-Walo
Nineteen Labing-Siyam
Twenty Dalawampu
Twenty One Dalawampu’t isa
Twenty Two Dalawampu’t Dalawa
Twenty Three Dalawampu’t Tatlo
Twenty Four Dalawampu’t Apat
Twenty Five Dalawampu’t Lima
Twenty Six Dalawampu’t Anim
Twenty Seven Dalawampu’t Pito
Twenty Eight Dalawampu’t Walo
Twenty Nine Dalawampu’t Siyam
Thirty Tatlumpu
Forty Apatnapu
Fifty Limampu
Sixty Animnapu
Seventy Pitumpu
Eighty Walumpu
Ninety Siyamnapu
One hundred Isang-daan
One thousand Isang-Libo
Ten thousand Sampung-Libo
Hundred thousand Daang-Libo
One million Isang Milyon

Time and Date

English Tagalog
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miyerkules
Thursday Huwebes
Friday Biyernes
Saturday Sabado
Sunday Linggo
Weekday Weekday
Weekend Katapusan ng linggo
January Enero
February Pebrero
March Marso
April Abril
May Mayo
June Hunyo
July Hulyo
August Agosto
September Septyembre
October Octubre
November Nobyembre
December Desyembre
Morning Umaga
Noon Tanghali
Afternoon Hapon
Evening Gabi
Night Gabi
Midnight HatingGabi
Day Araw
Hour Oras
Minute Minuto
Second Segundo
O’clock Alas
O’clock Alas
Time Oras
2:00 AM Ika-dalawa ng umaga
6:00 AM Ika-anim ng umaga
3:00 PM Ikatlo ng hapon
6:00 PM Ika-anim ng gabi
7:00 PM Ika-pito ng gabi
9:15 AM Ika-siyam at labing lima ng umaga
10:30 AM Ika- sampu at kalahati ng umaga
1:45 PM Ika-isa at apatnaput lima ng hapon
What time is it? Anong oras na ngayon?
What day is today? Anong araw ngayon?
What is the date today? Anong petsa ngayong araw?
What time do you get up? Anong oras ka nagigising?
It’s… (time). (time) …na.
What time does the bus leave? Anong oras aalis ang bus?
When will the plane arrive? Kailand dadating ang eroplano?
When is your birthday? Kailan ang iyong kaarawan?
I got up early as usual. Nagigising ako ng maaga tulad ng dati.
What time do you go home? Anong oras ka umuuwi?
I have class tomorrow. Mayroon akong klase bukas
Can you tell me the time? Pwede mo bang sabihin sakin ang oras?
I was born on October 10th, 1972. Ipinanganak ako noong ika sampung araw ng oktubre 1972
It’s Monday today. Ngayon ay lunes.


English Tagalog
What? Ano?
Who? Sino?
Where? Saan?
Why? Bakit?
When? Kailan?
How? Paano?
How far? Gaano kalayo?
How often? Gaano kadalas?
How much? Magkano?
Which one (thing)? Alin?
Which one (person)? Sino?
Which? Alin
Whose? Kanino?

Eating Out

English Tagalog
I’m hungry. Ako ay nagugutom.
I’m full. Ako ay busog.
I’ve already reserved a table. Nakapag reserba na ako ng lamesa.
What dishes do you recommend? Anong putahe ang iyong maire- rekomenda
May I have a menu? Pwede ko bang mahiram ang menu?
May I order some food? Pwede ba akong umorder ng pagkain?
I would like to order… Gusto kong umorder ng…
May I have a glass of water? Pwede ba akong makahingi ng isang basong tubig?
I’d like to have a bottle of beer. Gusto ko ng isang basong serbesa.
I’d like to have a cocktail. Gusto ko ng kaktel.
May I have a knife? Pwede ba akong humingi ng kutsilyo.
I’m vegetarian. Ako ay vegetarian.
I’m allergic to… Allergic ako sa…
Does the food contain nuts? May mani ba sa pagkain?
I like spicy food. Gusto ko ng maanghang na pagkain.
A little spicy please. Pakiusap, Konting anghang lang.
Not spicy please. Pakiusap, Wag maanghang.
I cannot eat spicy food. Hindi ako kumakain ng maanghang na pagkain.
Enjoy your meal. I-enjoy mo ang pagkain.
It is very delicious. Sobrang sarap.
I like Thai food. Gusto ko ng pagkaing Thai.
I like German food. Gusto ko ng pagkaing German.
May I have the bill? Maaari ko bang makuha ang bayarin?
Can I pay with credit card? Pwede ba akong mag bayad gamit ang credit card?
May I have a receipt? Pwede ba akong humingi ng Resibo?
You’re invited. Ikaw ay imbitado.
Keep the change. Saiyo na ang sukli.
What do you like to eat? Ano ang gusto mong kainin?
I will pay the bill. Ako ang mag babayad ng bill.
Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here? maaari ka bang mag rekomenda ng kainan malapit dito?
I don’t like chocolate. Ayoko ng tsokolate


English Tagalog
Where’s a shopping center? Saan ang pamilihan?
When does it open? Kailan ito mag bubukas?
When does it close? Kailang ito magsasara?
I’d like to buy… Gusto kong bumili ng…
May I try it on? Pwede ko ba ito sukatin?
It doesn’t fit. Hindi ito kasya.
Do you have this in a smaller size? Mayroon ka bang mas maliit na sukat ?
Do you have this in a bigger size? Mayroon ka bang mas malaking sukat?
Do you have another color? Mayroon ka bang ibang kulay?
I want to buy this. Gusto ko itong bilihin.
How much is it? Magkano ito?
I’m just looking. Tumitingin lang ako.
Can I have a receipt please? Pwede ba akong makahingi ng resibo?
Where is a handmade goods shop? Nasaan ang tindahan ng gawang-kamay?
Is there a duty free shop? Mayroon bang duty free dito?
Where can I find…? Saan ako makakakita…?
This is very beautiful. sobrang ganda neto.
I like it. Gusto ko ito.
I would like to return this. Gusto ko itong ibalik.
Is it real leather? Ito ba ay tunay na balat?
Can you give a discount? Pwede mo ba akong bigyan ng discount.
Where can I find toothpaste? Saan ako makakahanap ng toothpaste?
How much for half a kilo? Magkano ang kalahating kilo?
I like this shirt. May I try it on? Gusto ko itong TShirt, maaari ko bang isukat?
How much is that mountain bike? Magkano ang Mountain Bike/ Bisikleta?
What is this jacket made of? Saan gawa itong Jacket na ito?

Direction Words

English Tagalog
Go straight Dumiretso
Turn left Liko sa kaliwa
Turn right Liko sa kanan
Get in/on Pasok / Sumakay
Get off Bumaba
Transfer Paglipat
Taxi Taxi
Direction Direksyon
Boat Bangka
Station Istasyon
Return Pag balik
Subway Subway
Train Tren
Bus Bus
Van Van
By car Sa sasakyan
By plane Sa Eroplano
Roundabout Paikot na daloy
One way Isang daanan
Round trip Balikan
Group ticket Ticket na pang groupo
Child ticket Ticket na pang bata
Family ticket Ticket na pang pamilya
By foot Sa pamamagitan ng paa
East Silangan
West Kanluran
South Timog
North Hilaga
There Doon
Far away Malayo
Here Dito
At the corner Sa sulok
Opposite of/across from Sa tapat/sa likod
Next to Sunod sa
Behind Likod
In front of Sa harap ng
Straight ahead Diretso lang
Up Taas
Down Baba
Bridge Tulay
Footbridge Tulay
Pedestrian crossing Tawiran
Road Kalsada
Traffic lights Ilaw trapiko
Tunnel Tunnel
Crossing Tawiran
Motorcycle Motorsiklo
Bicycle Bisekleta
Ferry boat Ferry Boat

Direction Phrases

English Tagalog
Where is the train station? Saan ang Istasyon ng tren?
I want to go to the train station. Gusto kong pumunta sa istasyon na Tren.
How can I get there? Paano ako makakarating doon?
Where are you? Nasaan ka?
I’m at… Ako ay nasa…
What is the name of this place? Ano ang pangalan ng lugar na ito?
Where is the nearest bus stop? Saan ang pinaka malapit na Istasyon ng Bus?
Where is the nearest train station? Saan ang pinaka malapit na iIstasyon ng Tren?
What is the name of this station? Ano ang pangalan ng Istasyon na ito?
Where should I transfer? Saan ako dapat lumipat?
How long does it take? Gaano ito katagal?
It takes about… Ito ay tumatagal ng …
Where can I buy a ticket? Saan ako makakabili ng Ticket?
I want to buy a ticket to… Gusto ko bumili ng ticket papuntang…
How much is this ticket? Magkano ang ticket na ito?
The ticket costs … baht. Ang presyo ng ticket ay…
The ticket costs … Ang presyo ng ticket ay…
Does the bus have air condition? Ang bus ba ay may aircon?
Does the bus have a toilet? Ang bus ba ay may Banyo?
When does the train leave? Kailan aalis ang tren?
When will the train arrive? Kailan dadating ang Tren?
Please take me to… Pakiusap, Paki hatid ako sa …
Please stop here. Pakiusap, Pakihinto dito.
Please use the meter. Pakiusap, Paki gamit ang metro ng taxi.
Where is the restroom? Saan ang banyo?
Where are we? Nasaan tayo?
Where should we go? Saan tayo dapat pumunta?
Where is the cafeteria? Saan ang Kapetirya?
The shop is just in front of the train station. Ang Tindahan ay sa harapan ng istasyon ng tren.
Fasten your seat belt, please. Pakiusap, Pakisuot ang iyong Seat belt.
The brakes stopped working. Hindi na gumagana ang preno
Don’t exceed the speed limit. Wag palampasin ang Limitasyon ng bilis.
Can I park my car here? Pwede ko ba iparada ang sasakyan ko dito?
Could you show me the way to the bus stop? Pwede mo bang ipakita sa akin ang daan papuntang sakayan ng bus?
The bus leaves in five minutes. Ang bus ay aalis, makatapos ang limang minuto.
The bus hasn’t come yet. Ang bus ay hindi pa dumarating.
The train leaves in ten minutes. Ang tren ay aalis, Matapos ang sampung minuto.
Will the train leave on time? Aalis ba sa tamang oras ang tren?
The last train has already gone. Ang huling tren ay umalis na.


English Tagalog
Help! Tulong!
Can you help me? Pwede mo ba akong Tulungan?
I lost my wallet. Naiwala ko ang walet ko.
My bag got stolen. Nanakaw ang bag ko.
I lost my passport. Naiwala ko ang pasaporte ko.
I want to go to the embassy. Gusto kung pumunta sa Embahada.
I have some trouble. Mayroon akong problema.
I want a translator. Gusto ko ng taga translate.
I want to go to the police office. Gusto ko pumunta sa pulisya.
I dont have money. Wala akong pera!
Fire! Sunog!
Someone needs help. Mayroong nangangailangan ng tulong.
I missed my flight. Naiwan ako sa byahe.
My luggage is lost. Naiwala ko ang aking bagahe.
I lost my phone. Naiwala ko ang aking telepono.
I lost the key. Naiwala ko ang aking susi.
Please come as soon as possible. Pwede ka bang dumating sa lalong madaling panahon?
Is there a gas station around here? Mayroon bang Gasolinahan dito.
Please call the fire department. Paki tawagan ang bumbero.


English Tagalog
I want to see a doctor. Gusto ko magpatingin sa doktor.
I need an ambulance. Kailangan ko ng ambulansya.
I want to go to the hospital. Gusto kong pumunta ng ospital.
Where is the nearest pharmacy? Saan ang pinakamalapit na botika?
I feel sick. Masama ang pakiramdam ko.
I would like medicine for… Kailangan ko ng gamot para sa …
It hurts. Masakit.
I had an accident. Naaksidente ako.
Please call a doctor. Pakitawagan ang doktor.
I have health insurance. Meron akong Health Insurance.
How much is the treatment? Magkano ang pagpapagamot?
How should I take the medicine? Paano ko iinumin ang gamot?
I’m allergic to… Hindi ako hiyang sa…
It hurts here. Masakit dito.
I have a headache. Masakit ang ulo ko.
I have back pain. Masakit ang likod ko.
I have a stomach ache. Masakit ang tiyan ko.
I have food poisoning. Mayroon akong pagkalason sa pagkain.
I have a toothache. Masakit ang ngipin ko.
I need penicillin. Kailangan ko ng Penicillin.
I need paracetamol. Kailangan ko ng paracetamol.
I threw up. Ako ay sumuka.
I have a cold. Mayroon akong Sipon.
I’m an asthmatic. Ako ay hikain.
I’m diabetic. Ako ay diabetic.
I’m a smoker. Ako ay naninigarilyo.
My nephew is allergic to eggs. Ang pamangkin ko ay hindi hiyang sa itlog.
This medicine should be taken every three hours. Ang gamot na ito ay dapat inumin kada tatlong oras.
I have a high temperature. Meron akong mataas na temperatura.
I have to take medicine. Kailangan kong uminom ng gamot.
Do you have any cough medicine? Meron ba kayong gamot sa ubo?
I feel well today. Maayos ang pakiramdam ko ngayon.
I’m sick. May sakit ako.
I have a bad cold. Malala ang aking sipon.
Your tooth must be extracted. Dapat nang mabunot ang ngipin mo.
Burn Sunog
Abnormal Abnormal
Ache Sakit
Acute Acute
Ambulance Ambulansya
Antibiotics Antibiotics
Asthma (Attack) Hika/ Hinika
Bacteria Bakterya
Cough Ubo
Headache Sakit ng ulo
Blood Pressure Presyon ng dugo
Runny Nose Sipon
Sore Throat Namamagang lalamunan
Stomach Ache Sakit sa tiyan
Breath Hininga
Broken Sira
Cancer Cancer
Dentist Dentista
Chickenpox Bulutong
Diabetes Diabetes
Diagnosis Pagsuri
Disease Sakit
Emergency Emergency
Fever Lagnat
Feverish Nilalagnat
Heart Attack Atake sa puso
Immune System Immune system
Infected Impeksyon
Injury Pinsala
Pain Sakit
Pain Killer Pampawala ng kirot / Analhesiko
Patient Pasyente
Pharmacy Botika
Swollen Namamaga
Temperature Temperatura
Therapy Therapy
Virus Virus
Vomit Suka
Wound Sugat


English Tagalog
Where is the tourist center? Saan ang lunduyan ng turista
When does the tourist center open? Kailan magbubukas ang lunduyan ng turista
When does the tourist center close? Kailan magsasara ang lunduyan ng turista
Can I get a free map? Pwede ba akong kumuha ng libreng mapa?
Where can I find a gift shop? Saan ako makakahanap ng Tindahan ng regalo?
What places should I visit? Anong lugar ang dapat kong bisitahin?
What should I be aware of? Ano ang dapat kung alamin?
What am I not allowed to do here? Ano ang hindi ko dapat gawin dito?
How long does it take to go there? Gaano katagal bago makarating doon?
Can I take photos here? Pwede ba akong kumuha ng litrato dito?
How much is the entrance ticket? Magkano ang entrance ticket?
I want to go to the national museum. Gusto kong pumunta sa pambansang museo.
Where is the most popular museum? Saan ang popular na Moseo.
I want to take a city tour. Gusto ko kumuha ng Pambayang paglalakbay.
Where can I buy a city tour ticket? Saan ako makakabili ng ticket para sa Pambayang Paglalakbay.
Could you take a photo for me? Pwede mo ba akong kuhanan ng litrato?
Where is the post office? Saan ang tanggapan ng sulat?/koreo?
Where is the most beautiful beach? Saan ang pinaka magandang Tabing-Dagat.
I would like to book a trip. Gusto ko magpa-book ng Byahe.
I would like to have a map. Gusto ko ng mapa.
I would like to do a one day trip. Gusto ko ng isang araw na byahe.
What trip do you recommend? Pwede ka bang mag rekomenda ng kahit anong byahe?
Is there a park near here? Meron bang malapit na parke dito?
Do you have a map? Meron ka bang mapa?


English Tagalog
Can you recommend a hotel? Pwede ka bang mag rekomenda ng Hotel?
I’d like to make reservation. Gusto ko magpa reserba.
Are there rooms available? Meron pa bang kwarto na available?
Can I have a look? Pwede ko bang makita?
Is internet included? Kasama ba ang Internet?
Is breakfast included? Kasama ba ang Almusal?
Is the hotel located near the center? Ang Hotel ba ay matatagpuan malapit sa Gitna?
Where can I find the laundry? Saan ko mahahanap ang labada?
Do you have a safe? Meron ba kayong kahang bakal?
How can I get to the hotel? Paano ako makakarating sa Hotel?
How much does the room cost? Magkano ang presyo ng kwarto?
I’d like to stay for … nights. Gusto kong manatili ng …. Gabi …
I want a single room. Gusto ko ng nag iisang kwarto.
I want a double room. Gusto ko ng dobleng Kwarto.
I have a reservation. Meron akong reserbasyon.
I will arrive at … (time). Darating ako ng …. (oras).
I will leave at … (time). Aalis ako ng … (oras).
I forgot the room key. Nakalimutan ko ang susi ng kwarto.
Can I leave my luggage here? Pwede ko bang iwang ang bagahe ko dito?
How long is it from the hotel to the airport? Gaano katagal mula sa Hotel hanggang sa Paliparan?
Do you have a baby bed? Mayroon ba kayong kama para sa sanggol?
I would like to reserve a single room. Gusto ko mag reserba ng isang / nag iisang kwarto.
Could you bring my breakfast to room 305? Pwedeng mo bang dalhin ang almusal ko sa room 305.
We’ve just finished breakfast. Tapos na kaming kumain ng almusal.
I would like a hotel reservation. Gusto ko magpareserba sa hotel
I canceled my hotel reservation. Kinansela ko ang reserbasyon ko sa hotel

Food and Drink

English Tagalog
Rice Kanin
Noodles Pansit
Beef Karne ng baka
Bitter Mapait
Chicken Manok
Crab Alimango
Duck Pato
Fish Isda
Hot Mainit
Meat Karne
Mussel Tahong
Pork Baboy
Salty Maalat
Seafood Pagkaing Dagat
Shrimp Hipon
Sour Maasim
Spicy Maanghang
Sticky Rice Malagkit
Sweet Matamis
Tofu Tokwa
Water Tubig
Hot Water Mainit na Tubig
Coffee Kape
Coffee with milk Kape na may Gatas
Milk Gatas
Hot chocolate Mainit na tsokolateng inumin
Tea Tsaa
Green Tea Tsaang Berde
Beer Serbesa
Wine Alak
Juice Juice
Orange juice Orange juice


English Tagalog
Banana Saging
Coconut Buko
Dragon fruit Dragonfruit
Durian Durian
Guava Bayabas
Jackfruit Langka
Lychee Lychee
Mango Mangga
Mangosteen Mangosteen
Orange Kahel
Papaya Papaya
Pineapple Pinya

500 Common Tagalog Phrases for Travel (Infographic)

tagalog common phrases

tagalog phrases for travel 2

tagalog common phrases

tagalog phrases for travel 4

tagalog phrases for travel 5

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