Tandem App Vs Mango Languages App: 2 Best Apps?

Today’s blog will compare Tandem App vs Mango Languages App and recommend the best alternative resource to learn a specific language. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Various language learning applications like Tandem and Mango Languages are practical for stimulating the brain’s learning ability. For this reason, many believe that learning foreign languages with modern apps is the most engaging and the best way to increase vocabulary knowledge. Could it be the truth? Let’s find out!

Tandem App Review

Tandem App Review

Do you want to find a language partner to learn a language quickly? Tandem is ideal for those seeking language tutors. This language exchange application facilitates language learners’ language learning journey by linking you with several other language enthusiasts. The main goal of this language app is to exchange emails with several other users and different language learners around the world.

Furthermore, Tandem is close to those other online dating apps that allow users to interact with other users worldwide. Likewise, since a user should have a profile picture to use this app, most users might well be impressed or show interest in starting a conversation with others. To clarify, Tandem is a language exchange partner app and not a dating app.

Tandem provides actual language instructors who are native speakers from various parts of the world who teach new vocabulary words and converse with other l2 learners.

Functions Of Tandem

Tandem is a mobile application that may also be accessed via its website. To begin a conversation, you must first complete your profile by giving details of yourself and attaching a profile photo. You might search for the ‘community tap’ and discover individuals online that share a common language as you begin the discourse. After you’ve made your choice and your profile has been verified, you may start delivering and exchanging messages with your language partner.

Amazing Features Of Tandem

Tandem offers over 160 languages for you to choose from and study together with your language exchange partner. You may enjoy the messaging features’ valuable tools, including video recording, audio calls, and chat.  If you have comments, you may also correct each other’s message, listen to a written message, or submit a review.

Tandem also has a translation feature. The chat room will translate immediately to the chosen language you are studying. You may also locate other users in your area who use this app. Another fantastic feature is the goal section, which allows you to verify and establish your language learning goals.

Can I Use Tandem For Free?

Tandem is, indeed, a free language learning exchange application. It does, however, have a premium version called Tandem Pro. A free version may assist you in learning languages and teaching languages to a limited amount of language partners. The disadvantage is that you may encounter many different advertisements when using this version.

Premium Version And Subscription Of Tandem

Then Tandem’s premium version offers a variety of language partners from other countries to facilitate language exchange in teaching second languages such as foreign languages. The Tandem Pro costs are as follows:

  • The subscription fee is $6.99 each month.
  • The subscription is $3.99 per quarter.
  • The monthly payment for the yearly membership is $2.92.

Tandem: Pros And Cons

Having a language exchange partner can help you learn many languagesThe emphasis was primarily on communication skills and interactions with other users
The free version has messaging functionsTandem app turned into a dating app for other users
User interface that is simple but engagingThe Tandem Pro is not economical
There are far too many potential language partners to select fromNot all language partners are fluent in the languages

Mango Languages App Review

Mango Languages App Review

Mango Languages has traditionally been recognized as among the favorite applications for a complete beginner because it assists language learners in their learning process and language acquisition.

You might well have accessibility to language courses in over 70 languages using this platform! Additionally, Mango Languages is accessible even when you are not connected to the internet, allowing you to use your smartphone to visit it almost anywhere. It’s also compatible with the IOS app(App Store) and Android app (Play Store), and you may check the site on a laptop or Desktop.

Functions Of Mango Languages

Mango Languages aims to broaden your understanding of your target language. A beginner can learn about the cultural milieu through reading exercises, listening activities, and comprehension questions. After logging in, you may practice a language according to your learning preferences. For example, you may encounter many listening exercises (repetitive flashcards) to learn a language and reading activities to improve vocabulary quickly.

Fascinating Features Of Mango Languages

The Mango Languages app’s Learning Pathway feature enables beginners to learn a language unit by unit and chapter. The application might also evaluate the user’s long-term retention of the new language. For example, patterned and colored words are a relatively systematic method of teaching new vocabulary.

They also provide machine translations, like Google Translate, in which the recorded voice incorporates vocal evaluation whenever a user uploads a recorded voice to identify the appropriate answers. The voice of this machine translation, on the other hand, is monotonous. As a possible consequence, unlike other language applications, this application does not emphasize accurate pronunciation.

This app also includes video lessons that can be used to learn advanced phrases and expressions that are widely used in daily life and the workplace. Another feature is the premium version of the online lessons in 70 multiple languages.

Can I Use Mango Languages For Free?

Mango Languages is a free app with restricted features. For example, you are only permitted to use offline materials, which are free resources. As a result, you won’t be able to study all of the languages offered in the app’s libraries, language schools, and organizations.

Premium Version And Subscription Of Mango Languages App

The following are the three Mango Languages App Premium memberships:

  • Single Language is $6.67/month or $79.99/year.
  • It costs $14.99 per month or $179.99 per year to subscribe to All Languages.
  • The cost of an enterprise is calculated on an individual scale.

Mango Languages: Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
It is an excellent app for learning a new language quickly Not a perfect app for teaching pronunciation
Provides cultural notes Interactions are established
Brief grammatical explanations about new languages are provided The machine translations are monotone
Words are directly translated into English There are no writing activities available
It features a straightforward user interface Flashcards which include plenty of consecutive reruns
It is ideal for honing one’s public speaking skills (Speech Recognition Technology) The machine translation’s voice is languid

Tandem App Vs Mango Languages App: Final Thoughts

Tandem App Vs Mango Languages App: Final Insights

Deciding between the two language applications is primarily contingent on the language learners’ way of learning.

The Tandem language app is a good option for beginners who seek to study a foreign language with a language learning partner. Tandem’s teaching methods include interaction and engagement with other native speakers. So, if you are a language learner who enjoys this learning strategy, you should consider downloading the Tandem app.

On the other hand, the Mango Languages app is appropriate for beginners who want to learn a new language quickly by playing interactive games. This learning platform stimulates and encourages learners to learn a foreign language with its interactive lessons and innovative features.

Given the evaluations of these two applications, if you consider these weren’t for you, I will introduce you to the best alternative app that helps you in mastering your target language.

Best Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

Tandem App Vs Mango Languages A Ling App Review

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is a language learning app that allows you to learn with your timetable. It provides more than 60 different languages. Due to the overall language exercises it offers, this app has a teaching style that makes learning convenient and engaging. Other impressive features of the Ling App include:

  1. Generates lectures and blog posts in collaboration with professional language specialists and native speakers
  2. Fun mini-games and interesting quizzes are included.
  3. With artificial intelligence (A.I. chatbot that leads you through the process of learning languages through the transmission of information)
  4. Ling App is an excellent app for language learners of all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels).

Start learning your target language with the perfect method by getting the Ling App today!

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