Quizlet Vs Memrise: Unravelling 9 Best Facts

Quizlet vs Memrise? Finding a perfect flashcard app is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, wave your magic wand and let this blog do the magic for you.

Flashback to your childhood. Do you remember when your parents or teachers pulled out flashcards to help you identify, familiarized, and memorize some words, pictures, and even Mathematical equations? Who knows that these pieces of cardboard can be turned into free online flashcard apps that will support your learning?

As schools worldwide switch from face-to-face learning to online learning and flipped classrooms, the need for effective flashcard apps also increases. This is why educators and students keep searching for a perfect flashcard app that can respond to different teaching and learning styles.


Learning Languages With Flashcard Apps

Learning a new language nowadays is one of the things that most people seek because of the advantages it may bring to people. However, every language learning journey begins with the basic familiarization, sounding of letters, repetitions, and vocabulary building.

We usually use flashcards for the exercises and drills to strengthen what we have learned. Using flashcards apps like Anki, Quizlet, Memrise, and other apps may help you improve your vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and even comprehension skills.

Learning languages through the use of flashcard apps responds to different learning theories. For example, Descartes’ Cartesian Linguistics Theory says that Learning a language meant finding similarities between your own and the target language.” This is where sounds, pictures, and other visual materials in a flashcard app can be helpful.

The importance of spaced repetitions, dialogue, and audios is anchored from Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, wherein positive and negative reinforcement change behaviors. He also tested the effectiveness of dialogue and drills in establishing language learning as a habit.

Many theories can support learning languages through the flashcards app, but I think this can somehow give you a kickstart.


What Are Flashcard Apps?

Before we learn about Quizlet vs Memrise, let’s first learn what a flashcard app is. Flashcard apps are an online learning tool that helps make your own flashcards and flashcard decks to help you in your learning experience. These apps mostly have mobile and web versions or computer versions. It also includes different courses like language courses, Science courses, and Math courses that are completely free. It can also facilitate online quizzes and even online classes. But, in this blog, we will talk about Quizlet vs Memrise as a language learning tool.


Getting To Know Quizlet And Memrise

You are probably hyped to know the differences between these two amazing flashcard apps, but why don’t we get to know them first?

Quizlet vs Memrise


Originally launched as a web-based program in 2007, Quizlet is an online learning platform that helps students learn languages and other topics as well, like the Anki App. Eventually, it grew to a website that provides learning tools for students like flashcards, study modes, and game modes. Quizlet is broken down into several styles, including Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, Match, Gravity, and Live.


With Science being its pillar, Memrise is also a learning platform primarily used for language learning founded in 2010. Its main focus is encoding and testing. It also focuses on real-life teaching, conversational phrases, and words. Memrise proudly claims that they use Science with their technology because one of their founders is a neuroscientist, and the other is a “master of memory.” Memrise also covers different topics such as History, Math, and Science.


Quizlet VS Memrise For Language Learning

There is no such thing as one size fits all. Meaning, there’s no one perfect app that can be very useful to all learners. We have to remember that every learner is unique. Each person has a different learning style and pace that may not be effective for some people. So, as we discuss the topic Quizlet vs Memrise, bear in mind that every user is different from other users.

Here are some factors that may answer your question about what’s the best flashcard app for language learning between Quizlet vs Memrise

1. Interface

According to Quintana et al., “Designers need to understand how people learn in order to develop learner-centered software … learning sciences must be integrated into software design.”. This statement shows how important a user-friendly interface and design are in a learning platform. So, in discussing Quizlet vs Memrise, let’s start with the user interface.

When you go to Quizlet, it uses a color palette of blue to green and sometimes a touch of yellow for emphasis. It has this thing called Flash interface workspace that consists of broad series of timelines, panels, and tabbed windows. From this, you can just easily create flashcards and other media. There are not too many tabs to click, and it uses fonts that are easy to read. It has a minimalist design for easy navigation.

On the other hand, Memrise has a different color palette that is being used. According to Color Psychology, it is more on the yellow, which is believed to help increase creativity, attention and instill positive feelings. You can also notice some dark blue and orange colors. It uses more bold fonts and designs. When you go to the Memrise website, you will see everything about them, including what they offer. You can start learning languages immediately by clicking the language you want to learn. When you put your cursor on the language, a spoiler alert will automatically play video recordings from native speakers.

2. Availability

“The students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, nothing less.” This quote is from Marcus Specht, which relates to the next factor that affects our topic, Quizlet vs Memrise. The availability of these flashcard apps is important because learners have different needs and gadgets to use. Learners need to know how they can access these apps.

Quizlet has a web version that can be easily searched, and the Quizlet App can be downloaded both for Android and iOS users. You can also download the desktop version or the computer version of Quizlet, but you have to install a Desktop App emulator first. Unfortunately, studying offline is only available in the iOS app and Android app for upgraded users.

Memrise can also be searched on the web easily. If you want to put learning in your pocket, according to Memrise, you can just easily download the Memrise App from the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

3. Spaced Repetition

Tony Robbins once said. “Repetition is the mother of skill.” Although repetition is at the lowest of Bloom’s Taxonomy, we can’t still deny the power of repetition and memorization in learning. So, another key feature you would really want to consider when talking about Quizlet vs Memrise is the spaced repetition. But, what is spaced repetition first?

Spaced repetition is a method that flashcard apps use to make the learner remember a certain fact through time intervals increasing each time it is presented. Spaced repetition system will be an integral factor for long-term learning.

Like what is mentioned above, Quizlet was originally launched as a language learning app with Spaced repetition system, but unfortunately, it stopped in 2020. This is what gives Memrise an advantage when it comes to this feature.

4. Content

Language learners seek good and reliable content from these apps. Remember that the main purpose of these apps is to help learners and educators in their learning experience. If you are wondering the differences between Quizlet vs Memrise when it comes to content, check below.


  • Arts and Humanities
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Others


  • 23 languages
  • Maths & Science
  • Arts & Literature
  • Memory training
  • The Natural World
  • History & Geography
  • Professional and Careers
  • Standardized tests
  • Trivia

5. Study Modes

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” This statement from John Dewey implies the importance of differentiated activities and study modes to respond to the needs of the learners. Going back to Quizlet vs Memrise, what is their difference when it comes to studying mode.

Quizlet offers 5 study modes, namely Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell, and Test. Memrise App offers study modes like Learn New Words, Grammar, Review, Explore, Speed Review, Difficult Words, Listening Skills, Learn with Locals, and Pronunciation.

6. Flashcard Decks

These apps are not called flashcard apps for nothing. In both Quizlet and Memrise, you have a choice to use user-created flashcards ready-made flashcards. User-created flashcards are decks created by individuals. The users can customize and personalize for their learning. Ready-made flashcards are those shared decks created by other users that you may feel free to use anytime.

Now, let’s take a look at what a Quizlet flashcard looks like. A typical Quizlet flashcard lets you put individual words, phrases, and example sentences with English translations or other languages. You can also put images to help you remember and make meetings. What’s unique about the Quizlet flashcard is that it flips on the other side to know the answers or the meaning of the word or phrase.

Memrise, on the other hand, is a lot more different. Every flashcard does not only contain words. It can also contain Memrise videos, multiple-choice questions, audio recordings, and images. You can also see a plant in each flashcard deck that you wish to learn. This plant will grow based on your progress. Think of it this way, you have a seed, and you water it every day to make it grow. Your correct answers and progress will serve as your water to grow this plant.

7. Gamification

“Games and gamification both can lead to high levels of learner engagement and motivation.” – Karl Kapp

Do you agree with this statement? If you have tried learning through gamification, you will surely agree with this statement. Just imagine, learning plus games, what more can you ask for? So, does Quizlet and Memrise have gamification? Luckily, they both have gamification features.

8. Free Version

Imagine being able to learn conveniently for free. How awesome is that? Great news! Both Quizlet and Memrise have free versions that can already go a long way. You can maximize the free version any time you want and use it in learning different topics, not just languages. The free version of these two apps can already help you practice and learn. You just need to download it or go to the website.

9. Price

Convenient, fun, engaging, and free access. These are the reason why learners and educators want to use flashcard apps in learning new languages. Who wouldn’t want to learn without paying anything? With these, you may have free access to tons of learning material, courses, and activities which will be extremely helpful to you as a language learner.

But, if you want full access to all the features of Quizlet and Memrise, here is a guide for the subscription prices for these apps. They usually give you different ways to pay. It can be monthly, yearly, or lifetime. These apps mostly use credit/debit cards for payment. Don’t forget that these apps offer discounts sometimes so, you might wanna grab that for cheaper prices.

Quizlet Plus

Unlocking the Quizlet Plus lets you have access to the following

Type of SubscriptionPrice
Annual Subscription$47.88/year ($3.99/month)
  1. Offline set access
  2. Ad-free studying
  3. Unlimited step-by-step solutions
  4. Progress insights
  5. 7 different study modes
  6. Smart grading
  7. Explanations for thousands of textbooks
  8. Basic set creation
  9. Scan to create sets
  10. Progress insights
  11. Personalized study paths
  12. Custom images, audio, and diagrams
  13. Rich text formatting

Memrise Pro Plan

Subscribing to one of these plans will let you unlock the full Memrise toolkit and more material. Although you can almost do everything with the free version, you can choose from one of these subscription plans if you want to deepen your learning.

Type of SubscriptionPrice
Monthly Subscription$8.99/month
Annual Yearly Subscritption$3.75./month
Lifetime$139.99 (paid once)


Quizlet VS Memrise: Summary

InterfaceSimple fonts
Blue and green color palette
Minimalist design
Easy navigation
More bold fonts
A yellow and dark blue color palette,
Bold and colorful design
Easy navigation
AvailabilityWeb version is available,
The app is available for iOS and Android
Web version is available,
The app is available For iOS and Android
Spaced RepetitionNo spaced repetition (it used to be)Uses spaced repetition
Contentoriginally launched as a language learning platform but now covers different contents as wellMore on language contents but other contents are also available
Study ModesVaried study modesVaried study modes
Flashcard DecksFlipped
Can be user-created or ready-made (shared decks)
Arrow navigation
Can be user-created or ready-made (shared courses)
GamificationUses gamificationUses gamification
Free versionHas a free versionHas a free version
Price$47.88/year ($3.99/month)Monthly Subscription- $8.99/month
Annual Yearly Subscription – $3.75./month
Lifetime – $139.99 (paid once)


Final Thoughts

Is the clock ticking? Common, let’s wrap everything up! If you are wondering about which app to use between Quizlet vs Memrise, ask yourself first, “What’s my purpose?”

If your main purpose is to learn languages, Memrise has more features to help you in your language learning journey. If your purpose is to review or learn other topics, Quizlet is the one to go.

Wanna channel the inner artsy person in you? Memrise is perfect for you. But if you prefer minimalist design and simple colors, Quizlet is the one to beat.

Lack of budget for paid subscription but you still want to learn languages, Memrise got your back because it generously offers free version features that will suffice your learning.

Talking about Quizlet vs Memrise can go a lot further but you can discover it by experiencing it yourself. You can also try other alternatives like Ling App to widen up your choices. You can also read more language tips like this to learn more. Remember, skies are the limit!

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