Drops Vs Lingvist: #1 Best Language Software?

Learning a new language is part of the development of a person. Somehow, you can unconsciously learn a new word every day, especially if you expose yourself to a particular language. But if you are a serious language learner and want to master a foreign language, you should consider downloading language learning software. Let us know which of this two, Drops vs. Lingvist, is the best for you!

The most rewarding aspect of language learners is to sound like a native speaker of their chosen language. One way by which you can do so is by using various resources that are available today. Today, different language learning apps significantly contribute to achieving your goal of acquiring a language. However, not all language learning apps teach languages in the way that language learners want. Some have only limited features, expensive, and do not offer full access like online language courses.

Drops Review


Drops is a language learning app that focuses on teaching vocabulary skills of a particular foreign language. Unlike other language learning applications, Drops has this aesthetic user interface that is engaging and pleasing to the eyes of other users. Aside from the aesthetic graphic interface, the app is a simple and gamified language app that is are mostly used by users who love to learn in a fun way.

In addition, Drops is an editor’s choice app from the App Store and is in the recommended section in language learning software. Because of its interactive games, it helps a beginner learn a new language. They can also learn a new language by listening to the translated audio-recorded voice from the different native speakers.

In short, Drops is a language application that teaches language learners to master their vocabulary skills through interactive games.

Can Drops Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Since Drops has basic features like teaching vocab skills of a foreign language, it cannot help a beginner to be a native speaker. They can only learn new words and pronunciations of their second language.

How To Use Drops

Drops offer common foreign words for a beginner to learn. Those common words are compiled in different topics, and the users can discover them at their own pace. For instance, language learners have 5 minutes per day to practice and learn the language in the free version. However, in the premium version, they have 15 minutes per day to use the app.

There is also a selection where you can track your goals (how many words do you learn) so that you can go to another level wherein the beginners can be intermediate learners.

Features Of Drops

Drops also have a partnered language learning application since it only focuses on vocabulary. These are the Scripts app and the Droplets app. These three applications have different functions, so if you are an avid fan of the Drops app and need an extra application in learning a foreign language, you can download these apps.

The Script app teaches language learners about the writing system of their target language. In contrast, the Droplets app is a language learning app that kids widely use because of its youthful graphic user interface. Also, you can only access these two apps if you have a premium version of Drops.

Is Drops A Free App?

Drops have a free version which you can bump into various advertisements while using it.

Drops Premium Version And Subscription

The Premium version of Drops costs $8.49 a month. But the good news is, there are several discounted promos and vouchers that Drops offers for you to avail of the premium subscription. They directly send it to your registered email account to sign up for the application.

These are the features that you can use when you avail of the Premium subscription offers:

  • Access the 43 foreign languages
  • Ad-free
  • Offline access
  • Unlimited access
  • More lessons available

The annual subscription costs $69.99

The lifetime subscription costs $159.99

Pros And Cons Of Drops

Pleasing and high-quality user interfaceSome Icons and images are too similar and too vague
Audio-recorded of native speakers (for correct pronunciation)Focused only on vocabulary skills
Easy-to-use application (you only need to click and scroll)Repetitive words (flashcards)
Engaging and interactive games for beginnerFew bugs and crashes

Lingvist Review


Lingvist has one of the best machine learning applications for language acquisition. This app used an SRS or spaced repetition system that provides a high-level flashcard style in teaching new words. Also, Lingvist is a vocabulary tool, but it does not teach technical skills about languages. In short, it is not a complete language acquisition because it only introduces individual words in every flashcard.

However, Lingvist is a perfect language learning platform for a complete beginner than other apps because it helps other users improve their vocabulary of a language that they already have a piece of background knowledge. For instance, you can use this to practice words and improve language proficiency (from beginner learners to advanced learners).

In short, Lingvist is a learning language resource for serious language learners that, in just four days, it can positively affect their language proficiency, specifically in learning languages.

Can Lingvist Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Since Lingvist only focuses on and teaches common words of a specific language, it cannot help you become a native speaker of your second language. However, listening practices and listening exercises can help you master new words if you are exposed to a particular foreign language.

How To Use Lingvist

When using Lingvist, you can turn on English translations by clicking the arrow (for you to understand the meaning of a word or phrases if you are not familiar.) Also, in answering questions, you need to type the word to know if you master the spelling and understand the word.

Features Of Lingvist

Lingvist only offers five common languages: French, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Moreover, you can turn on the optional comprehensive explanation regarding the language you are learning. There is a grammar review that is arranged by category. This includes small lessons about the alphabet, writing systems, pronunciation, and other grammar tips.

Is Lingvist A Free App?

Lingvist has a free version wherein you get free one-week unlimited no questions asked, which I can tell that this free version is well balanced.

Also, there is a paid version if you want to have the app’s best features. Furthermore, both the free and paid versions have a one-month free unlimited trial if you learned 250 words.

Lingvist Premium Version And Subscription

Lingvist price varies depending on your subscription. If you are a serious learner, you can use lingvist unlimited version. Below are the different subscriptions:

The monthly subscription costs $19.99

The annual subscription costs $79.99

Quarterly subscription costs $39.99

Pros And Cons Of Lingvist

Effective in learning advanced vocabulary levelOffers only a few languages
Intelligent algorithm (assess your level)Misspelling words in flashcards may confuse the users
Spaced Repetition System or SRSOnce you answer the question right, the next question moves faster, so you cannot review it.
Provides optional comprehensive grammar skills (alphabet, pronunciations, and grammar tips)Non-customizable settings of goal (estimating the time of learning a language)
Appropriate and straightforward user interface (good for learning)Switching from one language to another is a little bit confusing
Create your course (add any materials you want to learn)Pricey than another language-learning resource

Drops Vs Lingvist: Final Review

Drops Vs Lingvist

After reading the reviews of these two learning language applications, Drops Vs. Lingvist, which do you think is better for learning language software in learning a new language?

In my opinion, both language application has their unique and own way of giving lessons to beginners. Choosing between these two apps depends on the learning style of the user. Drops is an excellent application for a language learner that wants to learn interactively. At the same time, Lingvist is suitable for serious learners and are motivated to achieve their target language, especially their vocab skills.

However, both apps are pricey and do not help the language proficiency and language acquisition of a language learner. And if you are searching for an alternative app that can help you learn more than one language and improve your grammar skills, then Ling App is the best for you.

You can read other language learning reviews in Ling app like Lingvist ReviewDrops Vs. Busuu and other language apps.

Alternative Learning Language App: Ling App

Drops Vs Lingvist

Ling App by Simya Solutions is an easy-to-use language learning application that a beginner must-have. This app is one of the best language learning apps because it offers 60+ languages like Thai, Korean, Georgian, Tagalog, Cantonese, Malay, German, Khmer, and other minority languages.

You can learn this foreign languages through playing interactive games (quizzes, mini-games, and flashcards), reading informative and educational blog posts. Those educational blog posts have different topics that can improve your vocabulary and grammatical skills like Common Korean Vocabulary, Learning Tagalog, Georgian Alphabet. If you are excited to learn a new language in a new and hassle way, download and learn with Ling App now!

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