#1 Quick Drops VS Duolingo Review

As we want to assist you as much as possible during your language learning journey, here is a new Drops vs Duolingo language learning app review! If you are in search of the best language learning apps, you’re sure to learn all you need to know right here.

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Drops: First Look

Drops is a well-known language learning app that focuses primarily on teaching vocabulary words. It gives you the vocabulary under different topics, so everything is categorized and easy to navigate.

The downside is that Drops doesn’t focus on grammar. Not to mention, the activities can feel a little repetitive if you use the app consistently. This app is not sufficient when used on its own since it only builds your vocabulary. For grammar, writing, reading, and speaking practice you need to use another app.

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Features Of Drops

Engaging Activities

The activities in the Drops language learning app are very different than other language apps. They are kind of like puzzles. This technique is not only enjoyable, but it helps learners retain the information longer.

The Tough Word Dojo

Normally, a dojo is a place for intensive and challenging training. If your target language is Japanese, Korean, or Chinese you can benefit from using this feature. The Tough Word dojo is basically a place where you can work on the more difficult words or the words that you are more likely to forget. Drops has an algorithm to find the words that you need to practice more frequently.

Track Your Learning Process

Drops classify learners from Newcomer (knows 0 words) to Conversationalist (knows 2,000+ words). If you commit yourself to learn a new language, you can easily learn 2,000+ words with Drops! Language experts say that having a 2,000-word repertoire is enough to have an effective conversation.

Drops also enable you to see the words you learn each day, how accurately you learned them, and how many new words you started to learn.


The first thing that catches your eye is the unique design of the app. The colors and layout keep your attention so that you don’t feel bored even after using the app for a long time. The animations are also cute and add a unique touch.

Free Version Of Drops

Unfortunately, the free version is not very promising. With the free version of the Drops language app, you only get a very limited trial version. You can only use it for 5 minutes every 10 hours. Plus, there are many disrupting ads.

Premium Version Of Drops

In the premium subscription, you have to pay $8.49 per month or $69.99 per year. You can also get a lifetime subscription for $159.99 if you love it that much.

Premium Version Benefits:

  • Full access to all 43 foreign languages
  • No advertisements
  • Offline access
  • Preference to choose and skip words you want to learn

Pros & Cons Of Drops

Unique design and easy to useNo grammar
Topicalized vocabularyFree version is very limited
Engaging activitiesDoesn’t advance overall language skills


Duolingo: First Look

As you know, Duolingo is one of the most well-known language learning apps. Duolingo has a large number of language courses, which makes it perfect for learning the basics of a new language.

This famous app is based on the grammar-translation method, which has been a highly criticized language teaching method by language teachers and experts in recent years. However, a Duolingo course can still teach you many things, like sentence structure and new vocabulary.

Learning grammar is pretty simple with Duolingo. But, is this app good enough to help you master your language skills, particularly speaking? Let’s find out together through this quick and concise Duolingo review! If you want to learn more, you can also check out this detailed Duolingo review.

Features Of Duolingo

Gamified Approach

Each language course is made out of a tree system in Duolingo. As you finish lessons one by one, you reach a checkpoint. As you complete lessons, they turn into gold. If you see a crack in these golds after some time, it means that you should revise those lessons in order to not forget what you have learned so far.

Basically, to pass a language course successfully, you must complete all checkpoints. But, every time you make a mistake, your heart goes down. When you’re left with no hearts, you have to wait until they are filled again.

Motivational Competition

Duolingo gives you an opportunity to compete with other learners in the language learning area. You can even follow your friends and keep an eye on their progress as well. The leaderboard is updated at the beginning of every week, so you always get a chance to get first place!

Duolingo consists of 10 leagues in total. While the top ten learners level up to the next league, the bottom ten learners are demoted back to the previous league.

Short Stories

In Duolingo, you can read short stories based on your proficiency level. There are many different stories and topics to choose from. As you read and finish them, they get more challenging. Like checkpoints, each story cover turns into gold after you finish it, but you can always reread them as many times as you want.


Podcasts are another free feature of Duolingo, but, sadly, they are not available in every language. As of now, they are only available in English, Spanish, and French. If you are studying one of these languages, make sure to give it a try!

Lesson Design

In Duolingo, you can practice writing, reading, speaking, and listening in every single lesson. All the lessons follow the same pattern no matter how many checkpoints you have passed, which can be quite repetitive.

Pros & Cons Duolingo

FreeDoesn’t have a topical categorization
Huge language repertoireLessons are repetitive
Advances overall language skillsUnuseful phrases 
Different language materialsDistracting ads


Which Language App Is Better: Drops Vs Duolingo?

Actually, these two apps offer different things for language learners. If you want to build up your vocabulary, Drops is what you need, but not necessarily all you need.

If you want to learn every aspect of a language, Duolingo is perfect. With Duolingo, you can practice every language learning skill, from reading, writing, speaking, to listening.


Learn With The Ling App!

Still not sure which app to choose? If you are still feeling indecisive about which app is the best for you, you can always try the Ling App!

learn languages with Ling

The Ling App is an effective language learning app that offers lessons in more than 60 languages.

Its gamified teaching method with interactive language practices and activities can help you master your new language in just 10 minutes a day. Whether you want to learn how to read, write, listen, speak, or all of the above, Ling can help you do that.

You can find the app in both the App Store and Play Store. What’s more, you can try it for free to see if you really like it!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ling App and start your language learning journey now!

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