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Thai nicknames

Do you have a nickname? Nicknames, which are shorter, descriptive names people give to others, are not uncommon for children in the West. More often than not, friends are the ones who give you a nickname, which they then refer to you as. From my knowledge, they may be seen as embarrassing for some.

Thai nicknames are a bit different, however. They are used much more often and have more significance too. So what is it that makes them unique? That is what we will be looking into today. 

What Are Thai Nicknames Like?

Just for the purposes of clarification, nicknames, known as “chʉ̂ʉ lên” (ชื่อเล่น) in Thai, play a slightly more prominent role in Thailand. Sure, many of us have a few friends which we have given nicknames based on certain characteristics.

However, in Thailand, nicknames are generally given by parents or relatives when the child is born, alongside their ‘real’ name. 

There are a number of historical and cultural reasons for the prominence of Thai nicknames. However, we won’t be covering them all today as there are a number of different theories as to why this occurred.

Nicknames are often used more frequently than their real names. Parents, teachers, friends, and more will refer to them by this name. In fact, you may be referring to many of your Thai friends by their nickname rather than their proper name.

I imagine that even in some formal situations, their nicknames may be used. Some people may not even know their close friends’ real names!

If you remember back to when we discussed Thai names before, they tend to be quite long. As such, shorter nicknames were given as a shorthand way of referring to people. They generally are not related to the ‘real’ name in any way, instead of being an extra name.

To contrast with the length of given names in Thai, nicknames are often one or two syllables long, making them much quicker to say or write.

There is a meaning behind Thai nicknames, however. Whether they relate to the personality or something desirable, they are chosen specifically for each person. Even as they grow and change, the nickname will usually stick with them for life.

What Are Common Thai nicknames

What Are Common Thai Nicknames?

When it comes to Thai nicknames, there are actually quite a few examples that you will come across often. This can be a nightmare when searching for your friend’s name on a social media site, as hundreds of people with that exact nickname will also appear. Anyhow, let’s focus on these common Thai nicknames and the meaning behind them.

There are some common categories from which Thai nicknames are derived. In the past, the names of colors were used. These include the likes of dɛɛŋ” (แดง), “dam” (ดำ), or “sôm” (ส้ม), which mean red, black, and orange, respectively.

Food names are a popular choice too. “Chomphûu” (ชมพู่), meaning rose apple, is one you will come across quite often. The same can be said for “taan” (ตาล) – sugar palm – and “tɛɛŋmoo” (แตงโม), which means watermelon.

Animals, planets, and even technology are also considered when naming. It all really depends on the individual’s characteristics or what the name-giver hopes for in life. Males and females typically do not have the same nicknames, though there is some overlap.

Female nicknames tend to sound more feminine or have meanings that are seen as feminine. The opposite applies to male nicknames.

Below are some common Thai nicknames:

1. อ๊อด (ót) Tadpole

2. อ้วน (ûan) Fat

3. ใหญ่ (yài) Big

4. หมู (mŏo) Pig

5. หมี (mĕe) Bear

6. หนู (nŏo) Mouse

7. หนึ่ง (nèung) One

8. หนอน (nŏn) Worm

9. หงส์ (hŏng) Swan

10. เสือ (sĕua) Tiger

11. สอง (sŏng) Two

12. ส้ม (sôm) Orange

13. เล็ก (lék) Small

14. แมว (maew) Cat

15. มด (mót) Ant

16. เป็ด (bpèt) Duck

17. ปู (bpoo) Crab

18. ปุ้ย (bpûi) Plump

19. ปลา (bplaa) Fish

20. บุ๋ม (bŭm) Dimpled

21. นิด (nít) Small

22. น้อย (nói) Small

23. นก (nók) Bird

24. เต่า (dtào) Turtle

25. ต้อย (dtôi) Tiny

26. แดง (daeng) Red

27. ดำ (dam) Black

28. เจี๊ยบ (jíap) Baby chicken

29. ไก่ (gài) Chicken

30. กุ้ง (gûng) Shrimp

31. กบ (gòp) Frog

Are There English Thai Nicknames?

Pretty confusing title, right? These are Thai nicknames that happen to be English words. This is where things can get kind of strange for English speakers, as Thai people like to take regular nouns and verbs and use them as nicknames for their children.

As weird as it sounds, it again draws from the same beliefs behind the Thai nicknames. They are said to have some sort of impact on the person and provide them with different attributes depending on the name.

Much like their Thai equivalents, the choices for nicknames in English are often meant to convey some part of a person’s personality. However, you will also come across common English names but in Thai form too. 

While they can be quite funny, it is often quite obvious the reasoning behind the choices. For example, you may come across brand names like “Benz” (เบนซ์), which is likely meant to reflect wealth and status. Names like “Art” (อาร์ต) are chosen to bring about artistic skills and beauty.

You may have noticed some names that sound particularly unflattering. This is actually intentional. There is a belief that the use of nicknames deters ghouls and demons from identifying children by their true names.

Similarly, if they are given an unflattering name, they will be more likely not to kidnap that child when they are born. I don’t know about you, but I find this belief fascinating.

Here are the nicknames you can choose:

English Thai nicknames

Common English Thai Nickname To Choose From

1. Apple
แอปเปิ้ล àep-bpêrn

2. Bank
แบงค์ báeng

3. Beer
เบียร์ bia

4. Beam
บีม beem

5. Cake
เค้ก káyk

6. Benz
เบนซ์ bayn

7. Cream
ครีม kreem

8. Bomb
บอมบ์ bom

9. Ice
ไอซ์ ai

10. Bonus
โบนัส boh-nát

11. Itim (from “ice cream”)
ไอติม ai-dtim

12. Fiat
เฟียต fîat

13. Jam
แยม yaem

14. Ford
ฟอร์ด fôt

15. Mint
มิ้นท์ mín

16. Gear
เกียร์ gia

17. Milk
มิลค์ min

18. Gift
กิฟท์ gìf

19. Art
อาร์ต áat

20. A / Ay
เอ ay

21. Ball
บอล bon

22. B / Bee
บี bee

23. Cartoon
การ์ตูน gaa-dtoon

24. J / Jay
เจ jay

25. Film
ฟิล์ม fim

26. M / Em
เอ็ม em

27. Game
เกม gaym

28. O / Oh
โอ oh

29. Golf
กอล์ฟ góf

30. Q / Kiw
คิว kiw

31. Guitar
กีตาร์ gee-dtâa

32. R / Ah
อาร์ aa

33. Joke
โจ๊ก jóhk

34. X / Ek
เอ็กส์ èk

35. Ping Pong
ปิงปอง bping-bpong

36. Y / Wai
วาย waai

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