Survival Phrases In Thai: 10+ Crucial Examples+Tips

survival phrases in Thai

Thailand has become a byword for picturesque beaches and thriving city nightlife; however, if you get into the countryside, it can become a different story. Some parts of Thailand are way off the beaten path, and if you get into difficulties, it would be useful to know these survival phrases in Thai. Of course, the most important is help which in Thai is Ch̀wy ช่วย

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N.B. A common phrase you might hear is survival phrases in Thai, meaning not literal words you use when it’s a matter of life and death, but instead basic phrases that help you out in everyday situations. If that’s the list you’re looking for, i.e., basic Thai phrases, then click here.

Survival Vocabulary Words In Thai

These are the names of survival items that may need to request in an emergency, or ask for at a store if you’re creating a survival kit.

Cooking potหม้อปรุงอาหารH̄m̂x prung xāh̄ār
First aid kitอุปกรณ์ปฐมพยาบาลเบื้องต้นXupkrṇ̒ pṭ̄hmphyābāl beụ̄̂xngt̂n
Hiking bootรองเท้าเดินป่าRxngthêā dein p̀ā
Life jacketเสื้อชูชีพS̄eụ̄̂x chūchīph
Sleeping bagถุงนอนT̄hung nxn
Water bottleขวดน้ำK̄hwd n̂ả

Survival – Essential Phrases In Thai

Here are some questions you can ask locals to help you.

Can you point to the…ชี้ไปที่…Chī̂ pị thī̀…
Help! I’m lostช่วยด้วย! ฉันหลงทางCh̀wy duay! C̄hạn h̄lng thāng
I think my leg is brokenนึกว่าขาหักNụk ẁā k̄hā h̄ạk
Is this plant safe to eat?พืชนี้ปลอดภัยที่จะกินหรือไม่?Phụ̄ch nī̂ plxdp̣hạy thī̀ ca kin h̄rụ̄x mị̀?
Is there fresh water near here?มีน้ำจืดอยู่ใกล้ที่นี่หรือไม่?Mī n̂ả cụ̄d xyū̀ kıl̂ thī̀ nī̀ h̄rụ̄x mị̀?
What is the name of this fruit?ผลไม้นี้ชื่ออะไรP̄hl mị̂ nī̂ chụ̄̀x xarị
When is help coming?ความช่วยเหลือจะมาเมื่อไหร่?Khwām ch̀wyh̄elụ̄x ca mā meụ̄̀x h̄ịr̀?
Where is the nearest hospitalโรงพยาบาลที่ใกล้ที่สุดอยู่ที่ไหนRong phyābāl thī̀ kıl̂ thī̀s̄ud xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịn
Where is the first aid kit?ชุดปฐมพยาบาลอยู่ที่ไหน?Chud pṭ̄hmphyābāl xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịn?
Who is the operator of the tour?ใครเป็นผู้ดำเนินการทัวร์?Khır pĕn p̄hū̂ dảnein kār thạwr̒?

What To Do If You’re Lost In The Jungle In Thailand

1. Your first and most pressing concern is to find fresh water. Some classic signs that you may be near water are seeing more mosquitos or larger animals (don’t worry, nothing in the Thai jungle can really kill you except snakes). The predominance of snakes is, in fact, overestimated, and the old adage is true that they’re more scared of you than you are of them.

survival phrases in Thai - human get water from the river with a green cup

If you’re lost in the mountains, water will often be at the foothill of a cliff. The good news is that it rains a lot in the tropics, and although this presents other difficulties, it also means you should never be thirsty.

Another easy way to collect water is by using a bottle or a can you brought. However, don’t let the water sit too long. If you cannot find water, you can alternatively collect the dew that accumulates in the morning. Don’t collect dew from poisonous plants. Even if you find water, you must purify it, which means starting a fire. If you can’t start a fire, leave the water in sunlight for about 6 hours to kill bacteria.

2. Build a shelter. Use the terrain to your advantage. Find two trees about 3 meters apart and lay a support beam between them. Next, pile foliage around the base to create a roof.

survival phrases in Thai-man in the forest with fire

3. Find food. The good news is that Thailand is abundant with fruit. Also, although this is a little icky, you can overturn rocks and eat insects which are a valuable source of protein. You can also find many mushrooms but exercise caution if you don’t know which mushrooms are safe.

4. Get rescued. Stay within the zone where you got lost. The chances are that people will come looking for you. The further you wander from this original point, the less chance you have of being in the location that they’re looking. If you managed to light a fire, burn green foilage that gives off a lot of smoke. Also, if you have something reflective like a mirror or piece of foil, use this to attract the attention of planes and helicopters.

Most importantly, stay calm and have faith that help is on the way. 

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