How To Make Thai Friends: 5 Best And Must-Have Habits

Why is it necessary to make Thai friends while living in Thailand? In this guide, we’ll tell you why as well as explore aspects of Thai culture

Foreigners living abroad sometimes have a separate isolated group. But, nobody can live a normal life without interacting with the native people. So that is why while living in Thailand, you need to learn how to make Thai friends.

For making friends in Thai, your foremost requirement is to know the Thai language. Now the question is how to learn Thai?? The answer is Ling Live; it helps many people learn and speak Thai with an online tutor. 


How To Make Thai Friends – Must-Have Habits

1. Surround Yourself With Thai Culture

Learning Thai and surrounding yourself with Thai culture will help you make many good friends. This means reading up on Thai history, politics, economics, and religion. A good place to start is the history of Buddhism because Buddhism is such an integral part of the lives of many Thai people.

2. Visit Native Restaurants Or Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are where young people discuss ideas. There are often many great coffee shops in and around universities. If you’re a native English speaker, students will want to talk to you to practice their English. This is a great opportunity for an exchange of cultural ideas. N.B Bangkok has some of the best coffee shops in the world.

3. Visit Native Stores

Visit a store near you to help you make Thai friends. Buy groceries and start talking to the storekeeper about his daily routine. You can ask what is your lifestyle? What type of other things do you like? Etc.

Many storekeepers, particularly in tourist areas will have a good grasp of English, so maybes you can code-switch between English and Thai to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

4. Greet Friends With A Smile

This Habit is very powerful to attract people to yourself. Always greet people around you with a smiley face. Thailand is called the land of smiles for a reason. A big smile is not seen as overbearing, but the standard way to approach someone.

A smiley face releases endorphins in the brains of the people you’re meeting, leaving a positive impression of yourself while you’re talking to them as well as after the interaction.

5. Call Friends With Their Nick Names

Try to call them by their nicknames; Thai people often have a nickname. When you are sitting in a group of your friends, talk with them politely and ask about their nicknames.

However, people mostly do not like to discuss their private matters in a friendship group– especially girls and women.


Some Final Notes On Making Friends

How To Make Thai Friends

I hope this blog has established just how important it is to make friends when you come to a foreign country. It doesn’t just have positive social effects but is also beneficial to your mental health. A lot of people who seek help for their mental health could go a long way to being cured if they just had a close friend to share their life with.

In our increasingly divided time, making friends is more important than ever. When governments have problems with other governments, it is sometimes down to the people in the societies themselves to show them the way.

Living in a foreign country and making friends teaches you just as much about yourself as about other people. When you can become established in a place like Thailand, it gives you inner strength because you’ve shown yourself you can prosper out of your comfort zone. If you can make a solid group of friends, that’s even more powerful.


Time To Learn The Thai Language 

Ling Live, a fantastic app for learning Thai. It is intended to provide a seamless tutor-student interaction for personalized language courses. Moreover, it enables users to study with local experts. 

Finding a decent individual Thai instructor online is difficult. However, it is not the case with Simya Solution’s Ling Live. On Ling Live, anyone can interact with a large number of skilled Thai instructors who are willing to help you!

Instructors help learners understand Thai by using creative learning methods. By installing the app, you may participate in a structured course that will help you learn and practice a new language. With our filters feature, you will be able to find a teacher tailor-made to suit your requirements. For example, perhaps you want to find an expert who is an expert in writing. No problem. Ling Live allows you to do that.

How To Make Thai Friends

A Thai teacher will also be able to point you in the direction of groups that meet and discuss Thai matters. Teachers are often already part of active learning communities that they can introduce you to also.

A good accompaniment to the app is Ling. A great way to consolidate everything you’ve learned in the app is by going through the structured content. Of course, the best way to practice speaking is with a tutor, but memorizing vocabulary can be just as easily done using our SRS flashcards. Our listening exercises are also recorded by native speakers(although dynamic listening in our virtual classroom is better).

You may also browse our posts on the website of Ling Live. Read “How to find the best Thai tutor?” and “Best Thai tutor resources” to learn more about the Thai language. This blog is updated weekly, so make sure you keep an eye out for updates.

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