How To Remember Thai Words – 15 Amazing Tips

Being in a different place might be challenging, but learning the language lets you feel more connected to your surroundings, even if it appears frightening and unattainable.

If you want to know what tool is utilized to assist you learn Thai quickly, it’s Ling Live. It dramatically accelerates the learning process, particularly how to remember Thai words, memorize Thai characters, identify new words, and read. All of these are necessary for learning Thai.

Learning the language is the most fantastic way to gain insight into this great, distinctive, and intriguing culture. The best thing you can do is be a member of the community, and for this learning, the language of the natives is required.

While you may still enjoy your Thailand trip if you just know English, learning a few Thai terms will pay off in spades. Unlike many other Asian countries, Thais expect you to know hello and thank you in their tongue. Isn’t it the very least you can do for a fantastic vacation? As a result, we will show you how to remember Thai words more effectively in this post!


Is It Hard To Remember Thai Words Or Thai Vocabulary?

It is never too easy to learn a new language. You will need to learn thousands of common words, new grammatical rules, new phonetics, new phrases and idioms, and more if you want to become proficient or conversational.

When you have to start from the beginning, it might be a daunting task. There may be few resources available to you because of the language’s limited cultural impact, but this is simply not the case.

There are several materials available. You only need to know where to search, how to utilize them, and what steps you take before diving into the language to get the most of what you have.

Is Thai a complex language to learn? Yes. The Foreign Service Institute divides languages into different categories depending on how challenging they are to learn for a native English speaker. There are five different difficulty levels; the greater the number, the more difficult it is. Thai is categorized as a language of category 4.

To really understand a language, you must master four skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.


15 Best Tips To Remember Thai Words

How To Remember Thai Words
1 Repetition is key: read, write, and pronounce the exact words again and over.
 2Associate words with drawings, photos, and humorous situations.
 3Make an effort to utilize the language regularly in your daily life.
 4Reading as much as possible, particularly in the newspaper, aids with word recall.
 5Learn about the origins of words and how they are connected to one another.
 6Speak with native speakers as much as possible.
 7Sort new words into categories based on similar terms you already know.
 8Even if your family or dog doesn’t understand you, keep practicing with your family or dog every day.
 9Say the words aloud so that you can hear them.
 10Match new words with terms in your own language that sound similar.
 11Memorize the words to songs by listening to them.
 12Frequently watch children’s programming on television or YouTube.
 13Learn new words by associating them with stories, games, or movies.
 14To learn complete phrases rather than simply individual words, try to utilize the new word in a simple statement.
 15Try to think in Thai as often as possible so that it becomes second nature to you.

Pro Tip To Remember Thai Words More Effectively

In addition to video lessons, learning to read common words is highly beneficial for everyday life. Reading menus, road signs, and grocery items is not only necessary, but it may also help you expand your Thai vocabulary.

Are you not familiar with the Thai word “snacks”? It’s easy to figure out by glancing at grocery store signs. Are you having trouble remembering Thai words for beef or turkey? Seeing it on a menu will constantly refresh your memories. Have you ever had a tasty new dish and you’d like to have it again but can’t recall what the waitress named it? Read the menu on their food cart.

Keeping And Improving Your Reading And Listening Comprehension

One more piece of advice for the language learners is that they should also use the Thai alphabet and spellings to spell out the names of locations and people in their country.

It is pretty beneficial in cementing the rules of the writing system, both phonetically and in terms of writing order. Unlike the Latin script, the writing method of Thai script is not as simple as writing left to right.

On the other hand, the symbols generally follow the same route, and it is not as tough as it appears. Also, at the same time, language learners should pay more attention to the symbols and pronunciation than the tonal rules.

The tone norms might choke your ability to learn. Five tones will come more readily to you than the others, so concentrate on the essentials.


Final Words

Simya Solutions‘ resources, such as their YouTube video lessons to learn Thai, Ling app Thai blogs, and Ling Live App, would be ideal to combine with everything I’ve said. If you are an absolute beginner, these resources polish the most important skills (speaking and listening) before visiting Thailand fully.

How To Remember Thai Words

Now you know how to remember Thai words, but the most crucial stage and test of your knowledge and aptitude are to speak and listen to locals. So, don’t be shy to converse with strangers. Thai people are really quite friendly and thankful for you learning their Thai language. IT makes it a lot simpler for you and makes you feel like you are part of the community.

If you don’t know any Thai person in your area, Ling Live is a great resource and an excellent place to start language learning. This app is fantastic since it allows you to communicate with actual locals from the comfort of your own home. You may even select and choose your conversationalists and professors. For more information, don’t forget to visit the website or download the app!

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