#1 Guide To Colors In Swahili: Best Way To Learn!

Are you having a hard time describing the colors in Swahili? If so, you’re in luck! We have the best guide to not only help you learn Swahili, but to learn the Swahili colors confidently.

After you read this guide, you’ll never need another one ever again! Here, you’ll learn some essential help Swahili sentences as well as other common words in the Swahili language. If this interests you, definitely make sure to keep reading more!

What Do Colors Mean In African Culture?

A great way to know a country’s culture as well as its heritage is by knowing the symbolism of its colors. Depending on which nation, there are a lot of different meanings and definitions a certain color can hold. Whether it is to express peace, anger, or even love, you can definitely use colors to get your feeling across!


In some cultures, the color red is a symbol of luck or love. However, if you visit Africa, you’ll soon realize that red symbolizes death and grief. The color red is a reminder of the blood that was shed when Africa was fighting for its independence, including the sacrifices made by so many generations so that Africans could have the freedom they have now. Red reminds those of the tough and challenging times so many faced before them.


When you use the color blue in Africa, it signifies love and peace. So, if you visit Africa and you want to send the message of togetherness and peace, definitely wear the color blue. Furthermore, blue is actually considered a feminine color in African culture as well.


In other countries, yellow is often associated with feelings of warmth and optimism, but this isn’t the case in Africa. If you want to associate yourself with wealth, power, money, and success, you should wear the color yellow! Since this color is close to the color gold, it is reserved for those in power and who have money.


While green often symbolizes money in other countries, in Africa the color green represents abundance and African culture. It is also the color that is used to symbolize spiritual renewal. So, if you want to manifest and attract such forces around you, you might want to wear this color more!

Easy List Of Colors In Swahili

colors in Swahili

If you are interested to learn Swahili, you might want to get started with these words. Not only will these words serve as a great foundation to build off of, but they are fun to know! After all, isn’t one of the most common statements we make when we are introducing ourselves our favorite color?

PinkA waridi
Red OrangeNyekundu ya machungwa
Red VioletViolet Nyekundu
Blue GreenBluu ya Kijani
Sky BlueBluu ya Anga
Baby PinkMtoto wa Pink
Pastel GreenPastel ya kijani
Pastel BlueBluu ya Pastel
Pastel PinkRangi ya Pastel
Pastel YellowPastel Njano

With these colors translated into Swahili, you can finally start your Swahili language journey!

Essential Phrases To Know About Colors In Swahili

Do you want to learn even more? If the answer is yes, then make sure to take a look at these Swahili phrases about different colors! While knowing each color is great, it won’t really get you too far. In order to truly increase your language skills and overall knowledge, you have to learn and practice entire phrases and sentences. So, you’d better get started!

What color is this?Hii ni rangi gani?
This color is niceRangi hii ni nzuri
I like this colorNinapenda rangi hii
I dislike this colorSipendi rangi hii
Do you have any other colors?Je! una rangi nyingine yoyote?
I want this in a different colorNataka hii kwa rangi tofauti

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colors in Swahili

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