10+ Hilarious Slovenian Swear Words

Slovenian swear words

Swear words aren’t always the best words to learn in a language, as they may be perceived as offensive or rude. However, Slovenian has some really funny curse words that aren’t meant to be any of those things, but will probably make you laugh instead. Here is an example: Pojdi se solit which means, “Go, salt yourself!” Isn’t that funny instead of rude?

In this post, we’ll go through the most used Slovenian swear words and explain a bit why they have become prevalent over time.

Slovenian Swear Words

When Slovenians want to express their frustration or excitement, they may often use words that would not be appropriate to write here.

However, there’s an array that’s perfect for language learners like yourself. They will not only make you laugh, but also make it seem like Slovenian makes no sense at all sometimes. Here are some of those swear words, what they mean, and in what context they can be used:

Three Hundred Hairy Bears – Tristo Kosmatih Medvedov

I know this is a very funny curse word, but bear with me. Imagine you’re faced with a situation that’s incredibly frustrating or annoying. You’re so exasperated that you can’t find the right words to express your feelings. Suddenly, out of sheer absurdity, you blurt out, “Three hundred hairy bears!”

It’s like summoning a comically wild image of a horde of grizzly bears, each one hairier than the last, to convey just how absurd and aggravating the situation is. It’s a bit like saying, “Oh, for the love of all things wild and woolly!” but with a Slovenian twist and a dash of humor.

May The Hen Kick You – Naj Te Koklja Brcne

This one already sounds a bit more aggressive, but it’s still a really funny curse word. You would say this to someone when annoyed at them, but it could also be used in disbelief or shock. It’s not considered super offensive but rather can be used in a funny context.

An angry chicken

God Doesn’t Love You – Bog Te Nima Rad

Slovenia has a Catholic background, so there are swear words connected to this context. When you say this silly curse word to someone, it’s probably because they have done something dumb, and you think God doesn’t love them and, therefore, made them stupid.

It can also be used when something bad keeps happening to someone, meaning they have bad luck.

Go Salt Yourself – Pojdi Se Solit

In Slovenia, when you’re annoyed with someone, you would tell them to go salt themselves. The Slovenian language can be funny this way. It basically means to get lost, but not in a very mean way.

Let The Devil Take You – Naj Te Vrag Vzame

You would use this when very angry with someone. Pretty much like telling them to go to hell. While it may sound harsh in English, in Slovenian culture, it’s understood as a common way to express anger, while also not seeming super rude or offensive.

Some Other Slovenian Curse Words

We’ve covered the basics, now here’s a list of some other common Slovenian swear words.

At my soul!Prmejduš!
Shit! Crap!Sranje!
Damn housefly!Šmentana muha!
For God’s sake!Zaboga!
What the hell?Kaj za vraga?
Baptized Matthew!Krščen Matiček!
Man holding a paper with expletives

How Do You Say Swear Word In Slovenian?

The word for swear word in Slovenian is kletvica. It’s the term used to describe those colorful expressions we might use when we’re really angry or upset.

Learning swear words might not be the nicest part of the language, but it’s a part of it nonetheless. For language learners, this can usually be a funny topic as well. Some people learn swear words in certain languages, not to insult others, but to create a funny atmosphere when talking to native speakers.

But if you’re serious about learning the language, then of course you should learn the nicer things too. If you’re one of those, try giving the Ling app a try, as it will help guide you on your Slovenian learning journey. For now, I’ve prepared some Slovenian vocabulary related to swearing and offensive language:

To InsultZmerjati
To cussPreklinjati

Frequently Asked Questions About Slovenian Swear Words

Is It True Slovenians Don’t Have Their Own Bad Words?

When it comes to harsh and offensive swear words, Slovenian more or less does not have their own bad words, but uses borrowed words from similar nearby languages, such as Serbian.

Are Slovenian People Friendly?

If you travel to Slovenia, it’s highly likely you’ll get a warm welcome. Slovenians are very friendly, and you won’t hear any bad language used in any kind of professional setting or social interaction. Slovenians tend to be polite, hospitable, and helpful to visitors. They often take pride in their country and enjoy sharing their culture and traditions with others.

Which Language Has No Swear Words?

Apparently, there is no culture or language in the world that doesn’t have any type of swear words or ways to express anger and frustration (or excitement). Of course, every language also doesn’t approve of highly offensive words, meaning they cannot be used in formal or professional settings. That’s just the power the words have.

Saying swear words

Discovering The Lighter Side Of Slovenian Swear Words

I bet you didn’t expect Slovenian swear words to include bears and hens, but there you have it. Slovenians just aren’t too much into vulgar language, even though they may use some examples that weren’t covered in this blog. They usually like to keep things light and make each other laugh instead of being rude.

I also hope this blog was helpful to language learners who are interested in Slovenian culture as well. While not central to language learning, understanding swear words adds a fun spin to interactions and shows us the diversity of languages.

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