10+ Unique Music Vocabulary In Russian

Let’s sing some Russian tunes! Because one of the most interesting musical pieces and songs that has shaped the world today is definitely songs from Russia, we have made the best and the easiest guide for you to know about it. When we say that we got you, we really do! Along with the popular musical genres in Russia today, we have also made a list of the music vocabulary in Russian that you must know!

While this language is known to be very challenging and hard to learn at times, knowing their culture through music will surely hook and excite you in knowing Russian! If you still haven’t even thought about learning Russian just yet, then this article might just be your sign to do so! Definitely do not worry because we will walk you through this step by step.

Get To Know These Music Vocabulary In Russian!

Learning about Russia’s music vocabulary is not something you would find yourself thinking about as often, and that’s okay!

Music Vocabulary In Russian

But if you are a lover of music or you just want to kickstart learning Russian, this is definitely one way for you to get started. These will be really interesting for you to learn even if you do not have a background in the Russian language, we promise!

BassБас (Bas)
CelloВиолончель (Violonchelʹ)
CymbalsТарелки (Tarelki)
DrumsУдарные (Udarnyye)
Electric guitarЭлектрогитара (Elektrogitara)
FluteФлейта (Fleyta)
GuitarГитара (Gitara)
PianoФортепиано (Fortepiano)
SingПеть (Pet’)
SingerПевица (Pevitsa)
SongПесня (Pesnya)
TrumpetТруба (Truba)
Ukeleleукулеле (Ukelele)
ViolinСкрипка (Skripka)
XylophoneКсилофон (Ksilofon)

Know These Popular Music Genres In Russia Today!

What’s a complete guide about the Russian music vocabulary without its popular genres, right? Get a glimpse of what are the favorites of Russians when it comes to the tunes that groove!

Music Vocabulary In Russian

Along with the Russian words that you know about, this is also very great to really dig deep and get to know the rich heritage of such an interesting country. Are you ready? Let’s get things started and rolling!

Russian Chanson

Commonly known and called by the locals as Блатная песня (Blatnaya pesnya), this genre is definitely like no other. Russian Chanson is a popular genre in Russia because it mainly talks about the prison life, the underclass, as well as the criminal underworld by using various slang such as the prison slangs. What draws the people of Russia to this type of genre is how it tells the stories and the hardships that they go through as well as their feelings.

Though this particular kind of music is a bit darker and is much heavier in theme unlike others, it has its own way of touching the hearts of the listeners and really allowing them to also connect their own personal struggles with the artists. It’s necessarily just about crimes, but it is a much deeper musical genre because of how the artists really became vulnerable and shared their own personal struggles.

Russian Classical Music

Another musical that has touched the hearts of most Russians is surely the Russian classical music. Mainly about Russia’s deep culture and interesting people, this is one of the many great ways in which you can get to know the country on a different level. With this genre, you will surely be able to see the mirror of Russia’s heritage!

It is also safe to say, that because this genre has put Russia in the spotlight worldwide, it has greatly influenced other cultures like the Western culture. Aside from how the pieces of this type of music have captured the hearts of the people to listen to it, it has paved the way for other genres and other artists to be masters of their own craft! Because of that, this type of musical genre is still popular and is loved by many up until today.

Russian Pop

What’s a list without a bit of pop? Last but not the least, is Russian pop! With this musical genre that is more popular with teenagers and in women, you will definitely see a different side of Russian talent that you still have not yet seen before! It is not just limited to one style which makes it very interesting. Because it is diverse and the songs of this genre are highly relatable, you might want to give Russian pop a shot!

Besides that, this can also be a great way for you to learn Russian the fun way! Because songs can help you memorize words and phrases easier, knowing a couple of Russian pop songs that you can sing with your friends might just be the key. If singing is not your thing, then there is definitely the Ling App that can help you!

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Music Vocabulary In Russian

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