#1 Best Guide To Clothing Vocabulary In Latvian

Clothing Vocabulary in Latvian

Imagine this: you’re in Latvia, and suddenly a storm comes, and you’re stuck outside without a coat. But wait, it gets worse! You want to buy one, but you can’t find a store that sells them, and you don’t know how to say it in Latvian! Brrrrr, I feel cold just thinking about this! Don’t let this happen to you, and let me teach you all about clothing vocabulary in Latvian in this post.

The last time I went to Riga, I forgot my jacket at home. When I was packing, I completely left it out, and I only thought about it when I was already in the air heading to Latvia. Nice one, Miguel! Anyway, I was in a new country, in cold weather, without a jacket! No way I was going to freeze, so I searched for a jacket.

At first, it was hard because I kept walking into stores that were not focused on this type of clothing. Luckily I knew that jacket was jaka, so I literally approached the first person I encountered in the street to ask for help. A lovely lady pointed me in the right direction, and in a matter of minutes, I had already bought my new Latvian jacket to take home as a souvenir!

As you can see, knowing a few words in the local language is helpful in these situations and interesting as I discovered that the word for “jacket” in Latvian is super similar to English!

So my question is, what do you lose in learning a few clothing-related words for your next trip to Latvia? The answer is nothing, so let’s take a look at some vocabulary and help you take a step closer to speaking Latvian!

Clothing Vocabulary in Latvian - Closet

What Do Latvian People Wear?

First of all, let’s discuss what you should wear if you’re heading to Latvia. Some countries are more conservative than others, so it is important to know any clothing restrictions to be respectful and polite to a certain culture. The last thing you want in a foreign country is to wear something that locals feel is offensive or disrespectful to their culture.

So what do Latvian people wear? Basically, Latvian people are very casual and don’t have big dress codes or clothing restrictions. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be walking in the street naked, but you have a lot of freedom with what you can wear!

Easy Clothing Vocabulary In Latvian Cheatsheet

Let’s get our hands dirty and learn how to say a few words related to clothing in Latvian. But first, we should learn how to say the word “clothing” in Latvian. The direct translation is apģērbs, while clothes are translated to drēbes

The next table has all the terms you need to be a full expert on clothing-related discussions in Latvian. If the verbs sound a bit too hard, keep practicing, and if you need to know how to pronounce them, press the little blue play button!

BlouseBlūze[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Blūze[/Speechword]
BootsZābaki[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Zābaki[/Speechword]
Bow TieTauriņš[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Tauriņš[/Speechword]
BoxersBokseri[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Bokseri[/Speechword]
BriefsBiksītes[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Biksītes[/Speechword]
CapVāciņš[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Vāciņš[/Speechword]
ClothingApģērbs[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Apģērbs[/Speechword]
CoatMētelis[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Mētelis[/Speechword]
DressKleita[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Kleita[/Speechword]
Flip flopsFlip flops[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Flip flops[/Speechword]
GlassesBrilles[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Brilles[/Speechword]
HatCepure[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Cepure[/Speechword]
JacketJaka[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Jaka[/Speechword]
JeanŽans[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Žans[/Speechword]
LeggingsLegingi[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Legingi[/Speechword]
NecklaceKaklarota[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Kaklarota[/Speechword]
NecktieKaklasaite[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Kaklasaite[/Speechword
PantsBikses[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Bikses[/Speechword]
ScarfBikses[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Bikses[/Speechword]
ShirtKrekls[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Krekls[/Speechword]
ShoesKurpes[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Kurpes[/Speechword]
ShortsŠorti[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Šorti[/Speechword]
SkirtSvārki[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Svārki[/Speechword]
Sneakerskedas[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]kedas[/Speechword]
SocksZeķes[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Zeķes[/Speechword]
SuitUzvalks[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Uzvalks[/Speechword]
SunglassesSaulesbrilles[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Saulesbrilles[/Speechword]
Tank topKrekliņš[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Krekliņš[/Speechword]
UndergarmentsApakšveļa[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Apakšveļa[/Speechword]
VestVeste[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Veste[/Speechword]

Verbs Related To Clothing

Let’s also learn a few verbs that will also come in handy to make some sentences about clothing. Use these terms along with the Latvian vocabulary above and form your sentences in Latvian!

To dressĢērbties[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Ģērbties[/Speechword]
To undressIzģērbties[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Izģērbties[/Speechword]
To sowSēt[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Sēt[/Speechword]
To tearSaplēst[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Saplēst[/Speechword]
Put onUzvilkt[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Uzvilkt[/Speechword]
Take offVāc nost[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Vāc nost[/Speechword]
RipIzvilkt[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Izvilkt[/Speechword]
LostPazudis[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Pazudis[/Speechword]
FoundAtrasts[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Atrasts[/Speechword]

Wrapping Up!

Learning a new language is a beautiful, long, and exciting process that gives you the ability to better communicate and be understood by locals. Furthermore, you are able to make many more friends from all over the world! How cool is that?

As we reach the end of this article, we hope that you learned everything there is to know about the clothing vocabulary in Latvian so that you can speak with the locals about this topic. If you want to learn more about the language, check out our other articles on Latvian, like the following:

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