10+ Funny Phrases In Lithuanian To Boost Your Knowledge

It is always fun to know stuff that gives your near and dear ones a good laugh. If you have a trip to Lithuania in a few days and that is precisely what you are trying to achieve, a great time filled with memorable laughter, you have come to the right place. Make the native speakers drop their jaws while they listen to you uttering Lithuanian sayings, as this blog is ever ready to provide you with the perfect funny phrases in Lithuanian. These Lithuanian idioms and words will give the Lithuanians a very creative impression of your personality and make your trip unforgettable.

The Creativity Of The Lithuanian Language

Are you planning to travel for the first time to Lithuania? Our best advice is to try to learn the basics of the language spoken there. As a language learner, you should realize that the Lithuanian language is an Eastern Baltic Language, official to Lithuania. It is a language spoken by almost 2.8 million people and is spread throughout the European Union. The Lithuanian language has always been considered a very conservative language with minute features of the proto-Indo-European family of languages, uncommon in other modern European languages.

For a native English speaker, Lithuanian may seem a bit difficult, but it is not impossible to learn. Although easier for Latvian people, Lithuania’s literature is closely related to Latvian literature and German and other Slavic languages. The beauty of the language lies in its ancient history. It is also one of the most researched languages of all time. Lithuanians are interested in word endings instead of prepositions, and they do not use articles. Although it seems complicated at first, with proper guidance from the best apps and websites, one can successfully retain Lithuanian language skills.

Funny Phrases In Lithuanian

Funny phrases in lithuanian

Now that you are more curious about wrapping words and throwing funny expressions at the locals, let’s not delay our excitement anymore. This section will cover some of the basic funny phrases that you can use in front of your Lithuanian girl, brother, stranger, relatives, and anyone you meet to make the atmosphere lively.

1. Man visa tai graikiška

English Translation: It’s all Greek to me

Oh My God! What can be more relatable than Man visa tai graikiška to someone new to the Lithuanian Langauge? Man visa tai graikiška, which means “It’s all Greek to me,” is used when one cannot comprehend something. You can use this in front of natives when they are conversing too much on their own.

2. Obuolys toli nuo obels nenukrenta

English Translation: The apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree

The phrase “The apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree” or Obuolys toli nuo obels nenukrenta is commonly used by Lithuanian people to mean that Lithuanian kids will anyway act similar to somebody in their family. Meaning that members of the same family always work the same.

3. Įdėk kojinę į tai

English Translation: Put a sock in it

You can use the phrase Įdėk kojinę į tai when you want someone not to bother you. It can happen a lot when you meet strangers. So, to keep it cheery and light, use this witty phrase which means “Put a sock in it,” Stop talking!

4. Lietuviai neturi nešvaraus proto, jie turi garbanotas mintis

English Translation: Lithuanians don’t have a dirty mind; they have curly thoughts

Lietuviai neturi nešvaraus proto, jie turi garbanotas mintis when translated; it means Lithuanians don’t have a dirty mind; they have curly thoughts. It is a ridiculous saying among the locals, and you can use it as an immediate solution to save any offensive atmosphere. Make sure your nose stays out of unwanted situations, and be careful when you say or write these idioms.

5. Nieko taip pat nevėlu, bet po pietų galima patiekti šaukštus

English Translation: Nothing is too late either, but spoons may be served after lunch

You can use the Nieko taip pat nevėlu, bet po pietų galima patiekti šaukštus, or simply šaukštai po pietų when you want to tell someone that it is too late to do something. It is one popular expression with a literal meaning of “spoons may be served after lunch,” clearly identifying the delinquent behavior.

6. Lietuvis tau neskaitys paskaitos, parodys, iš kur kojos auga

English Translation: A Lithuanian won’t give you a lecture; they’ll show you where legs grow from

Lietuvis tau neskaitys paskaitos, parodys, iš kur kojos auga is another witty saying you can use in a conversation with the locals to get a good laugh. Or you can also refer to iš kur kojos dygsta, which makes similar sense.

7. O, tu pagavote triušį?

English Translation: Oh, you caught a rabbit?

If you fall on ice, there is one thing that Lithuanians will say, O, tu pagavote triušį? It is one of the most heard comments in Lithuania used to indicate someone was absent-minded to catch a rabbit out of nowhere.

8. Nustokite kabinti makaronus man ant ausų

English Translation: Stop hanging pasta on my ears

Nustokite kabinti makaronus man ant ausų is used for a person constantly lying to your face, wrapping hurtful words in cotton wool. Hang pasta on ears means to lie to someone. So, when people talk crap, you use this idiom.

9. Kaip šuniui penkta koja

English Translation: Like a dog’s fifth leg

Kaip šuniui penkta koja is a say in Lithuania that refers to a dog’s fifth leg. It is an example used by Lithuanians to point out or describe pointless actions, just like how the fifth leg of a dog is meaningless.

10. Akys ant kaktos iššoko

English Translation: Eyes on his forehead jumped out

Akys ant kaktos iššoko is a cunning way to make fun of someone as it translates to Eyes on his forehead jumped out. Lithuanians don’t get surprised, but their eyeballs pop out of their heads. So, you can use this to have a burst of good laughter with a local.

More Witty Phrases

Phrases in Lithuanian

English Translations Lithuanian
Lithuanian won’t ask if you want to grab a beer. He’ll ask if you want some “liquid bread” Lietuvis nepaklaus, ar nori išgerti alaus. Jis paklaus, ar nori „skystos duonos“
Thick as thieves Storos kaip vagys
Hold your horses Stabdyk arklius
Nothing is too far away. It can only be nine seas away Nieko nėra per toli. Jis gali būti tik už devynių jūrų
Lithuanians don’t date two partners at the same time. They act on two fronts Lietuviai nedraugauja su dviem partneriais vienu metu. Jie veikia dviem frontais
When the door closes, the window opens Kai užsidaro durys, atsidaro langas

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Funny phrases in lithuanian

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