4 Best Apps For Learning Armenian In 2022

Are you looking for some epic ways to learn Armenian but are low on enough resources to do so? In this blog, we will give you a brief review of the 4 Best Apps for learning Armenian in 2022 which are easy to use and important for any individual trying to learn or study Armenian. So, let’s get started!

Best Apps For learning Armenian In 2022

Learning a new language is like having a second soul. It’s a skill like no other. You grow your social circle and connect with more people from different ethnicities and countries around the world. This can also help grow your business more, having a new language helps you better communicate with your business partners if they are from a different country. Learning Armenian can benefit you in many ways if you live in Armenia or work in an Armenian sector. Let’s see some ways to learn the Armenian language with amazing tips and apps.

How To Learn Armenian?

If you do opt to learn Armenian there are several ways to do it. There is the traditional way of reading books and taking classes, you can get a tutor or you could use the online resources and apps. While the other ways, with mentioning I think the best way to learn a language in 2022, are through apps and websites as they are more efficient and fun.

At the same time, they are not expensive and if you ever decide to stop pursuing a language you won’t be left with the regret of spending hundreds of dollars on tuition.

Is It Difficult To Learn Armenian?

Due to a variety of historical and cultural factors, the Armenian language might be considered a little harder to learn than other languages. It’s a challenging language to learn for two key reasons.

  1. For starters, it is a very old language with numerous archaic forms still in use. In truth, the Armenian alphabet’s origins may be traced back to BC. Being so old, it is not related to any mainstream language we might have come across.
  2. Second, Armenians hardly ever speak the classical Armenian language taught in textbooks in real life. Armenians speak it in its colloquial form. As a result, practicing Armenian as a foreigner is extremely tough. Other than that, having its own alphabet makes Armenian harder to write too. 

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Main Dialects To Choose From

Let’s look at three main dialects that one must know about before choosing the kind of Armenian they want to go for.

  • Firstly there is the Old Armenian also called Grabar which is not used anymore but if you are a literature student then you might need it.
  • Western Armenian is spoken in western parts of Armenia and some parts of Turkey and Europe and some other countries. so you need to learn it to communicate with the people in the Armenian diaspora.
  • Eastern Armenian is the most popular dialect which is spoken in the soviet regions. It is used in the official documentation and taught in schools. If you are studying or staying in Armenia then you need this!

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Using An App To Learn Armenian

So you’re searching for a way to learn Armenian and you’re considering utilizing a language learning app to help you out. Learning a new language is always enjoyable when using an app, even though it can be difficult and stressful at times.

And there are so many approaches to learning a language that it’s impossible to say which one is the best. There are always pros and cons and using apps to learn a language.

Pros Of Learning Armenian By Using Apps

  • Studying Armenian with an app isn’t stressful as you don’t have a deadline. You can study at your own pace and not care about how much you have learned. Slow and steady progress makes the process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.
  • We can’t deny the fact that learning something by an app and especially a unique language like Armenian is far more fun than the traditional methods like studying books or studying from a tutor which does work but takes a lot more cognitive effort. You can cram vocabulary like question words in Armenian, but you can’t excel at making sentences.
  • While being fun, Apps are also a lot more efficient and use modern tools like an active recall to make remember the stuff you learned better. If designed well they have a variety of tools to make you better at vocabulary and grammar.
  • Apps sit on your phone and are very convenient to use. You can use a phone to learn a language while on a bus or train on your way back home and not worry about carrying a book on hand.
  • Most useful apps used to learn languages are free of cost or require a small price compared to hiring a dedicated tutor which will be far more expensive and time-consuming. 

While there are all these pros of using apps to learn languages there are certain cons that one should be aware of before starting to learn a language using an app.

The Downside Of Learning Armenian By Using Apps

  • Apps are built by individuals who don’t necessarily have all the knowledge about the language being taught in the app. Hence apps could have a lot of grammatical errors. They can also mix different dialects of a language which can be confusing for the person learning the language. 
  • While using an app you don’t get the real conversation exposure that you would have if you took Armenian classes or if you learn Armenian from a tutor.
  • Lastly, apps are not made focusing a certain individual in mind, while a tutor can focus on your weak points and understand you better while learning Armenian, an app cannot do that. You will have to face the struggle of learning at a difficulty level made for the general public. You are more attentive when someone calls out your name.

Best Apps To Learn The Armenian Language 

If you are unsure about using an app or a website if you’re an English speaker who wants to study Armenian but isn’t sure if it can be done properly with a language learning app. As an adult, I learned numerous languages from scratch. And, be assured, apps have a firm position among effective learning tools. Above all, language applications may make the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging, which is a critical component of success.

There are the top four go-to apps for you if you are learning the Armenian language. Since there is no Armenian on the Rosetta stone, let me share my ideas on the subject and introduce you to a handful of useful Armenian language learning applications.


Best Apps for learning Armenian in 2022

Memrise is a well-known language learning app used by many foreigners. Have you ever had the impression that the words or phrases you learned in your language app weren’t being utilized in real conversation?

Memrise addresses this issue by teaching real-life, useful words and phrases for instance the mood and emotions vocab. The best feature is that the software makes use of tens of thousands of video recordings made by native speakers of the language. As a result, you’ll be able to understand a wide range of pronunciations and voices. The app has a very nice and simple interface which is not confusing to use as many apps. 

Memrise also boasts some of the most positive customer feedback. The app has about 1.5 million ratings on Google Play Store, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s also accessible on iPhones. You can check out their course: Learn Basic Armenian.

While the app mainly focuses on Western Armenian there is also a choice of learning Eastern Armenian. The basic version of the app is free to use for everyone but there is a premium paid version which unlocks all the features of the app. Overall this is a great way to get acquainted with the Armenian language and I would highly recommend you try it out.


Best Apps for learning Armenian in 2022

AYOlingo is specifically designed for learning Eastern Armenian, AYOlingo stands out among other language apps because of this reason and it’s also absolutely free to use.

AYOlingo may be found on the AppStore and Google Play, with links to both on their website. It’s a brand-new application. As a result, it does not have many ratings, however, a few people have given it a 5-star rating.

The software has one major benefit that it is entirely dedicated to Armenian and will assist you in learning:

  • Travel assist tenses
  • Grammatical sentences
  • Day to day phrases
  • Numbers
  • Adjectives
  • Armenian foods

This app is designed and created by Birthright Armenia Organisation which has made several efforts in reviving this endangered language. They have made this app absolutely free which is amazing. Them being an Armenian organization is a more reliable source of information to learn Armenian. Other than that being focused on Armenian only, this app has many advantages over other general language learning apps.

Tandem App

Best Apps for learning Armenian in 2022

Tandem app focuses more on the social aspect of learning languages than anything else. It connects language learners from all over the world. With over one million users, you’ll be able to find an Armenian to practice with. It’s also accessible in the AppStore for Apple users.

The goal of this software is to deliver a real-world experience while learning a new language, which is sometimes lacking in other language learning applications. It enables you to communicate with others, exchange audio and video messages, and correct and be correct when you make errors in the language you are studying. 

There is a translator feature in the app that lets you translate phrases effortlessly. Tandem not only allows you to interact with native speakers in other languages but also includes a service called Tandem Tutors. If you already have some basic language abilities in Armenian and want to practice speaking more, I think communicating with other people is a terrific alternative as it is more fun and less time-consuming.

However, if you’re a complete beginner without any prior knowledge of Armenian then the Tutors function may be more beneficial. The basic version of the app is free although you will have to spend money if you want to unlock the full functionality. If you are an extrovert who likes learning while socializing this is the best pick for you. You can also make new friends while having fun learning.

Ling App

Best Apps for learning Armenian in 2022

The most fun-to-use app on this list is the Ling app. Ling app has a simple yet very smart interface which is very pleasant to use. Gamification is used by Ling App to keep language learners engaged and interested in learning Eastern Armenian.

It’s particularly good at helping you understand the basics, thanks to its totally immersive teaching method, planned courses, and vast database of conversations. Ling is available on both AppStore and Google Play to download. It is also decently rated on both AppStore and Google Play Store.

Simply scroll down on the Ling website homepage to see links to both app shops. If you prefer a larger screen, you may also check their web page to practice Armenian on your laptop. You can use features like using flashcards to learn Armenian, Quizzes, Translations, completing half-sentences, and practicing how to speak and write Armenian.

While this app is great for learning, the downside of it is that it only offers courses on learning Eastern Armenian and there are no courses for Western Armenian. 

Here’s a list of the topics to get you started!

This app is not free and you will have to pay money for it but the bright side is that it has 60+ languages that you can learn if you pay for it. It charges for the whole app database, not a specific language which is cool, isn’t it? Also it has a combination of pros of all the aforementioned apps so yay!

Wrapping Up

Introduce Yourself In Armenian

Learning a new language helps you have more impact on the buyers of your product if you are the owner of a product manufacturing company. And that is why Ling App encourages learning new languages. If you are the owner of an ad agency you can better communicate with the target audience of a specific product if you know their native language. Whatever the case may be, learning a new language is invaluable in the modern era. So why not download Ling App right now and get maximum benefit?

Happy learning!

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