#1 Best List Of Tagalog Jokes You Need To Learn

Tagalog jokes - A photo of a happy Filipino family laughing

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If you’re on the fence about whether you should learn Tagalog or if you have what it takes to succeed, why not start by making the locals laugh instead? So get ready for a hilarious conversation with the Filipinos. Impress them with your skills in their native language by using any of these Tagalog jokes in this blog post.

After all, Filipinos are fun people to be with, and they will surely love it if you try to spice things up with simple jokes. Jokes are always the greatest way to go when getting to know someone new. Let’s say you’re dating a Filipino, and they really like your sense of humor. Feeling motivated? So, let’s get started!

Q & A Tagalog Jokes With Answers

Filipinos are known for being positive and pranksters. This kind of characteristic helps every Filipino who faces various problems or crises to have a positive perspective in their everyday life. For instance, most creative, funny Filipino jokes use logic, punchlines, and pranks based on their experiences to divert sadness to happiness.

Basically, Filipino humor is also a symbol of resilience and hope for every Filipino who experiences uncertainties in life. One common type of joke existing today is the Q&A. The following are the various compilations of Q&A Tagalog jokes:

Famous Filipino Dad Jokes

Filipino dads have this special way of making everyone laugh. They love telling these simple jokes that are all about puns and fun little stories. We often call them “Dad Jokes.” They’re straightforward and always have a good-hearted feel to them. During family gatherings, you can bet a dad will crack one of these jokes. Some might say they’re “corny jokes,” but you know what? They always get a smile or a chuckle out of everyone.

English JokeTagalog Joke
Q: Why is the calendar lucky?
A: Because it has a lot of dates.
Q: Bakit maswerte ang kalendaryo?
A: Dahil marami itong date.
Q: Why is the calendar sad?
A: Because it’s days are numbered.
Q: Bakit malungkot ang kalendaryo?
A: Kasi bilang na ang araw nito.
Q: What tree can’t be climbed?
A: The one who fell!
Q: Anong puno ang hindi pwedeng akyatin?
A: Eh di yung nakatumba!
Q: What is Jollibee’s car called?
Q: Ano ang tawag sa kotse ni Jollibee?
A: Eh di BEE-M-W!
Q: There were three men who jumped into the water. How many got their hair wet?
A: None. They are all bald.
Q: May tatlong lalake ang tumalon sa tubig, ilan ang nabasa ang buhok?
A: Eh di wala. Kalbo silang lahat eh.
Q: What vehicle has multiple riders, jeepneys, or ambulances?
A: Of course, the ambulance! After all, the jeepney has only 10-10 passengers on each side, while there are often 50-50 passengers in the ambulance.
Q: Ano ang maraming sakay, jeep o ambulansya?
A: Syempre ang ambulansya! Kasi, ang jeep ay 10-10 lang ang bawat side samantalang sa ambulansya, madalas na 50-50 ang sakay.
Q: Why are vampires awake all night?
A: Because they are studying for their blood test!
Q: Bakit gising magdamag ang mga bampira?
A: Kasi nag-aaral sila para sa kanilang blood test!
Q: What is the difference between Biology and Sociology?
A: When the baby looks like the father, it’s Biology. If your baby looks like your neighbor, that’s Sociology.
Q: Ano ang kaibahan ng Biology at Sociology
A: Kapag ang sanggol kamukha ng tatay, Biology yun. Kapag ang sanggol kamukha ng kapitbahay, Sociology yun.
Q: What is the tallest building in the world?
A: The library, because there are many STORIES there!
Q: Ano ang pinakamataas na building sa buong mundo?
A: Eh di yung library, kasi maraming STORIES doon!

Wordplay Jokes

Filipinos have a talent for playing around with words. It’s like a fun game for them. These “Wordplay Jokes” are about twisting words, playing with their meanings, and coming up with something clever that makes you think for a moment. It’s a way to show off the fun side of the Filipino language. And when the punchline hits, it’s always a surprise laugh!

English JokeTagalog Joke
Q: What is the similarity between UTOT (fart) and TULA (poem)?
A: They both come from POET (ass).
Q: Ano ang pagkakaparehas ng UTOT at TULA?
A: Pareho silang nagmula sa POET (puwet, ass).
Q: What can you do in the NIGHT that you can’t do in the MORNING?
A: Pull an all-nighter.
Q: Ano ang pwede mong gawin sa GABI na hindi mo pwedeng gawin sa UMAGA?
Q: What did the ant call its mother’s sister?
A: Auntie
Q: Ano ang tawag ng langgam sa kapatid na babae ng nanay niya?
A: Eh di ANTY! (auntie)
Q: What thing starts with a T and ends with a T and also has a T inside?
Q: Anong bagay ang nagsisimula sa T at nagtatapos sa T at may T rin sa loob?
A: Eh di TEAPOT!
Q: What is the eldest letter in the English alphabet?
A: Letter E! Because it’s always in bed!
Q: Ano ang pinakatamad na letra sa English alphabet?
A: Letrang E, kasi laging nasa BED eh!
Q: How do you divide the sea in two?
Q: Paano mo hahatiin sa dalawa ang dagat?
A: Gagamit ng SEASAW!
Q: Where are the sheep sheared?
A: Baa-baa (barber) shop!
Q: Saan nagpapagupit ang mga tupa?
A: Eh di baa-baa shop!
Q: What room has no wall and door?
Q: Anong room ang walang dingding at pinto?
Q: What is the medicine for pig skin wounds? A: OINKMENT!Q: Ano ang gamot sa mga sugat ng balat ng baboy?
Q: Why is it needed to put a wheel on grandmother’s chair?
A: So she can rock and roll!
Q: Bakit kailangang lagyan ng gulong ang rocking chair ni lola?
A: Para makapag-rock and roll siya!
Q: What did the fish say when it’s about to be cut in the middle?
A: I’m tuna.
Q: Ano ang sabi ng isda nang hiwain siya sa gitna?
A: Eh di I’m tuna (two na).

Other Common Jokes In The Philippines

Now, there are also jokes that Filipinos love. They can also fit into the “dad joke” or “wordplay” box, and they’re just as funny. These jokes can be about anything and everything – maybe a funny story about an animal or a silly thing that happened in daily life. It just goes to show that Filipinos have a great sense of humor. No matter the topic, they can find a way to make it funny and share a good laugh.

English JokeTagalog Joke
Q: What does the doctor give to the sick bird?
Q: Ano ang binibigay ng doktor sa ibong may sakit?
Q: Why are fish easy to weigh?
A: Because they have their own SCALES!
Q: Bakit madaling timbangin ang mga isda?
A: Kasi may sarili silang SCALES!
Q: What is the common ailment of martial arts champions?
Q: Ano ang karaniwang sakit ng mga martial arts champion?
A: Eh di KUNG FLU!
Q: Where do vampires deposit?
Q: Saan nagdedeposito ang mga bampira?
Q: What do cats eat every morning?
Q: Ano ang kinakain ng mga pusa tuwing umaga?
Q: Where do dogs leave their car?
Q: Saan iniiwan ng mga aso ang kotse nila?
Q: What vegetable knows how to play billiards?
Q: Anong gulay ang marunong maglaro ng bilyar?
Q: What TV show do ducks watch?
Q: Ano ang pinapanuod ng TV show ng mga itik?
Q: What did the milkfish said when it’s about to die?
A: I’m daing!
Q: Ano ang sabi ng bangus nang mamamatay na siya?
A: I’m daing (dying)!
Q: What ring has a square shape?
Q: Anong ring ang pa-kwadrado?
Q: What kind of key can open a banana?
Q: Anong key ang nakakabukas ng saging?
A: Eh di MONKEY!
Q: What iMMDA’s’s favorite bread filling?
Q: Ano ang sabi ng bangus nang mamamatay na siya?
A: Eh di I’m daing! (dying)
Q: What fish is not wet?
A: Eh di tuyo (tuyo)!
Q: Anong isda ang hindi basa?
A: Eh di tuyo (dried fish)!
Q: What is the oldest fish?
A: Century Tuna!
Q: Anong isda ang pinaka matanda?
A: Eh di Century Tuna!
Q: Where do fish work?
A: In the ofFISH! (office)
Q: San nagtatrabaho ang mga isda?
A: Eh di ofFISH! (office)
Q: What fish is able to write?
A: laFISH! (lapis)
Q: Anong isda ang nakakasulat?
A: Eh di laFISH! (lapis)
Q: Anong subject ang paborito ng mga fish?
A: FISHical Education! (Physical Education)
Q: Anong subject ang paborito ng mga fish?
A: Eh di FISHical Education! (Physical Education)
Q: What do you call a fish doctor?
A: FISHician! (Physician)
Q: Ano ang tawag sa doctor ng mga fish?
A: Eh di FISHician! (Physician)
Q: What fish does the shooting?
A: BANGus!
Q: Anong isda ang bumabaril?
A: Eh di BANGus!
Q: What fish is not thick?
A: ManiFISH (thin)!
Q: Anong fish ang di makapal?
A: Eh di ManiFISH!
Q: What fish are floating in the water?
A: A dead fish!
Q: Anong isda ang nakalutang sa tubig?
A: Eh di patay na isda!
Q: On which subject do fish always fail?
A: FISHsics! (Physics)
Q: Saang subject, palaging bumabagsak ang mga isda?
A: Eh di FISHsics! (Physics)
Q: What fish has an insect breed?
A: Eh di i-FISH (cockroach)!
Q: Anong fish ang may lahing insekto?
A: Eh di i-FISH! (Ipis)
Q: Which fish buys without the Boss?
A: The o-FISH-er in charge!
Q: Sinong fish ang pumapalit pag wala ang Boss?
A: Eh di Ang o-FISH-er in charge!
Q: In which country is the favorite vacation spot for fish?
A: FIN-land!
Q: Saang bansa ang paboritong pasyalan ng mga fish?
A: Eh di FIN-land!
Q: Why do fish go to the priest?
A: For confession (con-fish-on)!
Q: Bakit pumupunta ang mga fish sa pari?
A: Eh di Para magkum-FISH-al (kumpisal)!
Q: What do you call fake fish?
A: Arti-FISH-al (artificial)!
Q: Anong tawag sa fish na peke?
A: Eh di Arti-FISH-al!

Words Often Used In Tagalog Jokes

1. “E Di” And “Eh Di”

“E di” and “Eh di” are like saying “so” or “then” in English. They’re used a lot in jokes to set up the funny part. It’s like telling the listener, “Get ready, here comes the funny answer!” For example, if someone asks, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” the answer might start with “E di” or “Eh di” to lead into the punchline.

2. “Ano”

“Ano” is a simple word that means “what.” In jokes, it’s used to ask a question. It’s like setting up a mystery that will have a funny answer. When you hear “Ano,” you know a question is coming, and you’ll want to listen for the answer.

3. “Bakit”

“Bakit” means “why.” Just like “Ano,” it’s used to start a question in jokes. When someone says “Bakit,” they’re asking “why” something is the way it is, and the answer will usually be something funny.

4. Playing With Words

Tagalog jokes love to play with words. Sometimes, they use words that sound like other words to make a joke. For example, in the fish jokes, they use words like “FISHician,” which sounds like “physician” in English. It’s a fun way to make people laugh by using words in a clever way.

Tagalog jokes - A photo of a family in the Philippines laughing out loud

Influence Of Media On Tagalog Jokes

TV Shows And Their Big Stars

Before everyone used the internet, TV and radio was the main place where Filipinos heard jokes. One of the most loved shows was “Eat Bulaga.” This show had many famous people telling jokes. Tito, Vic, and Joey started it, and they were very funny.

Later, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola joined them, and they also made people laugh a lot. In Filipino movies, we have many funny actors. People like Dolphy, Babalu, Empoy, Bayani Agbayani, and Long Mejia were very famous for their jokes and funny stories.

Movies That Made Filipinos Laugh

Filipino movies often have a lot of humor. There are some movies that almost everyone knows because they are so funny. For example, “Ang Tanging Ina” and “Booba” are two movies that made many people laugh out loud. These movies are special because they show the kind of humor that Filipinos love.

Sharing Jokes In Today’s World

Nowadays, many people use the internet to share jokes. There’s something called memes – these are funny pictures or short videos that people share with each other. They are very popular. Even famous Filipino celebrities, like Cong from Cong TV, share these memes. It’s a fun way for everyone to laugh together, even if they are far apart.

Some Jokes Can Cause Problems

Jokes are fun, but sometimes they can cause problems. For example, once, Vice Ganda and his boyfriend Ion Perez did something funny on TV. But some people thought it wasn’t good for kids to watch. They got in trouble because of that.

Also, on Willie Revillame’s show ‘Willing Willie,’ a young boy danced in a funny way. But again, some people thought it wasn’t right for a kid to dance like that on TV.

As you can see, jokes are a big part of Filipino culture. From TV shows to movies to the internet, Filipinos have always loved to share a good laugh. It’s a way to have fun and feel close to each other.

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