10 Best Spots For Summer Vacation In Philippines

The year is almost over. It’s not so bad to think about vacation soon, right? You might have considered going to a special place to quench your wanderlust. It’s exciting to take a dip at the best beaches, hike during the breezy, cool weather, or even have a long, satisfying soak in a jacuzzi in a fancy hotel. Many tourists love visiting Italy, Indonesia, Germany, and Brazil. But how about going to one of the best summer destinations in the world? Strap and take your bags as we go on a summer vacation in Philippines!

Are you planning to visit Asia and somewhere around the Philippines? It’s not a surprise for many to add the best summer destination. As the winter season is fast approaching for many of you, top summer destinations are all over your algorithm. Any Youtube and Instagram feed will recommend travel, enjoy scenic views, and add more countries to your bucket list. You might have already seen the Philippines on those top summer destinations lists, and that’s not a surprise. The Philippines is one of the most sought-after vacation spots for its biodiversity, friendly locals, and a whopping 7,641 islands to explore.

We know you’re considering getting a summer vacation in the Philippines. Don’t go anywhere! We’ve got you covered with ten exciting places to visit! As a bonus, we’ve added Tagalog words and phrases to pack before your trip.

Best Summer Destinations In The Philippines To Travel To

With an open view of traveling worldwide, you’ll experience your life to the fullest. There are many reasons to travel outside your comfort zone; some do it to learn a new language, while others discover a culture far from what they grew up with. In Asia, the Philippines is a favorite tourist spot for many people for its warm and cozy aura.

As a tropical country, it’s inevitable to have the temperature fluctuating in between months. But, you’ll enjoy this country’s fresh air and natural wonders. It would be a great idea if you also prepared before going to the Philippines, as it’s vital to know what to pack and what the culture is like.

Apart from the natural beauty, you’ll find in the mountains, famous islands, and beaches, you can also do tons of activities in the capital city. Enjoy your summer vacation in the Philippines with these tourist spots and hideaways!

Baguio City, Baguio

Summer Vacation In Philippines Baguio City

Famously known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio attracts local and foreign tourists. If you’re done exploring the beach culture, then it’s time to go mountain hiking again. Baguio is a local favorite for its cool temperature, strawberry products, sweets, and the clump of pine trees. There are also stunning rock formations that you can even dine at. (Yes, there’s a restaurant built on top of a rock formation in Baguio!)

Additionally, several tourist spots like Camp John Hay which is famous for its trails, zipline, and a campsite perfect for all ages. Don’t miss Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Bencab Museum, and sample local dishes at top-notch restaurants you can see all over Baguio city.

Makati City, Metro Manila

Summer Vacation In Philippines Makati City

As a commercial hub of the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines, Makati has earned the hearts of millions of tourists that visit every year. It is even one of the most desirable places to retire by ex-patriots and a technology haven for digital nomads.

Makati city aspires to maintain a city with a clean environment, hosting smart technology, and the best financial and commercial district in the Philippines. Before going to a surfing hub in the province or enjoying ATV driving, Makati is your best stop during your summer destination. For a quick cool-off from that heat, visit the local malls or coffee shops to enjoy the local scenery.

Sagada, Mountain Province

Summer Vacation In Philippines Sagada

If you’re tired of going to diving spots, driving around a bustling city, or doing island hopping, Sagada is the best getaway. The Mountain Province has recently been one of the popular destinations in the Philippines, famous for a Filipino movie about soul searching.

And we can guarantee you’ll have those troubles away when you see the picturesque horizon of this northern province. Sagada is famous for its woven products, cheap accommodation, and spelunking in mysterious caves for that adrenaline rush.

Sagada is also famous for having a rugged landscape with rice terraces and a sturdy hut made of nipa grass, bamboo, and wood. Want a spooky thrilling adventure? You can visit the hanging coffins in Sagada with 2,000 years of Igorot burial traditions.

Baler, Aurora

Summer Vacation In Philippines Baler

You can experience the best in all summer destinations in the Philippines, mainly where you can do mountain hiking and swim on beaches simultaneously. That’s why foreigners consider Baler as a hole-in-the-wall summer destination. Baler is not packed from June to September, but it’s a famous summer vacation in the Philippines from March to May.

Love shallow waters and looking at majestic waterfalls? Baler has more than seven waterfalls, with the Mother Falls as its main landmark. One fun fact about Baler is its highest point Ermita which was the refuge of families from an earthquake that resulted in a tidal wave that claimed thousands of lives in Baler. It is now one of Baler’s famous landmarks, commemorating the historic journey, and is a testament to survival from nature’s wrath.

Oslob, Cebu

Summer Vacation In Philippines Oslob Cebu

Do you love animals, biodiversity, busy cities, and nature hopping all in one trip? If yes, then Oslob, Cebu, is the place to be. Just a few miles from Cebu city, Oslob is the prime hotspot for whale shark spotting. It’s one of the rare activities you’re allowed to do in the Philippines since these whale sharks (Butanding) are endangered. Just be careful; you can’t really touch these sharks or feed them. Follow the instructions of the local tourist guides, and you’ll get that unforgettable experience.

After your short helmet diving, take a stroll down memory lane, as Cebu is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines. Cebu city and its surrounding provinces were once a main Spanish colony, with infrastructures still standing strong today. You can also enjoy sightseeing in Baluarte Ruins, Municipal Heritage Park, Cuartel, and more.

One of the many reasons why Filipinos visit Cebu city is for church visits or Visita Iglesia. It is one of the longest traditions of many Catholics to participate in the same experience that Jesus had during his crucifixion.

Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental

Summer Vacation In Philippines Cagayan De Oro

Cagayan De Oro is filled with recreational events that people can enjoy. It is a great place to unwind if you visit the Philippines with your family or friends. Try Whitewater rafting and navigating the Cagayan De Oro river with 25 rapids.

It also has a virgin forest to explore the beauty of the Philippines. You’ll recognize why it boasts of being a landscape and seascape. It is also one of the resting grounds of many exotic and endangered animals in the Philippines. If you like a thrill of a ride, visit Mapawa Nature Park or Larry’s Hill Adventure Hub, where you can ride zip lines, do horseback riding or visit the local zoo.

After a long day, rest on top of High Ridge, where you can take your special someone for a romantic dinner or enjoy the spectacular skyline with your family.

Basco, Batanes

Summer Vacation In Philippines Basco Batanes

Have you heard of breathtaking Batanes? Not many Filipinos can even visit this beautiful region of the Philippines due to changing weather. Known as Home of the Winds, Batanes upholds this tagline for its strong winds and, at the same time, calm weather. Basco takes pride in its pine trees and clean environment. Another part of its charm is the windmills that stand firm in this “typhoon capital” of the Philippines.

It has centuries-old stone houses, similar to what you’ll see in Scandinavian countries. Their amazing coastline is worth the travel. Ensure you’ve set your flight schedule for non-windy seasons to enjoy the trek.

San Fernando, La Union

Summer Vacation In Philippines La Union

Heads up, surfing junkies! La Union is the place to be if you love getting gnarly and riding those ocean waves. San Fernando, La Union, is the best when you’re into the nightlife but want a beach to celebrate it with. Go paddle boarding or enjoy the fresh seafood while witnessing the sunset as you’re eating in your seaside escape.

But La Union is not just a surfing spot but also a rising spot for agricultural needs. If you want to visit the local farm, check out grape vine farms, mangosteen, blueberry, and more. There are also famous cellars to produce that fruit wine you can take home.

El Nido, Palawan

Summer Vacation In Philippines El Nido

El Nido is probably one of the fan favorites, which is mainly why foreigners love returning to the Philippines. It’s even compared to awe-inspiring beaches found in Bali, Bahamas, and even the Maldives. El Nido is even more convenient to access as it has recently opened direct flights to its airport.

Apart from the stunning beaches in El Nido, you can also visit the dive sites with colorful reefs. A taste of heaven on earth, you can see the Blue Lagoon, Nacpan Beach, Lio Beach, Las Cabanas, and more stunning beaches.

You will find several vegetarian and vegan restaurants and other spectacular cuisines globally. It is not a surprise why El Nido is recognized as one of the best islands in the world. You can even read travel guides from a few famous brands and magazines like The Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and CNN, among others.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Summer Vacation In Philippines Puerto Princesa

Enjoy both the land, sea and air in Puerto Princesa when you visit the Philippines as your next summer destination. Enjoy the waters as you discover not just the beaches but hidden rivers around Puerto Princesa. The Puerto Princesa underground river is known as a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of The World. The lush virgin forest in some Puerto areas hosts wild exotic animals like birds, mammals, and reptiles.

It is also one of the three most famous islands in the Philippines besides El Nido and Boracay. You can also discover a few tidal pools, limestone caves, and lagoons that you can only find in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Things You Should Prepare Before Traveling

Wait, slow down! We know you’re excited, but there are a few things you need to bring and prepare before your flight. We don’t want you to end up having too much trouble while you’re abroad. Especially if you’re a solo backpacker or when you’re traveling to a remote place.

The Philippines is generally equipped with easy-to-access banks, hospitals, and government services, even for tourists. But, when you’re island hopping or mountain climbing, there are chances to be in an emergency. So you’ll need to be alert and know what to do during these situations.

Don’t forget to bring these necessary documents and items before traveling:

  • Your passport and visa documents
  • Your budget for the whole trip
  • Carry first aid kits, a flashlight, and emergency cash
  • Medical insurance for travel purposes that covers your destination
  • Comfortable clothes that fit the weather of your target country
  • Emergency contacts from the local department and people you trust
  • Your medical certificates, allergy medicines, and doctor’s prescriptions
  • A handy language app like Ling
  • The best guide about gestures and nonverbal communication

Essential Tagalog Words And Phrases While Traveling In The Philippines

Although not every person you meet in a region or city in the Philippines speaks Tagalog, it is one of the popular languages there. So, most Filipinos can still understand what you’re trying to say. Besides, Filipino is taught in schools and is the most similar language to Tagalog.

When in doubt, there are language apps that will guide you on how to say “Magandang umaga” or “Kumusta po kayo?” as basic greetings. Are you stuck in trying to master the pronunciation? Watch local videos on YouTube or listen to some podcasts in Tagalog. Try to repeat these words as you listen and watch Tagalog native speakers. Take note, po (an honorific term for respect) and opo (yes) signify respect. So, don’t be shy to add po every after your sentences. Say opo when you want to mean yes in a formal way.

Excited to learn more? Here are a few memorable words and phrases for traveling while you’re in the Philippines.

Magandang umagaGood morning
Magandang tanghaliGood afternoon
Magandang gabiGood evening
Magkano po yung tiket?How much is the ticket? 
Nasaan po ang pila ng..?Where is the line for…? 
May barya akoI have spare change 
Mayroon po akong reserbasyonI have a reservation 
Dito po ba ang babaan?Is this the drop-off location? 

Check out the 500 common Tagalog phrases for travel, and enjoy your time here!

Just a quick tip, try not to talk in English that much; it would ruin your language learning journey. But how do you exactly learn Tagalog easier? We’ve got the solution for you with a mobile language learning app! Thrilled? Read on to grab this opportunity!

Learn More Tagalog Words And More With Ling!

Learn More Tagalog Words With Ling

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list of destinations in the Philippines for all types of activities or people. Millions worldwide enjoy countless activities like heart-pumping ATV rides or a peaceful swing in a hammock. The Philippines is no exception for adrenaline junkies or peaceful souls that want a proper vacation. But you might have to pack a few words or two for communicating with some of the locals.

That’s why you need to practice your foreign language. With the Ling app, not only will you master Tagalog, you can browse 60+ other languages with 200+ lessons that are constantly updated. It’s based on native speakers and well-researched too. If I were you, you wouldn’t pass on this opportunity to become fluent in your desired language.

By using Ling, not only will you become familiar with the vocabulary, you will start thinking directly in that language too! Get involved and start speaking your target language with Ling now!

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