30 Easy Tagalog Funny Phrases

February 11, 2021

If you will go for a quick Google search and look for the happiest people around the world, then I guarantee you that on top of that list is the Philippines. Generally, the people are genuinely joyful most of the time despite the conditions of their economy. If you are interested in dropping a few Tagalog funny phrases to say here and there to spark communication, do not miss out on this post filled with information today!

If you have ever been to the Philippines, then I sure bet that you understand me when I say that Filipinos are one of the most approachable people in the world. Aside from the fact that they can speak English fluently, they are also one of the happiest to be around with. In fact, even online, you can see tons of them commenting and stating their opinions on Facebook. Some may even add you as a friend or chat with you!


Filipinos love to share a few jokes here and there. Since you landed on this post, then that means that you probably want to arm yourself with some of the most native-sounding phrases that will charm your Filipino friends. When you Google this topic, you will find a huge number of similar posts but our collection of words, humor, and hugot lines are from daily interactions that are relatively new and on the trend.

In the next part of this post, you will see information on Pinoy (Filipino) phrases that we have fished out of the hundreds out there! The ones on this list below are the best lines and the most widely used both in real life and in the social media arena. If you are up for that, then off we go!

Tagalog Funny Phrases You Should Learn

The Philippines is not just the home of historical attractions and unique food. It is actually a fun place to be and its language is filled with so much information that a single word or tone can change the meaning! With lots of words being coined in Tagalog, even some Filipinos find it hard to keep up too!

You see, another thing that you should take note of is the Filipinos are considered as a "happy country" in the world next to Fiji and Colombia. And maybe you are wondering, what exactly is making them laugh and smile around even with the strangers, right? To help you navigate fun discourse with Filipinos regardless of the topics, check out this comprehensive list of Pinoy humor lines and phrase-based hugot (or sayings in English) Tagalog lines below.

Note: To lay out the information for easy reading, we have divided it into three columns: one for the unique Tagalog funny lines, words, and phrases, the second is for the literal English translation, and the last one explains what the sayings mean for Filipinos.

1. Pa-burger ka naman / Pa-Canton ka naman

English translation: Buy some burger as a treat / Treat us to some Pancit Canton

When someone got a promotion, a raise, or any achievement at all, you can say this phrase as a way of asking that person to treat you to some food.

2. Ay! Kabayo! / Ay! Kalbo!

English translation: Oh! Horse! Oh! Bald man!

This is best used as an interjection and does not really mean anything negative at all. It may also be used as an expression itself to mean that someone looks bald or like a horse.

3. Susmaryosep / Ay sus, ginoo

English translation: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Oh, Jesus!

This is a funny wordplay to know and is used as an interjection. Basically, this integrates the English Holy names. However, please be careful in using this humor line since the Philippines is a Catholic country and some Pinoys may not find it not funny at all.

4. Edi, wow / Ikaw na

English translation: Wow/ You’re the best already

These are new negative phrases to say and are primarily used if you want the other person to shame and stop the other person from speaking. On the flip side, these can also be a hugot line to show that you wish to be as smart as the other person.

5. Sip-sip kasi siya / Linta kasi siya

English translation: Such a leech

Just like how leeches feed on blood, you can use this as a metaphor for someone who is also feeding the ego of the boss in the hopes of getting a promotion or being seen in a positive light.

6. Nosebleed ako!

English translation: I am having a nosebleed

Unlike its literal translation, Filipinos like using this funny phrase to say that they are having a hard time understanding something.

7. Sana all!

English translation: I wish I have that too

This funny remark and popular hugot line are rampantly used online, and it refers to the concept of wanting what another person already has. For instance, if someone has a special boyfriend/girlfriend, you can say something like “sana all” to mean that you also want the same thing.

8. Jumuju lanis Morissette

English translation: Refers to the Filipino singer named Morisette

It is funny in the sense that this is wordplay to the name of the Filipino singer, Morisette. The line "jumuju lanis" refers to the rain.

9. Push mo yan!

English translation: Push it!

In Pinoy language, this fun hugot phrase literally means "go for it!" This is safe to use and is best for pushing the person to his/her limits.

10. Keri lang! / Keribells

English translation: I can carry it!

Unlike the literal translation, this well-loved Pinoy humor line actually means that you are feeling fine and you can handle whatever it is.

11. Apir

English translation: High five

This Tagalog word simply means "good job" in the English language. It can also be used as a humor line to signify that "you tried," when someone cracks some jokes that are not even funny.

12. Kapag hindi mo nakita, makikita mo!

English translation: If you do not find it, you will see it!

This is a classic Pinoy hugot remark which is usually used by older people (like our parents or grandparents) and it mainly suggests that if you cannot find what you are looking for, then you will see or experience some sort of punishment.

13. Lalabas ang aircon

English translation: The air conditioner will go forth

Unlike its literal translation, this humor line means that the cold air produced by the air-conditioner will not be trapped inside the room if you keep the door open for an extended period.

14. Anak ng tokwa / Anak ng pating

English translation: Son of a tofu / Son of a shark

This is the Filipino counterpart for the English insult “son of a bitch.” In the Philippines, this is considered as a humor line and a regular expression that you can hear people saying from time to time.

15. Tumabi ka sa mga sasakyan

English translation: You stand next to cars

Unlike what is suggested by the literal translation, this phrase is full of humor and is actually a friendly reminder that you should take care of yourself while crossing the streets.

16. Ju-moin ka? / Ju-join ka?

English translation: Partake / Join

For Tagalog speakers, this funny question can be used to ask if another person is joining you or partaking in the event.

17. Pa-xerox

English translation: Xerox brand

Filipinos have the tendency to incorporate brand names in their language. In this example, Xerox refers not to the brand but to the act of photocopying or duplicating the document.

18. Isara mo ang Frigidaire

English translation: Frigidaire brand

Do not be confused because when Filipinos say this, they actually mean that you need to check and make sure to close the refrigerator door and not the Frigidaire brand.

19. Tomjones na ako

English translation: I am Tom Jones already

This is of the cute Pinoy lines you can say instead of the plain old "I am so hungry"

20. Hey, statue?

English translation: Hey, statue?

This is a Pinoy wordplay that technically glued the words to the question "is that you?"

21. This is it, pancit!

English translation: It is finally happening

In the Filipino language, this phrase suggests that whatever it is you are hoping for is finally coming true!

22. Hiyang hiya naman ako

English translation: I am so ashamed

Same with the literal translation, this Tagalog phrase is used to signify that you are so ashamed.

Ready to use this list with your Tagalog-speaking friends? In this sense, we hope that you will not worry as we will update this post from time to time so that you can get the freshest collections of words/jokes/hugot (emotive words) that will impress your colleagues.

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to give you the most comprehensive list of some of the most popular phrases that are usually used by Filipinos online and in person. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it online through your social platforms to help us reach out to other Asian language enthusiasts out there. Also, please do not forget to read our previous posts, vocabulary collections, and more Tagalog-related information such as how to express flavors like a real Pinoy and the secrets to Tagalog writing.

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