8 Best Pinoy Party Games To Play This Season

Pinoy Party Games

Look, we get it — the whole holiday party scene can feel kinda played out year after year. You do the awkward Secret Santa shindig, suffer through your tito’s (uncle in Tagalog) off-key karaoke solo, and try not to cringe at your parents throwing etiquette to the wind with one too many eggnogs. Been there, done that! But before you write off festivities as a total snooze-fest this season, lemme put you up with the best Pinoy party games your family and crew might love!

What Are Classic Pinoy Party Games?


The pabitin game truly embodies the lively spirit of Filipino gatherings. Originating during rural Filipino harvest festivals, this interactive activity fused competition with community through group challenges. Today, the tradition translates into the ultimate party spectacle sure to spotlight Pinoy pride.

To set up an authentic pabitin game, tie various small prizes or sweets to long strings. Gifts may include candles, tiny toys, money, candies, baked goods – get creative! Suspend the loaded strings high above players via a wooden frame, long branches, or ceiling hooks until prizes tantalizingly dangle just out of reach.

Blindfold all players first to disorient and add suspense. Dizziness sets in as participants get whipped around in random orbits before their cloth masks get ripped off. This cues the highly-anticipated rush forward where a flurry of hopping, swatting arms emerge hellbent on snatching stuffed prizes no matter the obstacles…or victims left awry!

Pinoy Henyo

Riddle me this, riddle me that—Pinoy Henyo cracks up gatherings through suspense-filled guessing! In this Filipino party staple, poor volunteers get subjected to court jester-style headgear unlabeled with a holiday word or catchphrase for all to secretly see.

Teammates then creatively cue them to correctly guess the mystery answer, with one whopping twist: absolutely no language resembling the labeled word or phrase can escape from the caregiver’s lips! Nope, not even related terms, rhymes, puns, or code words resembling the concealed term. Only derailed descriptions and “Yes!”, “No!” and” Maybe?” responses make allowed appearances when feeder teammates try leading their guesser, too.

This rambunctious guessing game traces its roots to Eat Bulaga, an iconic noon-time variety television show in the Philippines that first introduced Pinoy Henyo as a wild segment back in 2001. The wildly popular long-running series, “Eat Bulaga” (which fittingly translates to “Lunchtime Surprise”) always incorporated audience participation in zany challenges. And Pinoy Henyo certainly delivered the ultimate lunch-hour laughter!

Hep Hep Hooray

Get those vocal chords stretched and reflexes on alert for this next Pinoy party favorite popularized by famous Filipino gameshow host Willie Revillame himself! Hep Hep Hooray tests players’ split-second speed through seemingly simple phrases…with a sneaky twist!

To play, participants stand in a circle and take turns rhythmically chanting “Hep hep” while clapping twice below their legs, then “Hooray!” while hands raise to the skies. Seems easy enough, right? However, the true test of timing strikes when the host randomly singles out individuals to synchronize the corresponding action.

Hilarity ensues as the emcee’s pointing finger of fate lands on victims who must instantaneously belt either “Hep hep!” while knee-slapping or “Hooray!” while hands jet upward. Choose incorrectly or let milliseconds of hesitation give way? You’re eliminated! The last player still hype on their toes reigns supreme.

Sandok Pera Game

Another Pinoy party favorite amping up the suspense (and netting cash prizes) comes through the Sandok Challenge! During a Philippine family day, this is one of the most anticipated events. This game literally has money getting scooped up left and right…blindly, of course!

Gather folks in a circle, then pile a handful of paper bills atop a table or floor. Hand each player a sandok (ladle), then watch their dollar-hungry eyes survey the stash within scooping distance. Little do they know that currency counting will come for naught in just seconds! Before diving into money madness, suddenly blindfolds get tied on, eliminating visual confirmations of bills snatched up.

Now cue the scooping scramble! Competitors only get three sandok swipes — or any designated number — to shovel what they can scrape from the table into their personal basin while navigating sightless. Once time’s up extracting monetary sweeps sans sight assistance, blindfolds get untied as a moment of truth revelations spotlight who ultimately scored the sandok jackpot!

Calamansi Relay

Then participants face down an obstacle course more terrifying than your average Filipino ghosts featuring shimmying under chair railings, wobbling over wedges, and other topsy-turvy traps. The goal? Transfer calamansi fruits down the full lineup to reach the last teammate without face-planting onto the floor before crossing the finish line!

Teams quickly learn grimacing over citrus balancing acts requires ultimate mind-and-mouth coordination to avoid toppling those tangy suckers mid-relay. Should a calamansi drop, the grounded fruit must immediately get retrieved via dental grip alone. But finally, transfer that last pucker-inducing prize into the final teammate’s steadfast spoon clench? A victory so sour than sweet is sure to spark deafening cheers…and post-party cravings for something citrusy to soothe throats aching from too much laughing and yelling.

Pass The Message

Gather ‘round eager messengers ready for some holiday telephone turmoil, Pinoy style! To play this memory mixer game, Player #1 thinks up a lengthy Tagalog Christmas phrase and then whispers the ENTIRE message verbatim into Player #2’s ear. No paraphrasing, no clues!

Player #2 then passes that exact verbal chain to Player #3 by whispering the whole long-winded holiday sentence they just heard aloud again quietly. Player #3 focuses intently on precisely repeating that very same statement to Player #4 and so the cycle continues endeavoring not to drop any words.

The last participant left has to recite the originating wordy Christmas message they received exactly as originally formulated by Player #1. And nothing makes parties perk up like shrieks over botched recalls or gasps when final reveals unmask just how horrifically helter-skelter sentences got thanks to one tiny slip of the ear! Did “Santa’s reindeer pranced under the sparkling snowfall” somehow end up as “elves dancing in snowflakes” by finale time?

Musical Chairs

Players gather in a circle surrounding a jumble of chairs all facing random directions. Christmas songs start blasting as everyone dances and sings together. Suddenly, the music stops signaling it’s time to scramble for the limited chairs!

Mass chaos erupts as contestants wrestle their way into seats as fast as possible before the song starts up again. Anyone left standing gets eliminated, so things get competitive quickly! Laughter erupts watching folks fight for chairs mid-verse of “Deck the Halls.”

The key is to keep a laser focus on vacant chairs up for grabs when the music halts. Nab a seat before the chorus finishes, you stay in the game! With chairs removed after each round, competition gets tighter. The last person seating it out wins!

Newspaper Dance

Party people, let’s get those toes tapping for an outrageously fun folly known as the Newspaper Dance! As Filipino traditional tunes strike up, guests groove carefree until sudden twists hit the record and shrink the dancefloor drastically…with newspaper sheets!

Here’s how Newspaper Dance shakes down: Festive music fills the air as folks jingle and mingle without a care on a makeshift dancefloor. But the moment classics like “Jingle Bell Rock” shift to abrupt stops, the game master starts tossing newspaper sheets everywhere, quickly covering ground space.

Dancers then frantically cram atop whatever newspaper-free patches they can find once tunes screech halt! Then round two sees sections get randomly removed, forcing pairs and groups packed tightly together to conga atop crinkly corners, not concealing party ground as hullabaloo plays on.

Pinoy Party Games

Other Pinoy Parlor Games

Want to play more? Get those party people in a competitive spirit with these iconic parlor play challenges!

First up, the Sipsip Challenge puts those sucking skills to work, transferring Smarties or M&Ms through a mini straw into opponents’ bowls. The fastest group/player to transfer all candies without spit takes the prize!

If wiggling and wobbling sound more your speed, line up for zany laughs during the Eggplant Relay. Players sway and shake to maneuver an eggplant dangling from their waist on strings toward a bottle cap finish line! Expect plenty of booties bumping and hip-shaking hilarity all around.

In classic Pinoy style, no party is complete without boisterous rounds of charades guessing. Whether re-enacting classic film scenes or dodol desserts, the creative clues and competitive spirit peering through pantomime hoopla promises giggles galore.

If all else fails, unleash the mystery challenge “Bring Me” and watch chaos ensue fulfilling wacky item requests on the fly! With scatterbrained sprinting and stands for strange souvenirs on display, consider this scavenger hunt the ultimate Filipino fête finale.

Tagalog Phrases For Pinoy Party Games

How Do You Say Party In Tagalog?

The Tagalog word for party is pagdiriwang.

On the other hand, if you want to say party games in Tagalog, it is mga palarong pangdiwang.

Tagalog Phrases For Pinoy Party Games

Want to bring some extra flavorful fun to your next Pinoy game night? Try sprinkling in some classic Tagalog phrases and exclamations! Shouting cheers and playful taunts with a mix of English and Filipino creates an even richer cultural experience for all. Before busting out those mystery parlor game challenges, make sure your guests are armed with the right vocabulary for maximized enjoyment.

English PhrasesTagalog TranslationsSound
Get those games ready!Ihanda ang mga palaro!
Who’s ready for the next challenge?Sinong handa sa susunod na hamon?
Can you cross this blindfolded?Kaya mo ba itong daanan nang nakapiring?
Hurry up!Bilisan mo!
Pass the ball!Ipasa ang bola!
Switch places!Lumipat ng lugar!
Spin carefully okay.Mag-ingat sa pag-ikot ha.
You can do it friends!Kaya n’yo yan mga kaibigan!
Oh no, too fast!Naku, masyadong mabilis!
Shake your shoulders!Igalaw ang iyong mga balikat!
Enough, surrender already!Tama na, sumuko ka na!
Who’s singing next?Sinong susunod na kakanta?
Wait, I made a mistake!Teka, nagkamali ako!
A player tripped!Nadapa ang kalaro!
Nice shot buddy!Nice shot pare!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinoy Party Games

What Is The Most Common Larong Pinoy Games?

The ultimate list of favorite larong Pinoy or Pinoy parlor games are:

  1. Musical chairs, also known as, Trip to Jerusalem
  2. Bring Me
  3. Pinoy Henyo
  4. Sandok Pera
  5. Hephep Hurray!
  6. Longest happy birthday

What Filipino Games Can Be Played By Groups?

If you’re with your Filipino friends, most of them will ask you to play:

  1. Highest points in Karaoke
  2. Polvoron challenge
  3. Pass the ball
  4. Calamansi relay
  5. Beach volleyball
  6. Relay race
  7. Hilahang lubid
  8. Touch ball

Apart from the Pinoy party games above, there are many games that you will experience playing. These games are also popular for Filipino team building for companies. If you’re planning to get to know the work culture of Filipinos, this event is one of them. So get ready to have your sports mode on and play these exciting games that will give you happiness and even a good laugh.

Which Filipino Games Do Kids Love?

If you’re not at a Filipino birthday party, you’ll often see Filipino kids play these physical and mind games:

  1. Tumbang preso
  2. Chinese garter
  3. Agawan base
  4. Langit Lupa
  5. Pepsi/7Up
  6. Patintero
  7. Sipa
  8. Piko

Ready To Party Like A Real Pinoy?

As the noche buena leftovers get tucked away and inasal grease stains are removed from party clothes during a Filipino New Year, one warm and fuzzy feeling lingers long after the holiday hubbub subsides—that distinctive spirit of Pinoy fiesta joy. Through pabitins dangling overhead bursting with sweets to rowdy renditions of “hep hep hooray!” Pinoy party play has a way of bringing people together in mirthful moments that resound all year round.

So the next time you crave breaking barriers amongst pamilya or friends, take a page from the Filipino celebration rulebook. Gather ‘round pamaypay fans for utfly rounds of guessing games, marble mania, or newspaper shuffle dancing long into the night! The laughter and memories made over these cultural icons promise to remain woven in heartstrings like the colorful banderitas draping backdrops everywhere.

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