Dating A Filipino Guy: 5+ Interesting Facts

dating filipino men

Dating is one of the most important elements of modern life. This blog post will discuss 5+ admirable facts about dating a Filipino guy. It will touch upon the types of Filipino guys, the benefits of dating a Filipino Guy; some do’s and don’ts of dating, and the Filipino culture of dating.

How To Get To Know A Filipino Man

We were in Manila, Philippines, hanging out with my friends at a restaurant. After finishing our lunch, we got up from our seats, and suddenly, my friend bumped into a guy. She looked behind, and this was when they saw each other for the very first time.

After that, I discovered that he was studying at my college, and whenever I met him, I always found him highly unique.

After a while, we all became friends. He always had a great sense of humor and was very humble and easy to talk to as well. That is what attracted my friend. Eventually, they started dating! And that is her first and last relationship, which I hope will last forever.

I have learned a lot about Filipino guys from her relationship with him, and thus here are some epic tips we got for you!

Filipino guy who is the type Mr. Dependant when dating

6 Types Of Filipino Men

Six different kinds of Filipino men are discussed below.

1. Mr. Romantic

This Filipino man is seldom found, but if you have succeeded in getting this guy, you might deem yourself the luckiest girl on earth. This guy has the western dating style and western dating manners. He is kind and always remembers your birthday, anniversary, and all other special occasions associated with you and him.

He is an emotionally available person, so you do not need to worry about your sensitivities. He will also always tell you kind and romantic words, thus implying that he will always be there for you!

2. Mr. Cool Hunk

This Filipino boyfriend is cool and takes care of himself. He has a great physique and regularly goes to the gym to make himself attractive to Filipino or foreign women.

He has a lot of interest in modern gadgets, fancy cars, etc. He wants to be in the spotlight all the time. One negative thing about this kind of man is that he might suffer from narcissism.

He is obsessed with his appearance and wants to be the life of the party, which might lead to some insecurities when he won’t get the type of attention that he wants.

Mr. Cool Hunk is actually not recommended if you want a romantic guy because this person doesn’t believe in romance. Instead, he lives in his world of luxury and attention.

filipino man mr geek

3. Mr. Geek

This geeky person has a prime interest in his studies and career. He enjoys intellectual discussions and likes intelligent women. 

He is a hard-working person who has set high goals for himself in life. He is very brainy, so you need to work hard to match his intellectual level. You can write an essay in Tagalog for him, and he will love that.

4. Mr. Smooth Player

This Filipino guy is a player who is found with multiple women, be it western girls or Filipino girls. He has no exclusive girlfriend and rotates everyone. This type of guy isn’t fit for a serious relationship. So, before you get hurt and suffer from heartbreak, you should maintain your distance.

5. Mr. Dependant

Mr. Dependent is a family-oriented person. Western girls might be shocked if they discover that many Filipino men live with their parents and extended families.

This is a beautiful tradition if someone chooses to live with their family members and doesn’t move away from them even after being in a relationship. This is different from many western guys.

Despite this kind of guy’s sweetness, one fact can become a turnoff for the independent and self-made woman. He gets his money from his parents, and his parents might expect you and him to take care of them in later life.

Filipino guy who is a Mama Boy when dating

6. Mr. Mama’s Boy

Mama’s boy is a person who is fully attached to his mother. He is sensitive and wants his mother everywhere. His love for his mother is beyond limits. Even a Filipino woman would think twice before getting into a relationship with this kind of person.

Filipino Dating Culture

The dating culture is quite conservative in the Philippines. Most Filipinos who get into a relationship are met through common friends, families, colleagues, etc. When they meet each other and if they find each other attractive, they approach one another.

A Unique Fact About Dating A Filipino Man

If a Filipino guy likes a girl, he would go ahead and approach her, and they would get into a relationship. But if a Filipina likes a guy she cannot openly approach him.

Usually, in the ethnic groups in the Philippines, if a Filipina finds a Filipino man attractive, she would go to some places where that man goes and try to look a certain way so that he would find her attractive. If he notices, then he approaches her and then go to her parents to ask for their approval.

If they approve of him, then both the Filipino man and Filipina would go to the boy’s family to get their approval. If they succeed, they can get to know each other better.

Filipino man with benefits of having a good sense of style and seems determined

10 Awesome Benefits Of Dating A Filipino Guy

If you are looking for a guy and are attracted to a Filipino guy, here are some of the benefits.

1. Gym Lover

Filipino men are quite particular about their looks. They are in their gym routine and follow it strictly to maintain their physique. They possess model looks and killer bodies.

2. Determined man

This attitude and nature of a Filipino man would probably attract you the most. All Filipino men have set a goal in their minds about their lives and their careers. They are determined to achieve them to lead a stable and prosperous life.

3. They Are Family-Oriented

They are strongly tied to their families, making them pretty good people and boyfriends. They have respect for their partners as they have learned values and morals by spending quality time with their families.

They can manage their personal and professional life at the same time. If you learn to cook Pinoy food, especially for them, they will consider it a huge bonus point.

Filipino Parents and their two daughters enjoying family life

4. They Are Romantic 

A Filipino man’s heart is very romantic and kind. But they lack in expressing their feelings for their partners.

Consider a situation where you are in a relationship with your new boyfriend, who is Filipino, there would be quiet moments when you might wait for him to express his love, but he won’t be doing it because he is quite a shy person, just like other Filipino men.

5. They Are Not Players

This is also one of the beautiful qualities that you would find in every Filipino guy. Once they have brought themselves into any relationship they would respect that commitment and would never ditch any woman.

They seldom play with the hearts of girls, which makes them unique.

6. They Strictly Follow Their Religions

Filipino guys are highly religious and spiritual. Religion is the one thing that they won’t let go of in their lives. Religion is one important part of their lives, and they lead their lives according to their religion.

Filipino Couple traveling together and enjoying the sunset by the sea

7. They Like Adventure 

Filipino guys love traveling to different places and having new experiences.

8. They Are Protective Of Their Partners

This is the trait that is found in most of the countries of Asia, and so is found here in the Philippines as well. Filipinos are highly protective of their Filipinas. This is part of their social norms to take care of and look after their ladies.

9. They Are Highly Friendly

Filipino guys are hospitable and friendly. They will always protect you and welcome you with great honor and respect.

10. They Prioritize You

They will always put you first. They want to take care of you in every way possible. They are happy to cover your financial expenses as well as your emotional needs.

If you are impressed by all of the benefits of dating a Filipino man described above and would like to date a Filipino guy, the following are some of the dating tips for you that would help you with some of the dos and don’ts of the relationship.

Do’s Of The Relationship

Filipino Family of four holding each other by the hand walking in a green meadow

1. Show Love To Their Family Members

As of now, we all know that Filipino men are quite family oriented. They love and respect their family members.

They have extended families, including their uncles, aunts, grandparents, and of course, parents and siblings. The best thing you can do to impress a Filipino guy is just respect and love his family, which is also a part of Filipino dating culture. This is the biggest turn-on for them!

2. Be Helpful

Filipino men are pretty particular when it comes to their careers. They are determined and believe that financial stability is an extremely important thing for healthy relationships. They might get more busy than normal and could not give you proper time.

In that sort of situation, you need to understand and cooperate with them, which would protect them from emotional and mental stress. You can also try learning their native language, which will be a plus point.

3. Cherish Every Moment

Filipino men love enjoying little things in a relationship. It’s one of their general characteristics. They are pretty balanced in managing their personal and professional life. Despite their busy routine, they seldom miss celebrating your birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moments in a relationship.

If you want to impress a Filipino guy, you must adopt this trait of relationship and remember these small things and try to do something special for them at these events.

Filipino man looking unhappy thinking about the Don'ts of a relationship

Don’ts Of A Relationship

It might seem like Filipino men prefer dating Filipino women, but that is either a misconception or because foreign women might take a bit longer to grasp some don’ts of a relationship that are culturally obvious to the Filipino people.

Here are some don’ts you must remember while dating a Filipino man.

1. Don’t Be Ungracious

Respect is a turn-on for Filipino guys, so always remember to respect them, their family members, or friends. They value their relatives and are quite respectful towards them, so they expect the same from their partners.

When we talk about being respectful, it is not only showing respect to Filipino men or the people associated with them. We are talking about giving respect to all the people around you.

2. Distrust Is A Turnoff

If you want to date a Filipino man but you have trust issues, that is already a sign that choosing a Filipino man may be the wrong path for you. Trust is a necessity in every relationship. Filipinos are pretty particular regarding this foundation of the relationship.

So, always remember never to put your partner in a situation that he hates to be in. And never go into his phone without permission or inquire about the details of his whereabouts. Instead, have constant healthy conversations that will bring more trust to the relationship.

Wrapping Up

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Once you know about all the inner details of Filipino men’s personalities and nature that are described above, you will be convinced of their fabulous traits. And if not, you would get convinced after a few dates with a Filipino man and would find him more attractive than even a western guy.

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