#1 Easiest Guide To Giving Directions In Tagalog

There is definitely no shame when it comes to being lost, especially if it’s in a place that you are not very familiar with! Believe us- we understand you! That said, we came up with the best and easiest guide in giving directions in Tagalog for your next beach trip in the Philippines or even when you decide to stay there for a long time!

Along with the directions that will surely help you in navigating a very big country like the Philippines with a lot of streets and corners, we also made a list of the phrases that can help you when you want to ask for it. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Giving Directions In Tagalog? This Is How!

Ready for your next Tagalog lesson? We have the best words and phrases to help you build your Tagalog vocabulary in no time! If you want to go shopping at a certain mall or perhaps visit a well-known destination but you don’t know how, these will surely save you time and energy when you use them!

Giving Directions In Tagalog

These will also surely save you from the time in clicking that Google search while also immersing yourself in a new language that will surely captivate you the more you study and learn about it!

AheadSa unahan
BackSa likod
BesideSa gilid
BetweenSa gitna
BottomSa ibaba
CornerSa sulok
CenterSa gitna
FrontSa harap
InsideSa loob
On the cornerSa gilid
OutsideSa labas
TopSa taas

Some Phrases That Can Help You In Asking And Giving Directions In Tagalog!

It definitely does not end with those Tagalog words above because we also have a handful of phrases that you might also want to use whenever!

Giving Directions In Tagalog

If you get lost without even trying, or you take joy in helping people get back on track whenever they don’t know which way to take, these will surely be your cup of tea.

Are you lost?Nawawala ka ba?
Can you give me directions on how to go there?Puwede mo po ba ako bigyan ng mga direksyon sa kung paano ako makakarating doon?
Do you want me to give you directions on how you can reach the location?Gusto mo bang bigyan kita ng mga direksyon sa kung paano ka makakarating doon?
How can I get here?Paano po ba ako makakapunta dito?
Just go straightDumiretso ka lang
What is the quickest way I can go there?Ano ang pinakamabilis na daan para makapunta ako dito?
Turn leftKumaliwa ka
Turn rightKumanan ka

2 Useful Ways That Can Help You When You Are Lost!

Hopefully, you don’t find yourself using these methods when you visit the busy and bustling streets of the Philippines! But in case you do, these ways will surely help you get back on the road and go to the destination of your choice. Buckle up and get ready because these helpful ways will make your trip easier and safer!

Google Maps/Waze

An oldie but a goodie, these applications will be your next best friend should you ever find yourself in the beautiful and scenic nation of the Philippines. If you are commuting into the country and want to be one with the locals, Google Maps will surely help you with that. Because it is very accurate when it comes to giving directions and which are the most convenient roads to take, you will certainly reach one point to another easily!

If you are driving, the Waze app can help you find the best and the most convenient routes to take. That said, these two applications are not just a great way to receive directions, but they will also allow you to take the roads and streets that are the most convenient too.

Ask The Locals!

If you are not much of a fan of using applications, you might just want to ask the Filipinos while you are there! Filipinos are known to be very hospitable and accommodating, so if you are lost and don’t know where to go, just approach the nearest person you can find while using the phrases we just mentioned, and you might just be good to go!

If you are a bit hesitant and don’t know who to approach, you can also ask local security guards and police desks for assistance too!

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Giving Directions In Tagalog

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