Spanish Love Words: #1 Sweetest Guide To Express Love

spanish love words and phrases

People often say that Spanish sounds beautiful, emotive, passionate, and extremely romantic to foreign ears. And for us Spanish speakers, it can sound romantic too! And more if a non-native speaker is being sweet while trying to speak in our language. So, imagine if you can melt the heart of the person you love by expressing all your feelings in Spanish! Even if you don’t pronounce it perfectly, you will surely gain many points with that person. 

If you are dating someone from a Spanish-speaking country, it is a must for you to know how to communicate in this beautiful romantic language by learning the most basic Spanish love words and phrases.  So, prepare yourself to read the sweetest guide that will most likely be a bit cheesy in some parts, and enjoy practicing your pronunciation until you remember all this essential vocabulary. Let’s begin! 

Spanish Love Words: How To Say I Love You In Spanish

‘Te Amo’ 

Most people will feel shivers down their spines and strong sensations when hearing this term. Because to us, this is a strong phrase to define our feelings. It is not something that we say lightly to someone. 

You must be completely and utterly in love to use this phrase. Otherwise, you should say ‘Te quiero,’ which also means ‘I love you,’ but the feelings evoked aren’t as strong as the word ‘amo.’ 

Where Does The Word ‘Amor’ Come From?

The word ‘amor‘ comes from the Latin ‘amōris.’ It is related to the Latin verb ‘amāre,’ from which the verb ‘Amar’ derives. 

How To Conjugate The Verb ‘Amar’ (Basic Conjugations) 

These are the basic conjugations that you might use in different situations. 

  • Present: Yo amo (I love), Tú amas (You Love), Él Am(He loves). 
  • Past perfect compound: Yo he amado (I have loved), Tú has amado (You have loved), Él ha amado (He has loved).
  • Imperfect past tense: Yo amaba (I loved), Tú amabas (You loved), Él amaba (He loved).
  • Pluperfect past tense: Yo había amado (I had loved), Tú habías amado (You had loved). He had loved (He had loved).
  • Past perfect simple: Yo amé (I loved), Tú amaste (You loved), Él amó. (He loved)
  • Future: Yo amaré (I will love), Tú amarás (You will love), Él amará (He will love).
Spanish Love Words Amor

What Are The Best Phrases To Say I Love You In Spanish

Become the best at pronouncing these romantic Spanish phrases the next time you want to enchant your loved one. You will be ready for the next ‘día de San Valentín’ (Valentine’s Day)

Te amo (I love you)

Te amo tanto (I love you so much)

Te amo demasiado (I love you so much)

Other Basic Romantic Spanish Phrases You Can Use To Express Like Or Love

Besides the previous phrases, there are many endearing ways to express your strong feelings towards others. Whether they are friends, lovers, or family members, you have many Spanish romantic phrases and words to choose from and communicate those emotions which are often hard to put into words. 

Let’s check some of the most common that we use in Spanish. 

  • Te quiero. (I love you.)
  • Me gustas. (I like you.)
  • Me gustas mucho. (I like you so much.)
  • Te quiero mucho. (I love you very much.)
  • Estoy enamorado. (I’m in love – masculine.) 
  • Estoy enamorada. (I’m in love – feminine.) 
  • Estoy enamorado/a de ti. (I’m in love with you.)
  • Te quiero con toda mi alma. (I love you with all of my soul.)
  • Te amo con toda mi alma. (I love you with all of my soul.)
  • Te amo con todo mi corazón. (I love you with all my heart.)
  • Eres el amor de mi vida. (You are the love of my life.)
  • Cada día te quiero más. (Each day I love you more.)
  • Eres mi todo. (You are my everything.)
  • Eres todo para mi. (You are everything to me.)
  • Te adoro. (I adore you.)
  • No puedo vivir sin ti. (I can’t live without you.)
  • Te deseo. (I desire you.)
  • Me encantas. (I’m crazy about you. — The word ‘encantar’ means ‘to love.’)
  • Me vuelves loco/a. (You drive me crazy.)
  • Eres el hombre de mi vida. (You are the man of my life.)
  • Eres la mujer de mi vida. (You are the woman of my life.)
  • En verdad te amo. (I really love you.)
  • ¿Me amas? (Do you love me?)
Spanish Love Words Te Amo
  • Los amo a todos. (I love all of you.)
  • Tu eres mi media naranja. (You are my other half. — ‘Media naranja’ literally means ‘half orange.’)
  • Me haces falta. (I need you.)
  • Te necesito. (I need you.)
  • Te echo de menos. (I miss you.)
  • Te extraño. (I miss you.)
  • He estado pensando en ti. (I’ve been thinking about you.)
  • Pienso en ti siempre. (I always think about you.)
  • Fue amor a primera vista. (It was love at first sight.)
  • Las estrellas me recuerdan a ti. (The stars remind me of you.)
  • ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? (Do you want to marry me?)
  • Eres una persona maravillosa. (You are a wonderful person.)
  • Eres muy hermosa/o. (You are so beautiful)

How Would You Respond If Someone Says I Love You?

Apart from being in shock for being confessed to, not knowing what words to use would complicate everything. Thankfully, you will have all the following love phrases up your sleeve. You can use any of these options if you want to accept or reject a confession. 

If You Are Madly In Love:

  • Yo también te amo. (I love you too.)
  • También te quiero. (I love you too.)
  • También me encantas! (I also like you!)
  • También te amo mucho. (I also love you very much.)

Note: You should read the atmosphere when replying. If the person is telling you ‘te quiero’ try to not respond with ‘yo también te amo.’ The person is saying ‘te quiero’ because they don’t feel ready to say ‘te amo,’ which, as discussed before, denotes a stronger feeling. Therefore, it might be very awkward if you do say it.  

If You Don’t Feel The Same Way (Try To Be Nice!):

  • Lo siento… (I’m sorry — Yes, no need to say more, the person will understand what you mean.) 
  • Lo siento, yo no te amo. (Sorry, I don’t love you.)
  • Perdón, pero no me gustas. (Sorry, but I don’t love you.)
  • Yo no te quiero. (I don’t love you.)
  • No me siento de la misma manera hacia ti. (I don’t feel the same way towards you.)
  • No siento lo mismo. (I don’t feel the same.)
  • Seamos amigos. (Let’s be friends.)
Spanish love words dating

Spanish Vocabulary Related To Dating 

Lover (‘Amante’ can mean lover or mistress depending on the context.)Amante
We are datingEstamos saliendo
My boyfriendMi novio
My girlfriend Mi novia
Romantic relationshipRelación amorosa
We are engagedEstamos comprometidos
My fiancée (Female)Mi prometida
My fiancé (Male)Mi prometido
A Longtime romantic partner (Female)Mi compañera
A Longtime romantic partner (Male)Mi compañero
We got married Nos casamos
My wifeMi esposa
My husbandMi esposo
Partner (literal translation: couple)Pareja
My spouseMi cónyuge

Terms Of Endearment In The Spanish Language

There is no need for special occasions to tell your partner something sweet. It is normal when dating or even between friends to give each other cute nicknames and speak romantic words every day. It makes you feel closer and more familiar with the other person.

The following Spanish love words are essential for your better half, a very dear and close friend, or a family member.

  • Cariño (Darling)
  • Bebé (Baby)
  • Mi Amor (My love)
  • Mi vida (My life)
  • Mi cielo (My heaven/sky)
  • Corazón (Sweetheart/Literal translation: Heart)
  • Mi tesoro (My treasure)
  • Mi rey/Mi Reina / (My king/My Queen)
  • Cosito (Thingy)
  • Gordito (Fatty — It is said as a form of affection cutely, and it doesn’t mean the person is fat) 

Dating A Spanish-Speaking Person? Learn More Words And Phrases With Ling!

You are all set to start flirting and expressing love with your darling in Spanish. These Spanish love phrases will open doors for you to sound as beautiful as possible and start hearing compliments around you. But it is not the only vocabulary you should know. Dating someone who speaks Spanish will most likely require you to learn enough to communicate with their families who don’t speak your language. It can also make communication between you and your loved one more pleasant.

To begin your learning journey, you should know the most important words and phrases to survive in a Spanish-speaking country, how to introduce yourself, and of course, how to greet!

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