Vietnamese Zodiac: 12 Signs And Wonders

Vietnamese Zodiac

The Vietnamese zodiac is used to calculate the lunar year. It comprises 12 zodiac animals arranged in a fixed order: Rat, Buffalo, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each Vietnamese zodiac animal corresponds to 12 hours in one day and 12 months in another year. Also, the ancient Vietnamese created the concept of “giáp” which means twelve-year cycle.

Besides that, the Vietnamese season begins six weeks earlier than that of Europe. The Vietnamese lunar calendar is made up of 60-year cycles known as hồi. Each year is “assisted” by an animal in the zodiac signs in the moon’s regularly changing phases.

Usually, during the year, it is supported by other animals, such as the zodiac. The Vietnamese zodiac is sacred to every Vietnamese person from young to age, even if the actual days of the New Year vary per year. Thus, there is a close association with the Vietnamese people’s culture and spirit.

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What Are The Twelve Animals Of The Vietnamese Zodiac Sign

Here is a run-through of the typical characteristics of these holy animals that, in Vietnamese belief, represent more than just a cultural item: They govern human life from the overseas Vietnamese to the local one. You could say that sentence structure is basic Vietnamese grammar. These zodiac signs are, to the Vietnamese tradition, symbolizing a vital ingredient of cultural depth and richness. Look through to see what each animal represents in daily human life.

1. Rat (The Smart One)

Those born with the Rat zodiac have good mental abilities and quick thoughts successful in life but have a peaceful life. Women born in the Rat Year traditionally have a sense of responsibility and aptitude. Men are intelligent, resilient, and adaptable to new environments. Women put their families first. They do not need to worry about their husband. That is some Rat sign.

2. Buffalo (The Born Leader One)

According to the buffalo zodiac sign, the people being named are the hard laborers in the background they are intelligent and trustworthy but rarely request praise. Instead, they accept a lot of responsibility. Men are reliable and trustworthy. Women in their lives are often gentle. They often don’t think of alternatives that show the struggles of life.

A Buffalo person will continue in the direction they choose until the end. It even seems as though stubbornness makes them think and respond rapidly. People born with the Buffalo zodiac sign are hard workers on their way to achieving success.

3. Tiger (The Power One)

Tiger sign people are brave and active, always seeking challenges and adventure in their lives. Men born in Tiger Year will naturally be adventurers. The women are intelligent and beautiful. Sometimes these little critters are fun or nice. The more risky something is, the more excited they are to try it.

Sometimes a person’s confidence hinders interaction with other people because how they can’t interact with everyone. For example, women born in Tiger Year are intelligent and charming but are attractive too, while Tiger girls are believed to have marital issues considering their strong personalities.

Vietnamese Zodiac Cat

4. Cat (The Flexible One)

The people born to the Cat sign are friendly and outgoing. Cat men are supposed to be sweet but very secretive. Most women are more pleasant and sociable but keep their secrets to themselves. So if you want to recognize what you feel about cats, you should know their moods.

This includes cats and their personalities and moods. A person with this cultural sign, or should we say a cat person, can wait for favorable conditions and take steps before they go out. A Cat person is creative, cautious, conservative, and talented.

5. Dragon (The Holy One)

Considered driven, passionate, confident, and vibrant, the people of the Dragon Year are committed, energetic, and responsible. The natal females of dragons are often captivating and strong. Watch out for underestimates. Besides, some choose to stay alone for career development.

A woman with such characteristics can have a great marriage. But they’ll need a little time to contemplate and balance matters but do nothing to underestimate them still. They are totally alone and have accepted that they do not need any support. Women of the Dragon Year are mesmerizing.

6. Snake (The Lucky One)

People born under the snake zodiac sign have deep, complex minds, but their whole hearts will be loved when they fall in love with someone. They always want attention and extensive. Therefore, it is harder for them to socialize. One common negative feature of this personality is jealousy.

However, they get a powerful motivation to work harder. Men born in Snake Year are mysterious and romantic. Men born during the year of this holy animal are secretive, experienced, and romantic. A snake girl is born graceful and cute.

7. Horse (The Nomadic One)

Those who are born under the horse are free spirits who need space for themselves. Most men from Horse Years are quite easy-going and independent and require liberties. Women born in Horse Year are pretty and impressive but indecisive.

They usually underestimate themselves and often leave things decided by destiny. But they can be ambiguous rather than merely plan or flat-out leave everything to fate. People with Horse zodiac signs are commonly indecisive and often overconfident. The typical horse person can turn into wild stallions or mild cute ponies but also stallions—the same animal.

Vietnamese Zodiac Goat

8. Goat (The Dreamy One)

The goat symbolizes power and a blessing for all who inherit health, luck, fortune, and success. Goats prefer the fresh and natural atmosphere of mountainous lands, and what goats like the most are tall green grass and relaxing at night.

Village folks and even city dwellers consider this zodiac the most romantic among the 12 zodiac constellations. Sometimes the Goat person is supposed to be fit for art jobs such as poets, artists, and composers. Goat prefers to sleep in the morning and is considered romantic daydreaming, sleeping dreaming away. Goats are considered the most delicate zodiac animals in the world.

9. Monkey (The Cheerful One)

People consider the monkey a clever and creative animal because of his need for new things. The monkey also possesses flexibility, speed, and humor. When you see monkey people, they laugh because of their wonderful sense of humor, and they rarely complain.

Most of the Monkeys are happy due to their intelligence and flexibility. Saving money and living economically are also good habits of the monkey person that help them accumulate lots of money.

10. Rooster (The Self-Righteous)

The rooster is a vital poultry food that supplies a good supply of protein and crucial vitamins. You may agree that there might just not be a more perfect alarm clock than this animal. Most Vietnamese consider the rooster an important animal governing humanity but place it in the center of religion as well. It is one of the vital offerings at festivals, funerals, or special occasions of worship.

Rooster People born in Rooster Year have most of the best minds and propose being honest, fantastical, talkative, determined, capable, and warm-hearted. Strong self-respect and rarely relying on others are their basic characteristics. In addition, people with Rooster personalities possess grand ambitions.

11. Dog (The Faithful One)

A Dog person often overreacts or frets about the little things in life. You do not have to rush into a relationship with a puppy girl or a man of the dog zodiac. But then, he will need time to get used to you and have faith in you. Trust is crucial for any Dog sign holder.

Give a Dog girl enough space and sufficient distance, as it’s an effective way to keep love fresh. Widely, a dog is considered a faithful friend, and he or she will always be open to secrets that you would normally not feel comfortable telling others.

12. Pig (The Optimistic One)

In everyday Vietnamese life, the pig finishes the twelve zodiac sign circle as the animal that represents optimistic loveliness. In their idealistic, pink world, pigs are generally happy in what they have, as life through their eyes is one lovely pink color.

The Pig Vietnamese zodiac is believed to have less success because of his or her honest nature. The most characteristic of the person born in Pig Year is generosity.

Nightsky Vietnamese Zodiac Lunar Calendar

Finding Your Zodiac Signs In The Lunar Calendar

Just like the interesting tonal nature of the language, another fascinating bit about Vietnamese culture is that the traditional Vietnamese scheme is based on the calendar that assigns zodiac animals. It assigns one animal to each year in a cyclic 12-year run. 

Can you find your year below?


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