50+ Useful Common Vocab In Vietnamese

The Vietnamese language has always been an exciting Asian language to learn. Every Vietnamese person from big cities to small towns shares the Vietnamese literature can certainly touch your heart if you truly understand what it means. If you plan to visit Vietnam anytime soon, you have come to the right place. Help yourself gain immense love and respect from the locals by getting acquainted with some daily and common vocab in Vietnamese today. Let’s get started!

Is The Vietnamese Language Easy To Learn?

Before we start with Vietnamese phrases and words, let us take a moment to understand the complexity of the Vietnamese language. The Vietnamese language is the official language of Vietnam and is spoken by many, almost around 70 million people. It belongs to the Mon-Khmer family, considered a part of the Austroasiatic stock. A large portion of the Vietnamese vocabulary has been borrowed from and intertwined with the Chinese language and has numerous tonal characteristics.

Vietnamese being such a comprehensive and exclusive language, it is safe to say it is not as easy as we think it is. However, it is not the hardest either. Most of its vowels and grammatical modifiers differ from English and might seem tricky to native English speakers. But with the proper guidance and patience, it can be one of the accessible languages to learn compared to other official languages of different countries. So, don’t miss the chance to experience the wonder of Vietnamese literature and keep reading the blog until the end.

Common Vocab In Vietnamese

To entertain the locals and have a fun experience, learning the essential words and phrases in Vietnamese is a must. Vietnamese people are fond of new visitors or foreigners, and if you show off your language skills, you are sure to win their hearts in just a few minutes.

Making conversation doesn’t necessarily need complex and intellectual words and phrases. Even a basic dish with an ordinary meaning and understanding can help you impress the people in Vietnam and receive a warm response. Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the familiar words you can use with your local friends and mates effortlessly.

English TranslationVietnamese Word
Friendbạn bè
RelativeQuan hệ
TableChiếc bàn
ChairCái ghế
GirlCô gái
BoyCậu bé
ComputerMáy tính
CarXe ô tô
BikeXe đạp
CapMũ lưỡi trai
TelephoneĐiện thoại
GlassCốc thủy tinh

Other Basic Vietnamese Vocabulary

While we covered a few common Vietnamese words, let us move on to know some more because less is never enough. We have gathered exciting and straightforward words that will take only a few days to memorize. This section will also specifically touch on some of the food vocab that is sure to come in handy once you land in Vietnam. If you are interested, keep reading.

Common Vocabulary

English Vietnamese
Woman Đàn bà
Shop Cửa hàng
Country Quốc gia
Restaurant quán ăn 
Thumb Ngón tay cái
Finger Ngón tay
Person người
Chin Cái cằm
Bed Giường
Guitar Đàn ghi ta
school ngôi trường
Teacher Giáo viên
Student Học sinh
Parent Cha mẹ


Vietnamese Food Vocabulary

Common vocab in Vietnamese

It is time to learn some Vietnamese food vocabulary. These are common, and natives use these words in their daily life. So, make sure you memorize them by heart before your journey.

English Vietnamese Word
Food Đồ ăn
Rice Cơm
Salt Muối ăn
Vegetables Rau
Bee Thịt bò
Pork Thịt heo
Sugar Đường
Meat Thịt
Shrimp Con tôm
Salad Xà lách
Juice Nước ép
Bread Bánh mỳ
Sandwich Bánh mì sandwich
Noodles Mì sợi
Desserts Tráng miệng
Mango Quả xoài
Onion Hành tây
Apple quả táo
Beer Bia

Daily Vietnamese Phrases

Daily Vietnamese Phrases

Now that you can read and speak some of the basic vocabularies, how about forming phrases and sentences to make your conversation more interactive and precise. Let us create a few lines and words that we use in our daily lives to save your extended travel plan.

1. Xin chào! Bạn khỏe không? 

English Translation: Hello! How are you?

Xin chào! Bạn khỏe không? is an essential greeting phrase, and it can be very helpful. Xin chào (sin chow) means “hello”, and you can use this greetings phrase whenever you encounter a new local in Vietnam to get acquainted and comfortable.

2. Tất cả những gì tốt nhất!

English Translation: All the best!

Tất cả những gì tốt nhất! means all the best in English and you can use it with your local friends anytime you want to wish them good luck.

3. Xin lỗi đã làm phiền bạn

English Translation: Sorry to bother you.

If you feel sorry or want to apologize to any person in Vietnam, use the phrase Xin lỗi đã làm phiền bạn. It means “Sorry to bother you” and will help you come out of unwanted situations.

4. Tại sao bạn lại cười

English translation: Why are you laughing?

“Why are you laughing” or tại sao bạn lại cười can be used whenever you want to ask someone a question. It can come in handy in both funny and severe situations.

5. Cảm ơn bạn đa mơi tôi

English Translation: Thank you for inviting me.

If you want to thank someone for their invitation, say Cảm ơn bạn đa mơi tôi, which means “Thank you for inviting me”. You can also say Cảm ơn bạn in other situations as it means “Thank you.”

6. Tôi tôn trọng phụ nữ

English Translation: I respect Women.

The phrase Tôi tôn trọng phụ nữ, which means “I respect women” is a generic phrase that one should always keep in mind, be it any country. It is a sign of vigilance and sophistication.

7. Tôi thích nghe tiếng việt!

English Translation: I love to hear Vietnamese!

The phrase Tôi thích nghe tiếng việt will cheer up the locals at any time of the day and help you receive a very loving response.

Learn Vietnamese Today! 

As you must have already noticed, the language of Vietnam is unique and interesting to learn. From north to south and east to west, there can be no corner where these beautiful common phrases do not flow from one mouth to another. If you want to explore the people of Vietnam and learn Vietnamese more, check out.”#1 Guide To Vietnamese Alphabet” and “Vietnamese Culture: 3 Best Things You Must Know” for detailed guidance.

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