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35+ Beautiful Urdu Words You Should Know

An interesting fact about the Urdu language is that it was a court language that official government people used to write down laws and matters of the court. So, how does such a language have unique soulful words? How do even the common words sound so rich and deep in meaning? 

Join me in reading and understanding beautiful Urdu words today!

The Urdu language can open your eyes to the natural world’s details through its Urdu poetry description using Urdu words. You can find the most soulful words in this language, and the most common terms also have a royal touch. It is spoken in several Indian states as a second language, but in Pakistan, it is the first language, and officials speak Urdu.

Urdu Language

Arabic, Persian and Turkish were the three languages that influenced the creation and development of the Urdu language. It was during the 12th century. Descending from the Indo-European and Indo-Iranian language families, the written Urdu language came into focus in the 18th century.

Both Pakistan and India have Urdu speakers. Urdu and Hindi are similar as they have many words from Sanskrit. When you listen, Urdu and Hindi may sound the same to a person who is learning, and this is not wrong.

The two languages have the same phonology and vocabulary borrowed from the same languages. But when written, Urdu follows an Arabic script called Nastaliq, and Hindi follows Devanagari. These are Sanskrit words “deva” and “Nagari,” meaning Urban origin.

Beautiful Urdu Words

Urdu In Pakistan
Urdu In Pakistan

Thanks to the Urdu language, poems, poetry, and prose have a way of describing the innermost beauty and romantic feelings through enchanting language. Look at the Urdu words below and try to learn and understand the meaning. Prepare to be astonished!

Urdu ScriptEnglish PronunciationEnglish Meaning
تعبیرtaabirinterpretation of dreams
لہجہlehjaway of speaking
Beautiful Urdu Words

Urdu Words For Names Of Children

As discussed earlier, Urdu is similar to Hindi in India, and Urdu is also an official language in India, especially among Indian Muslims. The neighboring country, Nepal and Bangladesh, also have Urdu-speaking people.
In these three countries, searching for unique Urdu names for children who speak Urdu is common. Urdu words are also related to Arabic, so many may choose Urdu names for religious beliefs and Muslim believers.
I understand completely! The names are pretty gorgeous – for both boys and girls.

Ladies first:

Beautiful Urdu NamesEnglish PronunciationEnglish Meaning
ہشیمہhushaimaa modest woman
شرلیزSharleeza beautiful lady
روحیںRoheeniron-strong woman
رممناRummanapurple plum color
Beautiful Urdu Names For Girls

Here are some for the gentlemen:

Beautiful Urdu NamesEnglish PronunciationEnglish Meaning
نظارہNazarahbeautiful scenery
جیلJuyala companion
آبدارAbdara shining personality
حمایتیHimayatione who takes your side
خوشترKhushtarsurrounded by happiness
Beautiful Urdu Names for Boys

Urdu Words In Song

There are two types of poetry in Urdu: Shayari and ghazal. A ghazal is a lyric poem; it has many verses and is often romantic. It has a rhyme usually and is often set to a musical rhythm. Often ghazals are designed in at least five couplets and maybe up to fifteen (verses).

It has a refrain or repeated word at the end of both couplet lines. In each of the following couplets, it usually appears at the end. Here is an example:

Koi Umeed bar nahin aati,

koi surat nazr nahin aati.

Maut ke ek din maayen hai,

Neend kyun raat bhar nahin aati.

There is sheer magic in words, which the poet uses to show desire, romance, and feelings along with the music. Be sure to listen to these popular ones below:

Urdu Name of GhazalsEnglish PronunciationEnglish Meaning
دل-ا نادان تجھے ہوا کیا ہےDil-e nadan tujhe huwa kya hai
(By Mirza Ghalib)
What has happened to you, you fool?
چپکے چپکے رات دن آنسو بہا نہ یاد ہےChupke Chupke raat din aansu baha na yaad hai (By Hasrat Mohani)I don’t remember crying secretly day and night
ستاروں سے اگگے جہاں اور بھی ہےSitaron se agge jahan aur bhi hai (By Allama Iqbal)Beyond the stars, there is more
سنا ہے لوگ اسے اکہ بھر کے دیکتے ہےSuna hai log use akh bhar ke dekte hai (By Ahmad Faraz)I have heard that people are looking at him
دونوں جہاں تیری موحبّت میں ہار کےDonon jahaan teri mohabbat mein haar ke (By Faiz Ahmad Faiz)Both where lost in your love
Popular Ghazals

Urdu Words For Conversation

Beautiful Urdu words are used daily in everyday language for ways to express and talk in the Pakistani or Urdu-speaking culture. It is a language of manners, and perhaps the essence of respect and serenity in the language comes from the fear of god. It is helpful to know some frequently used words and phrases in spoken Urdu and to be aware of discussions or conversations going on around you.

guide to this from Ling may be beneficial. The article has over 200 words to look at, with the English meaning of the word and Urdu script. They are used daily and are a handy list to keep near you!

Learn Urdu With Ling

Learn Urdu with Ling
Learn Urdu With Ling

The essence of this soulful language cannot be understood without giving some time to learn it. The Urdu language learning journey can be beautiful with the right company. To make your experience a remarkable and fruitful one, choose Ling to help you learn Urdu. It is filled with free lessons, Urdu words, phrases, meanings, and pronunciations.

If you plan a journey to Pakistan or any country with Urdu-speaking people, save time and make your search easier. Explore Ling to learn the beautiful Urdu words, culture, and language. Check the website for more vocabulary and languages to learn. Your efforts will not go in vain!

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