100+ Wonderful Names In Urdu For Boys And Girls

Names In Urdu

Wondering what are the meanings of your friends’ names in Urdu? There is an extensive collection of popular, famous, and newest Muslim baby names in Urdu and English, where you can choose the best for your child. So, if you are one of the parents looking for the perfect baby name, you have come to the right place.

More than learning about the names in Urdu, you’ll even get a chance to learn the Urdu language yourself. You’ll get familiarized with the Urdu words and phrases until you get the hang of speaking the language without any guide!

What Are The Most Beautiful Girl Names In Urdu?

There are many beautiful names that you can name your daughter. Particularly, in Urdu, any name has a deep and special meaning. Most of their names are adjectives that describe how they want their daughter to be.

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For girl names, who don’t want to be called a princess, a sweet girl, or even an expert/skilled woman, right? Here are the common girl names in Urdu that you should know.

Full Moon, Moon light, Wife of mughal emperor ZahirMahamماہم
Witty and Smart, wise, intelligentAreebaاریباء
Secured, SafeAaminahآمنہ
Pure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah)Batoolبتول
Caregiver, Polite, Obedient, And SignificantBismaبسمہ
Fountain, spring of fresh waterManahil منا ہل
Morning LightZohaزوہا
Worship, DevotionDuaدعا
God Is My JudgeDaniaدانیا
Joyful, Cheerful, Happy, LightheartedAleezahالیزاہ
Name Of Flower In Heaven, To Kindle, To Enliven, To Excite,Eshalایشال
To Abstain, Chaste, CaptivatingFatimaفاطمہ
Wide, Open, Open-Hearted, Enlarger, Improver, Who Expands, MagnifierFizaفزہ
A Place To Rest, To Be HappyHaniyaہانیہ
Beautiful Eyes, Fabulous Friend, Women Of ParadiseHoorainحورعین
Fragrance, perfume, scentMahekمہک
The first word of the Quran, To read, To reciteIqraاقراﺀ
Happiness Spreader, Girl Who Spread Happiness, Blessed FemaleJawariaجویریہ
In American, meaning is: Fragrant flowerJasmineجیسمین
The Name Of Holy Prophet (PBUH) ‘s First Wife Khadijah-tul-Kubra (RA)Khadijaخدیجہ
Revelation, Manifestation, Divination, MiracleKashafکشف
Gifted, Fortunate, LuckyFabeeha فبیہا
Gift of AllahManhaمنہا
Expert, skilled, talented, accomplished, adeptMahiraماہرہ
Virgin, Figurative, Pious, Devout, ChasteMaryamمریم
Variant Of Parvin: the Pleiades, Cluster Of StarsParveenپروین
Moon, BeautifulMahreen مہرین
Pure, Happy, Happiness, Laughter, Joy, and DelightSaraسارا
Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful, Blessed, HappySadiaسعدیہ
Light, Radiance, To Glow, ResplendenceSanaثنا
Pure, Exalted, High, ChasteSumaiyaaسُمیئا
Rare, Extraordinary, Strange, Wonderful, Aromaticshaziaشازیہ
Radiant, Brilliant, High, ExaltedSaniyaسنیا
A tree of Berry, tree in heaven, name of a SahabiyyaSidraسدرہ
Name of a bird, Moving, Wandering, TravelSairaسائرہ
Extremely Discerning, Wise, Wisdom, IntelligenceHumna حمنہ
Fountain Of ParadiseTasnimتسنیم
Pretty ,Caring Sweet, InnocentAlishba علشبہ
Greatest, More Magnificent, Supreme, More GloriousUzmaعظمیٰ
Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by MuhammadUrwaعروا
Character, VirtueVasfiaوصفیہ
Water Surveillant, Water Master, Paradise FlowerMeerab میرب
Beautiful woman, gloriousWajihaوجیہہ
Happiness, Laughter, Joy and DelightHaniaہنیہ
Good Fortune, SuccessYumnaیمنہ
Jasmine, friendliness, Variant transcription of YASMIN From PersianYasmeenیاسمین
Generosity, Munificence, Fragrant FlowerZainabزینب
Belt, strap, intelligent, wise, Paradise FlowerZonairaزنیرہ

What Are The Best Boy Names In Urdu

The best names for boys in Urdu are perhaps those with deeper and special meanings. Many names in Urdu are connected to Allah or to adjectives that describe intelligence or high morals. This list describes some of the most beautiful and meaningful names for baby boys in the Urdu language with their respective meanings.

Moistening, The Prophet’s CompanionBilalبلال
Proof, EvidenceBurhanبرہان
Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, IntellectDanishدانش
Intelligent Man, A Famous Intellectual, Name Of ProphetDaniyalدانیال
Variant Of Daud: The Biblical David Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s NameDawoodداؤد
One Who Takes RevengeDayyanدیان
A mighty ruler, judgeDaiyanداعیان
Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, IntellectDanishدانش
Beautiful, Hospitable, GracefulZayyanذایان
High moralsEshanعشان
Miracle. AstonishmentEjazاعجاز
Great Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful ManFaizanفیضان
Panther, Leopard, Strong, FastFahadفہد
Happiness, Laughter, Happy, Cheerful BoyFarhanفرحان
Decisive, Judge, Authority, ArbitratorFaisalفیصل
Victorious, Conquering, TriumphantFaizفیض
Mercy Forgiveness Another Name For GodGhufranغفران
Rose FacedGulfamگلفام
Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name OfHuzaifaحذیفہ
Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave manHamzaحمزہ
Happiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted NationImranعمران
Thankfulness. Knowledge. WisdomIrfanعرفان
A Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, WarriorJunaidجنید
Alive, LivingJavedجاوید
Pleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of JoyKaifکیف
Reveler, Explainer, DiscoveredKashifکاشف
Gentle, KindLatifلطیف
Fitness. AbilityLiaqatلیاقت
Brave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of ProphetMaazمعاذ
Spiritual Guide, Preacher, Cleric, AdvisorMurshadمرشد
Blood, Advice Counselor, Men With Blessings Of AllahNomanنعمان
Variant Of Nadim: Companion, Confidant, Friend, Repentant. RegretfulNadeemندیم
Fearless, Experienced PersonOwaisاویس
In American, meaning is: Servant of GodOsmanعثمان
Pure, Chaste, devout, Holy, PersianParsaپارسا
Giver, Generous, HandsomeQasimقاسم
Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant PlantRehanریحان
Soft-touch, Fresh, paradise gateRayanریعان
Worthy, Deserving, MeritingShayanشایان
Felicity. Good Fortune. Good LuckSaadسعد
Self-Made, (made of) Steel, StrongTaimoorتیمور
Kind Of A Tree, Fruitful Tree From Heaven, Companion’s NameTalhaطلحہ
Lion, Brave, Courageous manAzlanازلان
Beauty, Adornment, Graceful BoyZainزین
The Glory, Magnificent, High In DignityZeeshanذیشان

Facts About The Names In Urdu

In the case of the locals, they believe that Allah (God) commanded us to choose appropriate baby names with good meanings. Therefore, the name of a Muslim must comply with the principles of Islam and have a corresponding meaning.

Muslims have a rich religious history because Islam is the oldest religion that started with Adam and Eve. In the Muslim Ummah, there are pieces of evidence for everything taken directly from the eminent prophets of Islam. So, if you are a devoted follower, choose the Islamic name for your adorable Muslim baby.

Islamic names vary because they are mostly taken from Islamic historical figures and Arabic language and Persian language testimonies. According to Islamic teachings, the child’s Islamic name is one of the primary duties of the parents. Giving your child the best Muslim name is just as important as giving him a good upbringing.

Time To Practice Urdu Names!

Practice makes perfect, as they say! So, if you’re interested in naming someone in Urdu, you should speak it out loud with an Urdu native. You can even ask them about animal names in Urdu, plants, or even countries and nationalities in Urdu. On the other hand, having a job opportunity in Pakistan might be your interest. Learning the job titles won’t hurt your vocabulary, right?

Let’s check out this video about the wonderful names in Urdu for boys and girls for the time being.

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