33+ Easy Urdu Gym Vocabulary For Beginners

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Striking a balance between work and personal life can be a real challenge, and keeping your body healthy and fit is a crucial part of achieving that balance. That’s where the gym comes in! It’s simply the perfect place to relieve stress and get your body moving! But what if you’re in a foreign country and don’t speak the local language, like Urdu in Pakistan? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with some helpful Urdu gym vocabulary!

While the word “gym” is the shortened form of “gymnasium” (جمنازیم) and the correct translation of the word, it’s often used in its abbreviated form (جم) in many languages, including Urdu. Another way to say “gym” in Urdu is by using the word for “exercise,” which is ورزش (pronounced as wazish). In Pakistan, locals often say “جم کرو” (gym kar) to mean “do exercises, sports, or workout.”

But that’s not all! In this post, we’ve got plenty more vocabulary related to sports, exercise, movement, gymnastics, and muscles to help you on your fitness journey. So, whether you’re hitting the treadmill, pumping iron, or practicing your yoga poses, these Urdu gym words and phrases will come in handy. Let’s begin!

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Basic Urdu Gym Vocabulary

In Pakistani culture, hitting the gym was often seen as a way to shed extra pounds rather than maintain overall fitness. But with a food-centric culture and sedentary lifestyle on the rise, it’s no surprise that heart disease, lung issues, and diabetes have become prevalent health concerns in Pakistan. That’s why the gym has become an essential part of staying healthy and fit.

If you’re ready to join the gym and take control of your health, we’ve got you covered with some commonly used words in the gym. Many of these phrases are written in Roman Urdu, which means they have the same meaning in English but are written in the Urdu script.

Exercise Bikeورزش سائیکلWazish Cycle
Jump Ropeجمپ روپےJamp rop
TreadmillٹریڈملTared mil
Exercise Ballورزش کی گیندWazish ki gend
Weights (For Lifting)وزنWazan
Weighing Machineوزن کرنے والی مشینWazan karne wali machine
Locker Roomلاکر رومLaker room
Changing Roomچنگنگ رومChenj room
Personal Trainerذاتی ٹرینرZaaki terener
Gym Equipmentجم کا سامانJum ka saman
Weight (For Body)وزنWazan
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Action Words For The Gym

Here are some action words commonly used for exercises while at the gym or in the park too. You might want to memorize or write some of these to top up your Urdu gym vocabulary!

Jumpچھلانگ لگاناChalang lagana
Sit-upsاٹھک بیٹھکAthuk bethuk
Push-upsپوش اپPush ap

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Sentences With Urdu Gym Vocabulary

With these additional sentences in mind, you’ll be able to navigate the gym and communicate effectively with other gym-goers confidently.

Where is the gym?جم کہاں ہے؟Jum kahan hai?
Where can I find gym equipment?مجھے جم کا سامان کہاں سے مل سکتا ہے؟Mujhe jum ka saman kahan se mil sakta hai?
Do you have a personal trainer?کیا آپ کے پاس ذاتی ٹرینر ہے؟Kya apke pas zyati terener hai?
I would like to have a gym membership.میں جم کی رکنیت حاصل کرنا چاہتا ہوں۔Mey jum ki rupniyat hasil karna chahta hun.
What weights do I start with?میں کن وزنوں سے شروع کروں؟Mey kin wazanse shuru karu?
I do not speak the Urdu language well.مجھے اردو زبان اچھی نہیں آتی۔Mujhe Urdu zaban achi nahi ati.
How long have you been at this gym?آپ اس جم میں کتنے عرصے سے ہیں؟Ap is jum mey kitne arse sey hai?
Is there a changing room in the gym?کیا جم میں بدلنے کا کمرہ ہے؟Kya jum mey kapre badal ne ka kamra hai?

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