Learn 3+ Ways Of Telling The Date In Urdu Instantly

Are you afraid of describing an event that occurred last week because you lack enough vocab about telling the date in Urdu? In the following article, you will get to know about dates and times in Urdu with the Urdu meaning for each word.

Telling The Date In Urdu

Telling or asking for dates is an important element of our daily life. Nowadays the Gregorian calendar is used mostly all around the world and it is the same as Urdu dates.

Months In Urdu

There are two words for a month in Urdu مہینہ (maheena) and ماہ (maah). Every Pakistani family uses both versions.

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Urdu
January جنوری 
February فروری Farvari
March مارچ 
April اپریل Aprel
June جونJoon
July جولائی 
August اگست Agast
September ستمبرSitambar
October اکتوبرAktubar
November نومبرNavambar
December دسمبرDisambar

Some of the examples are given below:

  • گزشتہ ماہ  ہم کراچی گئے تھے (Guzishta mah hum Karachi gaye thy) -We went to Karachi last month.
  • جنوری ری کے مہینے کی  آخری تاریخ کو امتحان  ختم ہو جائے گا. (January ki akhri tareekh ko imtahan khatam hojayega.) Exams will be ended on the last date of the month of January.
  • گزشتہ سال خوفناک  زلزلہ  آیا تھا۔ (Guzishta Saal khofnak zalzala Aya tha.) -Last year,there was a terrible earthquake.
  •    ستمبر کے مہینے میں موسم بہت اچھا ہوجاتا ہے (September k maheene mai mosam bht acha ho jata hai.) -In the month of September,the weather becomes pretty good.

Time Period In Urdu

Here is a list of all the ways to talk about several time periods in Urdu:

PeriodUrdu CountingRomanized Urdu
One monthایک مہینہAik maheena
Two monthsدو ماہDou maah
Three monthsتین ماہTeen maah
Four monthsچار مہینےChar maheeny
Five monthsپانچ ماہPanch maah
Six monthsچھ ماہChae maah
Seven monthsسات مہینےSaat maheeny
Eight monthsآٹھ مہینےAth maheeny
Nine monthsنو ماہNo maah
Ten monthsدس مہینےDas maheeny
Eleven monthsگیارہ ماہGhayara maah
Twelve monthsبارہ ماہBara maah

Weeks In Urdu

The following chart shows days of the week in Urdu:

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Urdu
Mondayپیر Peer
Tuesday منگلMangal
Wednesday بدھBudh
Thursday جمعرات Jummaraat
Friday جمعہ Jumma
Saturday ہفتہ Hafta
Sunday اتوار Itwar

Here are two useful sentences for you!

  • آپ اس ہفتے کے آخر میں کیا کر رہے ہیں ؟ (Aap is hafty k akhir mai kia kar rahy hn?) -What are you doing this weekend?
  • اس اتوار کو میٹنگ کٹنگ رینج ج کی جائیگی گی۔ (Is itwar ko meeting arrange ki jaye gi.) -This Sunday, a meeting will be arranged.
  • آج کیا  تاریخ  ہے۔ (AAj kia tareekh hai) -What is the date today?

گزشتہ (guzishta) and اگلے (aglay) are two opposite words implying “last” and “next” respectively. The word اس (is) refers to “this”. Let’s now look at some examples

  • Last week گزشتہ ہفتے (guzishta haftay)
  • Next Sunday اگلے اتوار
  • This Sunday اس اتوار
  • Last sunday گزشتہ اتوار

Years In Urdu

Here is a list of the Urdu words for the year that you need to know about. These are all important while telling the date in Urdu.

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Urdu
Last yearگزشتہ سالGuzishta saal
This yearاس سالIss saal
Next yearاگلے سالAgly saal
That yearاس سالUss saal
This yearاس سالIss saal
New Yearنیا سالNaya saal
Every yearہر سالHar saal

Telling Time In Urdu

Telling Date And Time In Urdu

The following chart shows typical usage of sentences in Urdu which relate to asking the time in different ways in any event. These sentences are used in asking time daily. Some of the familiar examples are given below in Urdu 

  • وقت کیا ہواہے؟ (Waqt Kiya hova hai?) –What is the time?
  • آپکی گھڑی پر کیا وقت ہوا  ہے؟ (Aapki ghari per kia waqt hova hai?) -What time is it on your watch?

Before moving further, here is an additional pattern of Urdu words used in telling or asking time: 

English WordsUrdu translationRomanized Urdu
One second ایک سیکنڈEk second 
One hourایک گھنٹہEk Ghanta 
One minute ایک منٹEk mint
One dayایک دنEk din
One monthایک مہینہEk maheena
One yearایک سال Ek saal


The word hour translates to (ghanta) in the Urdu language. As you know there are twelve numbers on the clock and without knowing their names in Urdu you will not be able to learn how to ask or tell time. If you are in the transport sector of Pakistan, then you must be aware of this word.

For learning time you should be familiar with the twelve-hour concept of am and pm.

In the Urdu language, the word se pehar (سہ پہر) is used for noon, subah(صبح) for the morning, and sham (شام) for the evening. They relate to the letters or patterns of a.m and p.m in Urdu or the day period times. 

For the term o’clock the word (bajy) is used. To understand this concept, one should practice this format with the numbers of Urdu like this:

  •   ایک بجے  (Ek bajy) -One o’clock
  •   دو بجے  (Dou bajy) -Two o’clock 

Some other examples of these words are:

فٹبال میچ اس اتوار دس بجے کھیلا جائے گا ۔ (Football match is itwar das bajy khaila jayega) -This Sunday, a football match will be played at 10 o’clock in the morning.


The next important element in telling time is the minute which is termed the same (منٹ) in Urdu. As we use these minutes as time references for accuracy, similarly in Urdu you have to be proficient in this. They are a little bit tricky and difficult but practice will make it easy for you. Here are some examples which will help you in understanding:

  • ایک بج کر اٹھایس منٹ ۔ (Aik baj kar athaees minute.) –One thirty-eight.
  • اس جمعہ کو دس بجے کر پچاس منٹ پر میٹنگ شروع ہوگی۔ (Is jumma ko das bajy kar pacha’s mint par meeting shuru hogi.) –The meeting will start at 10:50 this Friday

Concept Of Seconds 

The word second is pronounced the same in Urdu (سیکنڈ) so it’s not that difficult to understand this:

  • کچھ ہی سکعنڈ میں کلاس شروع ہو جائے گی ۔ (Kuch hi second mai class shuru hojayegi) -Class will be started soon in a few seconds.

Writing Time In Urdu

Some of the examples are given below which are used in reference to time and other Urdu phrases used in day period times:

  •  صبح ( subah) -Morning
  •   دوپہر (dopehar) -Noon
  •   سہ پہر (seeh pehar) -Afternoon 
  •    شام (Shaam) -Evening
  •   رات (Raat) -Night
  •  صبح سویرے (subahsawery) -Early Morning 
  •   آدھی رات (adhi Raat) -Midnight


Here are basic words and phrases in Urdu about how to tell the time in Urdu:

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Urdu
It’s one O’clockایک بج رہا ہے۔Aik baj Raha hai
It’s two O’clockدو بج رہے ہیںDou baj rahy hn
It’s three O’clockتین بج گئے ہیںTeen baj gaye hn
It’s four O’clockچار بج رہے ہیں۔Char baj rahy hn
It’s five O’clockاس وقت پانچ بجے ھیںIs waqt panch bajy hn
It’s six O’clockچھ بج رہے ہیں۔Chae baj rahy hn
It’s seven O’clockسات بج رہے ہیں۔Saat baj rahy hn
It’s eight O’clockآٹھ بج رہے ہیں۔Aath bajy rahy hn
It’s nine O’clockنو بجے ہیںNo bajy hn
It’s ten O’clockیہ دس بجے ہیںYai das bajy hn
It’s eleven O’clockگیارہ بج رہے ہیں۔Ghiyara baj rahy hn
It’s twelve O’clockبارہ بج رہے ہیں۔Bara baj rahy hn

Wrapping Up-Telling The Date And Time In Urdu

Telling Date And Time In Urdu

These phrases and words will help you out in learning dates and times in Urdu, but for a better and more accurate experience, you should download the Ling app.

Our website has tried its best to give you a clear idea about telling the Date and time in Urdu. I hope you have a good level of understanding now but still, if you have any queries or doubts, you can ask our customer service team.

We will provide you with interesting games and quizzes regarding Urdu and by solving them you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the language. Learning should always be fun!

Also, check out Food Ingredients In Urdu and Daily Life Vocabulary if you enjoyed this blog.

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