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39+ Crazy Good Cooking Utensils In Urdu

Have you ever tried the delicious mouth-watering Pakistani cuisine? If you try the taste of rice dishes, kebab, and kormas, you will crave them again. These delicious meals can not be cooked without using excellent traditional Pakistani utensils, which natives have used for ages. This makes learning about the cooking utensils in Urdu a dire need.

You might want to make chutney (چٹنی)-Pakistani sauce made of mint and spicy food ingredients, with a blender but it will not taste as good and authentic as it will with a stone-made Pakistani grinding utensil called Sil-Batta (سل بٹہ). This enhances the importance of learning

Utensils In Pakistan

Kitchen utensils are one essential element of every kitchen. They are powerful tools that help in holding and preparing your food.

Every culture has its ways of using utensils, their names, and types. Let’s learn about the utensils in Pakistan and their uses.

In Pakistan, many different kinds of utensils have specific usage. They have their Urdu names, and if you live in Pakistan or work in a kitchen over there, you must be aware of the words of kitchen utensils in Urdu.

Here, we will provide you with some of the most common kitchen utensils vocabulary in Urdu with English words which will help you learn new words in Urdu. 

These are the most commonly used utensils in Pakistan:

Tawa (توا)

Tawa (توا) is one of the essential utensils in Pakistani kitchens. It is used for cooking chapati (روٹی) or paratha (پراٹھا) – Pakistani food (bread) widely eaten in breakfasts. There is a variety in size according to your needs.

You will find it in every kitchen in Pakistan; without this, the kitchen looks almost incomplete. It helps you out in cooking round and traditional chapati.

Bellana (بیلنا)

It is a kind of utensil used in the process of making chapati. Before cooking chapati over a Tawa (توا), it is first smashed over a bellana to be spread equally and molded in a round shape according to your desired size.

In Pakistan, no one likes weird-shaped chapati; without this, you won’t be able to cook chapati in a perfectly round shape. 

Karahi (کڑاہیئ)

Another great item to always have in your kitchen is Karahi, aka wok. You would need it for almost all the dishes that Pakistani people consider delicious.

You can use different kinds of utensils for frying, but for making authentic Pakistani karahi dishes, you must have one of these artistic woks.

Pressure Cooker (پرشر کوکر)

The following essential utensil is a pressure cooker used for many food preparations. Its primary purpose is boiling beef and mutton and defrosting items. It is expensive yet practical equipment needed for your food.

Your meat will not be cooked and juicy unless you use one of these. 

Frying Pan (فرائی پین)

Last but not least, frying pan (فرائی پین) is also an essential element in every kitchen. As the name represents, it is mainly used for frying purposes. 

This utensil helps out in frying different basic meals in Pakistani culture. They have different sizes according to food and your desires.

There are many other kinds of utensils, too, used for different purposes in Pakistan. Let’s dig deeper into that!

Cooking Utensils In Urdu

Cooking Utensils In Urdu

Here is a complete A-Z list of the cooking utensils in the Urdu language. Learn these and challenge yourself to make a sentence with each. That’s also the best way to gain new vocabulary.

Note. The words with a hyphen used in the romanized Urdu section do not have an Urdu pronunciation/word.


EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Bottle openerبوتل کھولنے والاBotle kholne wala
Butter knifeمکھن کی چھریMakhan ki churi
Cake slicerکیک سلائسر
Chopsticksچینی کاںٹاCheeni kanta
Corkscrewکارک سکرو
Cutting boardکٹنگ بورڈ
Deep fryerگہرا تلناGehra Talna
Dish rackبرتنوں والا خانہBartano Wala khana
Egg slicerانڈے کا سلائسرAndy ka slicer
Garlic crusherلہسن کولہوLehsan colho
Gas stoveگیس کا چولہاGas ka chulha


EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Hot potگرم برتنGaram bartan
Kitchen paperکچن پیپر
Kitchen scissorsباورچی خانے کی قینچیBawarchi khany ki kenchi
Kitchen towelباورچی خانے کا تولیہBawarchi khany ka tolia
Knife setچاقو سیٹChaku set
Lemon squeezerلیموں نچوڑناLemo nechorna
Matchboxماچس کا ڈبہMachis ka daba
Measuring cupماپنے کا کپMapny ka cup
Microwaveمائیکرو ویو
Oven glovesتندور کے دستانےTandoor k dastany


EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Pizza cutterپیزا کٹر
Potato masherآلو میشرAloo masher
Pressure cookerپریشر ککر
Rolling pinبیلنBelan
Serving bowlسرونگ کٹوراServing katoora
Steak hammerسٹیک ہتھوڑاSteak hathora
Teaspoonچائے کا چمچChai ka chamach
Washbasinواش بیسن
Wooden spoonلکڑی کے چمچLakri k chamach

Types Of Pans In Urdu

Pans are essential if you live in Pakistan since they tend to enhance the flavor and aroma of each dish which Pakistani people absolutely love.

Here is a list of Urdu words for different types of pans.

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Braiser Panبریزر پینBrazier pan 
Casserole panکیسرول پینCasserole pan
Cast Iron Skilletکاسٹ آئرن سکیلیٹCast iron skillet
Crepe panکریپ پینCrepe pan
Dutch Ovenڈچ اوونDutch oven
Egg panانڈے کا پینAndy ka pan
French Ovenفرانسیسی تندورFransisi tandoor
Fry Panفرائی پینFri pan
Grill Panگرل پینGrill pan
Paella panپیلا پینPella pan
Pressure Cookerپریشر ککرPressure cooker 
Roasting Panروسٹنگ پینRoasting pan 
Sauce Panساس پینSauce pan
Sauté Panپین کو بھونیں۔Pan ko bhaunain
Shop Roasting Pansروسٹنگ پین خریدیں۔Roasting pan khareedain
Stock Potاسٹاک برتنStock bartan

Types Of Spoons And Forks

Cooking Utensils In Urdu

Moving to the utensil that can help you eat the food. Learn about different types of spoons and forks to devour Pakistani food and impress the natives.

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Taste Spoonچکھنے کا چمچChakhny ka chamach
Sundae Spoonسنڈے کا چمچہSundae ka chamcha
Soup Spoonسوپ کا چمچہSoup ka chamcha
Seafood Forkسمندری غذا فورکSamandari Gaza fork
Salad Spoonسلاد کا چمچہSalad ka chamcha
Salad Forkسلاد فورکSalad fork
Long Drink Spoonلمبا پینے کا چمچLamba peeny ka chamach
Long Drink Spoonلمبا پینے کا چمچLamba peeny ka chamach
Ice Cream Spoonآئس کریم کا چمچہIce cream ka chamach
Fruit Spoonپھلوں کا چمچہPhallon ka chamcha
Fork with extra-long Tinesاضافی لمبی ٹائنز کے ساتھ فورکIzafi lambi tines k Sath fork
Fish Forkمچھلی کا کانٹاMachli ka kanta
Egg Spoonانڈے کا چمچہAndy ka chamcha
Dinner Forkڈنر فورک
Dessert Spoon and Table Folkڈیزرٹ سپون اور ٹیبل فوک
Dessert Forkڈیزرٹ فورک
Coffee Spoonکافی کا چمچہCoffee ka chamach 
Cocktail Spoonکاک ٹیل سپون
Baby Spoonبچے کا چمچہBachy ka chamcha

Types Of Kitchen Appliances

Finally, the kitchen appliances, such a huge life-saver. If you don’t know their importance then you probably have never stepped a foot in the kitchen and might know nothing about the acts of cooking.

Gone are the “princess days” and now you would have to live on your own so learn all these words and make your work easier.

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Air fryerایئر فریئر
Barbecue grillباربی کیو گرل
Bread machineروٹی مشینRoti machine
Butane torchبیوٹین ٹارچ
Corn roasterکارن روسٹر
Crepe makerکریپ بنانے والاCrepe banane wala
Deep fryerگہرا تلناGehra talna
Earth ovenزمین کا تندورZameen ka tandoor 
Electric cookerبجلی سے چلنے والا کوکرBijli se chalny Wala cooker
Espresso machineایسپریسو مشین
Food steamerکھانے کا سٹیمرKhane ka steamer
Hot plateگرم پلیٹGaram plate
Instant Potفوری برتنFori bartan
Kyoto boxکیوٹو باکس


EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
MakiyakinabeمکیاکینبےMekeya nabe
Masonry ovenچنائی کا تندورChanai ka tandoor
Mess kitمیس کٹMess kit
Microwave ovenمائکروویو اوونMicrowave oven 
Multicookerملٹی کوکر– 
Pancake machineپینکیک مشین– 
Panini sandwich grillپانینی سینڈوچ گرل
Popcorn makerپاپ کارن بنانے والاPopcorn banane wala
Pressure cookerپریشر ککر
Pressure fryerپریشر فریئر
Reflector ovenریفلیکٹر اوون
Rice cookerرائس ککر
Sandwich toasterسینڈوچ ٹوسٹر
Waffle ironوافل آئرنWaffle iron
Wet grinderگیلی چکیGeeli chaki
Wine coolerشراب کولرSharab cooler
Wood-fired ovenلکڑی سے چلنے والا تندورLakri se chalne Wala tandoor 

Wrapping Up

Cooking Utensils In Urdu

That’s it for this blog post. We hope you have learned new things from this blog post. If you want to learn Urdu with more proficiency, you should take more lessons for Urdu words with English translation and vocabulary.

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