20+ Colors In Urdu – Excellent Guide With Examples

Are you familiar with the pronunciation of the different “rang” or colors in Urdu? Learning colors is the best way to expand your vocabulary quickly.

The world is full of beautiful colors – rang (رنگ). However, the Northern areas of Pakistan are particularly beautiful and cherishable. There is the beauty of the dark blue – Gehra Neela (گہرا نیلا) sky and yellow-orange – peela narangi (پیلا نارنجی) flowers on the hilltops. Just your weekly reminder: A lesson on Ling App will help you learn the name of all the amazing colors in Urdu.


Basic Colors In Urdu Common Vocabulary

Common colors like red (surkh), green (sabz), and yellow (peela) are bright and have significant meanings. For example, red – surkh ( سرخ) symbolizes love and affection. In many countries like Pakistan, India, and Nepal, brides wear a red Sari to symbolize love and good fortune.

Likewise, green – sabz (سبز) symbolizes the freshness of nature. Furthermore, yellow – peela (پیلا ) is the color of happiness and energy. The color white – safaid (سفید) is associated with cleanliness, purity, and security. However, white is the color of funerals and grief. In certain civilizations, white is the color of holy figures or the monarchy.

The absence or full absorption of visible light produces the darkest color, black – siah (سیاہ). Death, formality, evil, and violence are all associated with black. To learn some common Urdu color names, look at the table below.

EnglishColors in UrduPronunciation


Names Of Other Unique Colors In Urdu

Other unique colors include Apple green – saib sabz ( سیب سبز), Apple red – saib surkh (سیب سرخ)and Peach – aroo ( آڑو)

Learn a variety of additional shades that will help you explain the colors you observe while visiting historical places or places of outstanding natural beauty.

EnglishColors in Urdu Pronunciation
Sky blueآسمانی رنگAsmani rang
Bluish greenنیلے سبزNeely sbz
Light greenہلکا سبزHalka sabz


Some Common Urdu Vocabulary Related To Colors

People use other terms with bold, brilliant, vibrant, and pale colors. For example, you can say, “The color of this shirt is pale yellow” as “is qamees ka rang halka peela hai” It is written as اس قمیض کا رنگ ہلکا پیلا ہے in Urdu۔

As you know, color is produced when the spectrum of light interacts with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors in the eye. Light, reflection, absorption, and emission of color occur when light falls on the object from different angles.

These colors then appear dim, vivid, or bright. Let’s look at some of the typical Urdu names and terminology we use when discussing various colors.

EnglishPronunciationColors In Urdu
colorlessبے رنگBe Rang
vividخوش رنگKhush Rung
translucentنیم شفافNeem shafaf
monotoneیک رنگYak Rung
monochromaticیک رنگیYak Rungi
fadedاڑا ہوا رنگUra huwa Rung


Color Related Facts

Now that we’ve studied some colors in Urdu we can present you with some general color facts. Perhaps the most fascinating is that men and women see colors differently. For genetic reasons, the red-orange spectrum is viewed differently depending on your gender.

Worldwide, the most popular color is blue – neela (نیلا)Interestingly, the second most popular is purple – jamni (جامنی). Historically, purple was an extremely powerful color. It was the color worn by the Roman emperor– a trend started by the most powerful Roman emperor of all time Julius Caesar.

If you’re still reading this list, but you find yourself inexplicably nervous, perhaps you suffer from chromophobia or phobia of color.

The most famous example of color being used to evoke an emotion is the red flag waved at a bull. In Western culture, red, (as well as being related to love) has also been associated with anger and violence as in the English expression to ‘see red’ just before you lose your temper. In fact, bulls are largely colorblind so it isn’t the red that gets them agitated, but the motion of the flag itself.


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Thanks for reading.

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