6 Best Language Exchange Apps To Help You Speak Fluently

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If you’re aiming to master a new language, speaking practice is your golden ticket. It’s no secret. But finding someone to practice with? That’s the tricky part. Enter language exchange apps. They’re your connection to eager learners worldwide, some of whom are native speakers of the language you’re learning.

Here’s the win-win: They want to learn your native language, and you want to learn theirs. In this article, we’ll explore six of the best language exchange apps. They’re your key to fluency; trust me, they’re game-changers when it comes to learning languages. So, let’s dive into the details of each one!

AppBest ForPricing
HelloTalkEfficient Communication$12.99/month
TandemSocial Networking Vibe$18.99/month
HiNativeSpecific Language Questions$5.68/month
LingbeReal-Time Conversations$9.99/month
SpeakySpontaneous ConversationsFree
IdyomaRegional ConnectionsFree

HelloTalk: Best For Efficient Communication

HelloTalk is all about connecting you with native speakers from around the world. With access to over 150 languages with 40 million users, you can text, voice chat, or video call someone who speaks the language you’re learning. 

You can also join live events like HelloTalk Live and Voicerooms. If you stumble on a word, don’t worry; the app’s translation tools are there to help. 

It’s about real people and conversations tailored to your language-learning journey. Curious to see how it works? Check out our detailed HelloTalk review.

HelloTalk’s Standout Features

  • Moments Posts: Share your language journey and connect with native speakers. Explore new places and traditions without leaving home.

  • Join a Voiceroom: Interactive audio events to practice languages with others. Speak up and learn new expressions.

  • 1-on-1 Language Lessons: Find the perfect tutor and kick-start your learning journey with personalized classes.

What Are Users Saying About HelloTalk?

HelloTalk has a 4.2-star rating on Google Play, based on 200K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users enjoy connecting with native speakers and appreciate the safety features for kids. Interactive options like Voicerooms and Live sessions are a hit. One user said, “A well-made app… really safe for kids.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some find the correction function discouraging, and others mention slowness and navigation issues. A user noted, “Great service but terribly optimized.”

How Much Does HelloTalk Cost?

  • Free limited version.
  • Weekly: $6.99
  • Monthly: $12.99
  • Yearly: $79.99

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Tandem: Best For Social Networking Vibe

Tandem is more like a social media playground for language lovers. With a whopping 300+ languages (even sign languages!) in its bag, Tandem hooks you up with like-minded folks who share your language passion. 

Chatting by text and audio messages, or even video, is up to you on Tandem. Dreaming of nailing Spanish while making cool pals? Or maybe practicing German with a travel buddy? Tandem’s got your back. 

And hey, don’t miss the Parties feature – it’s like a group hangout to learn through audio. Want more info? Check out our full Tandem review.

Tandem’s Standout Features

  • Intuitive Messaging and Language Tools: Text, voice note, audio, or video call options keep the conversation flowing. In-app correction and translation tools help you communicate with ease.

  • Community-Driven Learning: Millions share the joys and struggles of learning a new language on Tandem.

  • Safety Measures: Tandem reviews every application to ensure a safe and fun environment. They stand ready to protect their community and uphold established principles.

What Are Users Saying About Tandem?

Tandem boasts a commendable 4.3-star rating backed by 346K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users are all about the social vibes and profile customization of Tandem. One happy chatter said, “This is the perfect language-practicing app for people who also want to make friends along the way!”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users are bugged by video call glitches and updates that miss the mark. One frustrated learner shared, “Too many updates, but nothing ever gets fixed… Such a shame because I really like this app but can’t take the frustration.”

How Much Does Tandem Cost?

  • Free version with limited features.
  • $18.99/month
  • $31.99/3 months
  • $79.99/12 months

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Woman in wheelchair video call - Ling app Language exchange apps

HiNative: Best For Specific Language Questions

Imagine having an app where native speakers help you out. Well, no need to imagine anymore – meet HiNative. More than just learning a language, it’s a lively community with 6.4 million users worldwide. 

They’re all there to give you a hand with any language questions you’ve got. Whether you’re wondering how to say something right, needing grammar tips, or even trying to figure out “I love you” in Klingon (yep, seriously), HiNative is the spot. 

Voice recordings and pictures? Yep, they’re all part of the game. It’s like real-time learning with connections. And if you’re eager for more, don’t miss our HiNative review.

HiNative’s Standout Features

  • Audio Uploads: Allows users to record questions about pronunciation or accents, receiving feedback from native speakers.

  • Correction Function: Users can have their writing corrected by native speakers, ensuring natural and accurate expression.

  • Pictures & Cultural Queries: Users can upload images of signs, menus, or anything they need help with. Ask questions about local customs, landmarks, and more.

What Are Users Saying About HiNative?

HiNative boasts a 4.5-star rating on Google Play, with 46K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users rave about the ‘pronunciation correction’ and the ability to ask anything. One satisfied learner said, “One of the most useful resources for learning any language… 10/10 definitely recommend this app.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users mention a lack of fast moderation and issues with coin management. A user expressed frustration, saying, “I’ve personally reported someone several times… and have yet to see any action taken.”

How Much Does HiNative Cost?

  • Free version with basic functions and templates.
  • Monthly: $5.68
  • Yearly: $59.63

Devices: Android, iOS.

Lingbe: Best For Real-Time Conversations

Next is Lingbe, one of the best language exchange apps that brings the joy of real conversation to your language learning journey. With a press of a button, you can connect with native speakers to practice languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, and more. 

Lingbe also offers a social experience where you can make friends from different cultures and earn rewards for helping others. You’ll receive real-time feedback on your grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. You can even ask specific questions to native speakers through Lingbe Tasks. 

Whether you want to improve your language skills or meet like-minded language enthusiasts, Lingbe offers an engaging and interactive platform. Want to dive deeper? Don’t miss our full Lingbe review.

Lingbe’s Standout Features

  • Instant Conversations: Forget scrolling through profiles. Hit the call button, and you’re chatting with somebody who speaks the language you want to learn.

  • Social Learning: Make friends, help others learn your language, and earn “lingos” to keep practicing.

  • Feedback and Rewards: After each call, get feedback on your grammar and pronunciation. Plus, earn rewards and level up. The better you do, the more you earn. 

What Are Users Saying About Lingbe?

Lingbe has earned a rating of 4.2 stars from 48.7K reviews on Google Play.

  • Positive Feedback: Users love the instant connections and the friendly community. One user said, “I made many friends who wanted to learn English and learned useful phrases in other languages.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users have faced connection issues and bugs. Comments like “No calls connect for people looking for help” and “There are many technical issues after the last updates” show room for improvement.

How Much Does Lingbe Cost?

  • Free version with 15 minutes of free practice per day.
  • Lingbe Pro: $9.99 per month.

Devices: Android, iOS.

Man in video chat - Ling app Language exchange apps

Speaky: Best For Spontaneous Conversations

Enter Speaky, the ultimate destination for language enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a vibrant hub spread across 180 countries, embracing 110+ languages. 

The heart of the app beats with spontaneous conversations that let you jump into authentic dialogues with native speakers. There’s room to fix errors, exchange insights, and build global friendships. 

Think of it as your pocket Pen Pal network. Keen to delve deeper? Our in-depth Speaky review is ready and waiting.

Speaky’s Standout Features

  • A World of Languages: From English and Spanish to Dutch and Turkish, Speaky offers over 110 languages, connecting you with millions of native speakers.

  • Personalized Language Exchange: You and your perfect language exchange partner set the rules. Practice, correct, learn, and grow together in a way that suits you both.

  • More Than Learning: Beyond the language lessons, Speaky is a gateway to international friendships.

What Are Users Saying About Speaky?

With a 2.9-star rating and 134K reviews on Google Play, Speaky has made its mark.

  • Positive Feedback: Users value the global reach, flexible language exchange, and recent additions. A user expressed, “Thank you for adding dark mode.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users face notification issues, the inability to delete messages, and concerns about fake profiles. A user shared frustration, stating, “They deactivated my account without any reason.”

How Much Does Speaky Cost?

  • This app is free to use.

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Idyoma: Best For Regional Connections 

Lastly, we have Idyoma, your ticket to connect with native speakers in your region. It’s tailor-made for those seeking to brush up on languages with fellow local enthusiasts. French, Japanese, German – whatever you’re into, Idyoma ensures you find the best language partner. 

Swipe profiles easily, engage in group chats, and enjoy instant translations – all driven by a vibrant community spirit. Want to know more about this regional connection powerhouse? Explore our detailed Idyoma review.

Idyoma’s Standout Features

  • Regional Language Connections: Find and connect with language learners nearby, fostering local language communities.

  • Safe and Secure: Engage with verified users who have securely registered their identity.

  • Worldwide Function: While focusing on regional connections, you can also discover language partners in different locations.

What Are Users Saying About Idyoma?

Idyoma gains the respect of language enthusiasts with a rating of 3.7 stars and 170 reviews on Google Play.

  • Positive Feedback: Users appreciate the focus on language exchange and video calls. One user praised, “Exactly the language exchange app I’ve been looking for.”

  • Room for Improvement: Other language learners have faced issues with account verification and location access requirements. A user expressed concern, saying, “Requires access to your phone’s location, which seems useless and bothers me.”

How Much Does Idyoma Cost?

  • Free version with access to most features.
  • ID Verification (one-time payment to verify your identity): $5
  • Monthly Premium subscription: $7.99
  • Yearly Premium subscription: $59.99

Devices: Android, iOS.

Woman in video call - Ling app Language exchange apps

Why Learn With Language Exchange Apps?

Language exchange apps have many features that make them a very useful tool for language learners.

  • Make new friends: These apps not only allow you to practice your target language but encourage you to make new friends along the way, making the experience more gratifying.

  • Have fun: Learning a new language can be tedious at times, and motivation can be hard to maintain. By making the experience more fun and engaging, these apps can help keep you on track with your language-learning goals.

  • Learn more than just the language: Learning with people who regularly speak the language can help you gain invaluable insight into each language’s culture and customs. This gives you access to new perspectives as well as new languages.

  • Practice, practice: Another advantage these apps have that cannot be overstated is practice. You can’t learn a new language without practicing, and by having someone to talk to available at the tip of your fingers, language exchange apps can certainly help with that.

Pair Language Exchange Apps With Ling!

Now that we’ve listed the top language exchange apps, it’s up to you to choose the one that works best for you. They all have interesting features. Tandem has many languages to choose from, for example, but HiNative can help you with specific questions.

That said, why not make the most of your language learning by combining the strengths of your chosen best language exchange app with the Ling app

These apps, as we’ve talked about, give you cool ways to connect, practice, and dive into different languages. But if you really want to boost your learning, use them along with the Ling app.

With the Ling app, you can get into: 

  • Interactive Exercises: Engage in fun and interactive exercises tailored for more than 60 languages, enhancing retention and practical skills.

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your learning journey with personalized progress tracking, ensuring steady growth and improvement.

  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Access the Ling app on various devices, allowing for flexible learning on the go.

Transform Your Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling App Today!

It’s a complete tool that fits well with your chatting and real-world practice in language exchange apps.

Want to learn more about languages? Don’t forget to check out our updated language blog. There, you’ll find helpful stuff like grammar tips and cultural lessons made for people at all levels of learning.

Grab the Ling app today from Google Play and the App Store. Put it together with your favorite language exchange apps, and see how your language abilities get better.

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