In-Depth Glossika Review: 5 Amazing Features

There are many types of language learning apps built for various people. However, most feel inadequate for its lack of listening practices. Intuition, repetition, and a whole lot of motivation are what make the Glossika language learning app really work. Let’s get uncover the nitty-gritty and delve into language learning apps in this Glossika review.

Grammar patterns are not easy to recognize if you have no background in the target language you’re learning. Consequently, new learners opt for gamification language apps to make them feel accomplished or rewarded. It can be a great pastime if you’re stuck in traffic or a beginner. These apps will also make you cram all their features and think that all the distraction is valuable for legitimate fluency. In no way will it be the best method for understanding native speakers.

What if you’re a serious language learner who wants to achieve fluency naturally? Habitual practice of reading and understanding sentence patterns is a must. As someone who wants to test the waters of learning a new language, exercising the correct learning technique is crucial.

If you’re up for the multilingual challenge, then you can use Glossika as your next best app to find out more. Let’s learn languages with Glossika and go beyond what popular learning tools can contribute to you.

What Is Glossika?

Glossika Review Logo

Glossika is a subscription-based language learning app aided by AI technology to help language learners develop long-term memory. With an algorithm that picks up words you’re about to forget, Glossika strengthens your brain’s cognitive power. Modeled from a memory technique, Glossika follows the spaced repetition system using complete sentences based on your chosen language level.

According to the founder and CEO of Glossika, Michael Campbell, the key to higher fluency in learning languages is actively using your speaking skills. In that way, you’ll build a better sense of composing your sentences and learning how they are formed.

The primary goal of Glossika is to train students how to recognize which words go where in a sentence. This method is called syntax. Glossika has identified which syntactical patterns are most relevant to your level and useful in various circumstances outside the course.

Glossika claims to achieve fluency when you practice speaking daily with their app. But does listening and repeating actually work for beginners? Or should you have some knowledge of the language you’re learning at least? We’ll discuss these issues further in this Glossika review.

What Is It For? A trail-blazing language learning app that pioneers learning grammar patterns using audio lessons with a solid spaced repetition method.

Languages Offered: 65 Languages

Glossika Languages

AzerbaijaniBelarusianBengali (India)BulgarianCantonese (HK)Chinese (Beijing)Chinese (Taiwan)Croatian (Štokavian)
CzechDanishDutchEnglish (UK)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Standard)Arabic (Morroco)Armenian (Eastern)
FrenchGermanEstonianFinnish (SW dialect)GeorgianGreek (Modern)HebrewHindi
HungarianIcelandicIndonesianIrishItalianJapaneseSpanish (Spain)Spanish (Mexican)
KazakhKoreanLatvianLithuanianMongolianNorwegian (Nynorsk)PersianPolish
Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (European)RussianSerbian (Ekavian)SlovakSloveneSwahiliSwedish
TagalogThaiTurkishUkrainianUzbekVietnamese (Northern)Vietnamese (Southern) 

Completely Free Glossika Languages

Catalan, Gaelic (Scottish), Hakka (Hailu), Hakka (Sixian), Kurdish (Sorani), Manx, Taiwanese Hokkien, Welsh, and Wenzhounese (Wu)

Level: Intended for Intermediate and Advanced learners, but Beginners can also try Glossika


  • Learn multiple languages, from endangered to less-spoken
  • Research-based processes for memory enhancement
  • High-quality audio from native speakers
  • Figure out grammar rules naturally


  • You can’t control the audio learning speed
  • Not for beginner language learners
  • Only two choices in platforms or devices
  • The cost is expensive for absolute beginners

Who Is Glossika For? For language enthusiasts that want to follow the natural way of learning a new language.

How Does Glossika Work?

Glossika Review How It Works

When you use Glossika, you’ll find it one of the fastest and most responsive apps since it goes straight to the lessons. Anyone can join and continue their language learning journey with Glossika. You just need to visit Glossika’s website and sign up for a free trial account. After the Glossika login, you’ll be prompted to choose what your native language is and select which is your target language. You can take a placement test before learning new vocabulary or just choose the A1 or beginner’s level.

The Glossika method starts with repeating complete sentences in English as the first sentences, followed by your target language. It will continue to repeat the sentences for at least 25 as it starts to familiarize you with its spaced repetition method.

As with the extensive list of languages, Glossika is a fast-growing tool that is not just there to teach you in a boring, traditional way. It aims for you to speak naturally to become just like a real native speaker of your favorite language.

It has similar features to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, although the main difference is how Glossika sticks true to having native speakers for the audio courses. It uses only foreign language instead of having a narrator talk to you about the sentence structure. You’ll basically get a glimpse of knowledge of the language grammar rules even with a few reps.

Glossika User Interface And Design

Glossika Review Desktop

Comparing the language app to its competitors, Glossika is pretty straightforward. There is not much of a difference between the interface and design for both platforms except for their color scheme. Experience-wise, for those who haven’t tried any language app before or are not tech-savvy, you’ll appreciate how there’s no steep learning curve with using Glossika. Users can instantly listen to all the different languages displayed on the side of their screen. Once you’re ready to start your first lesson, you can click on learn new items and start the course. As of now, the mobile app version of Glossika is only available on Apple (iOS) phones.

Glossika Features: Listen And Repeat Your Way To Fluency

Glossika is one of the best language course platforms with high-quality audio and speaking practice. With so many languages available, it’s important to have the right features to master effective practices. Learning a language can get tricky at first, but you’ll enjoy the smart technology wired in Glossika.

Are you itching to get your hands on Glossika? Review their features first and enjoy more from both the mobile app and the browser.

Switch From Listening Only Mode To Full Practice Mode

Glossika Review Features

A unique feature of Glossika that we haven’t found in other learning resources is its listening skills feature. In listening-only mode, you’ll hear the same sentences by your chosen number of repetitions. Then, you can practice the pronunciation on your own by speaking them out loud.

On the other hand, if you want to test your memory and writing skills, you can also switch to the full practice mode (Dictation). Since it’s available on iOS and desktop, you can turn on the exercises while doing other activities. It’s one of the best features that Glossika has and is pretty much a favorite of Glossika users.

Comprehensive Tools For Improving Your Listening And Pronunciation Skills

You can always review what you’ve learned later on by clicking on the review tab and choosing which method works for you. Among the options is “Priority Review,” meant for sentences you learned that day. You can also pick “Weakest Memories,” or those sentences and phrases you haven’t touched for a week or so. For the collection tab, you can review all the sentences you’ve already encountered.

Features A Spaced Repetition Technique Called Mass Sentence Method

The Glossika method for spaced repetition revolves around the Mass Sentence Method. It helps your memory recall words according to their word order. There is an increasing interval for the same sentences, which are repeated either in the middle or at the end of every rep.

With algorithm-tracked study sessions, you’ll discover how efficient the Mass Sentence Method is for remembering difficult words. You’ll be given a set of reps like going to the gym. You can choose from 25, 50, 75, or 100 reps per day. It might seem overwhelming initially, so you need to set a goal and progress from there. In short, Glossika teaches users the right way of language acquisition that makes sentences stick from a few repetitive exercises.

A User-Friendly Dashboard For Tracking Your Target Language

Glossika Progress Tracker

Want to see how many hours you’ve given when learning Greek? Glossika has a progress tracker that visualizes your reps per day. It also gives you a glimpse of your last practice as it details which phrases and sentences you’ve already studied. The best thing about this progress tracker is it is updated in real-time, so you’ll know exactly which sentences to review after a while.

It also has the Skills Tree dashboard, where you can check which sentence skills you’ve achieved as you skim through the topics. We take this part as the lesson curriculum as it shows you which grammar rules you’ve just accomplished. Some of them are learning the negative form of sentences, complex verbs, adjectives, how to create reasoning sentence forms, and more.

Switch From The International phonetic Alphabet To The Native Language Writing

Glossika allows users to switch from their target language’s writing to the international phonetic alphabet when listening. Being familiar with the phonetic alphabet is a plus, but it’s not a requirement when using Glossika.

Nonetheless, those without a grasp of phonetic alphabet pronunciations can still follow the written guide. You’ll hear the words repeatedly and learn how long vowels and consonants are spoken. This feature is crucial for more complex languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

How Much Does Glossika Cost?

Glossika Free Trial

Since Glossika is not a freemium service, you’ll have to pay for their language course. Of course, you’re not quite sure if it’s a good deal to pay a hefty amount just to learn a new language. You’ll get a Glossika free trial if you’re using the language resource for the first time.

Most language courses in Glossika have premium features and lessons locked within the premium plan. But, Glossika offers unlimited spaced repetition practice for languages like Catalan, Gaelic (Scottish), Hakka (Hailu), Hakka (Sixian), Kurdish (Sorani), Manx, Taiwanese Hokkien, Welsh, and Wenzhounese (Wu).

Glossika Subscription Plans

Glossika Review Subscription Plans

Get more from Glossika as you explore more of their outstanding features by subscribing to their plans. You can choose from monthly, annual, or contact their customer support for a customized subscription cost. Paying $30.99 monthly will unlock all the languages available in Glossika. This plan is perfect for short-term goals or for people who are traveling to the country of their target language. If you want to save, we recommend getting the annual plan that costs $24.99 per month.

Need the team to sharpen their language and communication skills? Custom/Enterprise billing allows your company to get Glossika as a team. If you are a large company or a school, you can set how many team members will use the Glossika website or the app version. As the owner of the enterprise account, you can also manage which users or students will get access to Glossika subscription plans.

All the plans can be upgraded or downgraded anytime; you can cancel them too. Since there’s no refund, be careful which plan you’ll get.

Special Student Plan Price

Good news for students! If you’re still studying and want to buy Glossika Premium, you’ll get a 55 percent student discount. Just pay $13.95 per month to access all the languages in Glossika, and you can cancel anytime too.

Should You Use Glossika? What Makes It Special?

Learn Multiple Languages That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Ever heard of the Manx language? It’s one of the minority languages from the Celtic language family. Since it’s not one of the most prominent languages today, it’s even regarded as a historic and extinct language. As someone who loves language preservation, Glossika is your highly-credible language app as there are only a few resources left for these languages.

Apart from the popular languages today, you can also learn other official or lesser-spoken languages worldwide. Isn’t it exciting to discover the language learning world right in your hands?

Research-Based Processes For Memory Enhancement

Repeating mumbled words and non-relevant sentences would give you gibberish knowledge. Truth be told, many language apps fail to provide relevant cultural context and typical conversations. As you continue to use Glossika, you’ll notice that repetition is the key for all of its courses. Essentially, it’s not a randomized tool they’ve come up with for various lexicons.

Research shows that the more you reinforce a word that is starting to dwindle, the longer it stays in your memory. It’s vital to just do intervals rather than cramming everything in one go. Hence, you do not just sound like a robot when you repeat the words. The Glossika app is purely from a polyglot-tested formula that aids long-term memory retention. It is definitely worth getting the premium plans if you’re seeking to boost your cognitive function systems.

High-Quality Audio From Native Speakers

Glossika Review App version

One of the best features of Glossika, where it really shines, is its high-quality audio with native speakers. Many of their users are happy about how consistent the practice sentences are even in the intermediate and advanced level lessons. At the forefront, even less-spoken and endangered languages have accurate pronunciation in their audio courses. This exclusive benefit is rare for such a big app like Glossika.

Figure Out Grammar Rules Naturally

Your intuition in learning comes full circle when you get used to repetitions. It’s a time-tested technique that linguists encourage language enthusiasts of all levels to develop.

However, Glossika is perfect for intermediate learners trying to find a lesson that won’t make them repeat the same basic words and phrases all the time. Intermediate to advanced learners have already established the grammar structures and can detect which words act as the subject, verb, and object. Moreover, advanced learners who want a better audio learning experience that they can’t find anywhere else will enjoy Glossika.

Gaps That Glossika Needs To Fix Moving Forward

Can’t Control The Speed Of Audio Language Courses On Desktop Version

Glossika Review Can't Control Audio Speed Desktop

As a brand that promotes itself as one of the best in listening courses, it isn’t very reassuring not to have the same features for all their platforms. In the desktop version, you can’t choose how fast or slow the audio file should play. On the other hand, iOS users can pick from 0.5 times speed to 1.25 times and above. It’s handy to have a controllable audio and volume option to catch the correct pronunciation. Not everyone is familiar with double consonants or specific grammar structures, diphthongs, markers, or other phonetic rules.

Not Intended For Beginner Language Learners

Even though Glossika says that repetitive language learning fuels your reading and listening comprehension, there are some terms that you can’t simply learn easily. If you’ve been stuck in your native language as an adult, it may take some time to learn something entirely off the track. Of course, there are various instances and series as to why English speakers have a hard time learning a language. It would be best to at least have a dictionary or a list of vocabulary words while using Glossika for beginners.

Limited Platforms To Choose For Language Learning

As much as Glossika is a comprehensive audio resource for languages, it has its limits for usage. In connection with what’s mentioned earlier, Glossika is only available on the desktop and iOS. Hence, if you’re a language learner using Android, you’ll have to get one of the two platforms.

The Premium Cost Is A Bit Expensive For Absolute Beginners

A whopping $30.99 per month is no joke, especially if you’re trying to learn a foreign language for the first time. It’s probably one of the most expensive apps we’ve reviewed so far. On the other hand, users of Glossika will feel that their features are more or less ample for their liking. Of course, you can look for Glossika alternatives if you need vocabulary memorization techniques and writing skills practice.

Glossika Review: Summary And How It Shapes Your Mind

With technology helping us embrace the cultural context of many popular trends today, it’s not surprising that people will start learning a few languages independently. Glossika is a great app that we can recommend for starters with zero knowledge of speaking or listening to foreign languages. With its bilingual sentences, you’ll examine both the phonetic pronunciation and the actual writing script.

To sum up, Glossika may be one of the most powerful language learning resources for listening skills available today. It will help you remember cognates in a future language and also equip you to detect the pattern in sentence orders. The best way that memory techniques benefit your life is their usefulness in many situations. May it be your language examination or a job application you want to impress, a sharp mind creates better opportunities for you in life.

However, it is far too expensive as there are many language resources out there that have the same features. Users also find Glossika very repetitive as there is not much to do but just listen and repeat the sentences daily. Hence, if you’re a beginner and want that complete experience, you need an alternative free universal language app to take you anywhere, anytime.

Learn Fast, Easy, And Free With The Ling App!

Glossika Review By Ling App

Learning a new language shouldn’t be expensive. With tons of options when learning a language, it’s ridiculously amazing if you get all language skills exercises for free. But you might feel that it’s inconceivable. The truth is, that’s not far from possible. You can learn languages online through YouTube, language podcasts, or even get a PDF list of vocabulary words to learn daily. Of course, the best application for all things you’ve learned is speaking to a native speaker. Though you shouldn’t go anywhere else to learn 60+ languages, complete with reading, speaking, writing, and listening exercises. You’ve got the Ling App!

Want to get free language lessons? Check out Ling on the App Store or Google Play Store for more grammar explanations, fun interactive quizzes, and other learning methods. You’ll even get to chat with our AI Chatbot to test your speaking skills. Learn fast, free, and easy with Ling!

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